Talking Ethics and Other Late Breaking News

Ethically-challenged: If you’re wondering what your favorite Metro Council member has been up to, it’s likely to be ethics-related. At tonight’s Metro Council meeting, the long-awaited Ethics ordinance could be passed, Or maybe not. Chances are they won’t agree. We’ll have something on it soon.

Today’s Bad Gannett News: One day after Gannett slashed its shareholder dividend by 90 percent, Moody’s downgraded its credit rating. The official term for Gannett stock: Junk. [Wash. Biz Journal]

Miss the Job Jam: Francene’s big shindig at Bellarmine Saturday was a big hit, with more than 400 people showing up to learn the basics of the job-search process. Now you can watch it on KET’s website. [KET]

Speaking of Her: Francene is among those who don’t think it would be so bad if kids have to go to school in June to make up for missed days from the ice storm. I don’t know if she or Jake make the more compelling argument against waiving the days, as the legislature voted to do. [LEO, Page One]

Learn Some History: There’s a great profile of the late civil rights organizer Anne Braden of Louisville on the Concrete Loop, an annoying website. But the story’s worth reading. [Concrete Loop]

Political Rumoring: Oh,boy that Jake is turning up some great political rumors — including the possibility that both Dan Seum and Doug Hawkins are going to be getting serious opposition when they run for re-election in 2010. We love this stuff. [Page One]

Crossing the Line:  I used to work at a private business that was constantly pushing religion on employees. Nothing wrong with that. But we draw the line when city employees use official e-mail accounts to drum up interest in religion. Hal Heiner assistant Stephen Ott doesn’t have a problem with promoting an Easter discussion group at City Hall. [Page One]

Page One & The ‘Ville Voice on TeeVee

Crit Luallen’s damning audit of Metro Housing in Louisville, the gay hate legislation in Frankfort, Francene and the JobJam this Saturday and Jim Bulleit speaking out.

The first few seconds were cut off because the CW apparently can’t figure out how to start at 10:00 A.M. instead of a minute before, killing our TiVo.

Major Fairness News: First Director Hired

The Fairness Campaign has officially announced the hiring of its first Director, Chris Hartman. Most in the press will recognize him as John Yarmuth’s campaign press secretary from the 2008 General Election, but he’s been involved in politics and his community for nearly a decade. He’ll oversee fundraising, communications, leadership development and legislative strategy for the almost two-decade-old civil rights group.

More on Hartman: He served in 2005 as an AmeriCorps VISTA (Volunteer In Service To America) in St. Louis, Director of Philadelphia’s Grassroots Fundraising for the Democratic National Committee in 2004’s Presidential Election and as Producer and Founder of performance companies Project Improv in St. Louis and Louisville. Hartman holds a Master’s degree in Drama from Washington University in St. Louis, where his thesis, Stage Families of Choice: Emergence, Evolution, and Future of the American Gay Male Family on Stage, focused on American gay male family history and analysis.

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Discrimination Suit Filed in Louisville – McDonald’s Employee Called Customers “Faggots”

Come on, people! We have a city-wide Fairness Ordinance for a reason! Discrimination on the basis of perceived sexual orientation is about the stupidest thing one can do. Stop this bull! McDonald’s should fire the insufferable, bigoted woman for using slurs. We may just hop down there this afternoon to take a film crew and ask some questions.

The American Civil Liberties Union has filed a complaint with the Metro Human Relations Commission. God knows if it’ll ever get anywhere, but they’ve filed it just the same.

So check this out: Ryan Marlatt, Teddy Eggers and three of their friends stopped at the McDonald’s at 420 East Market Street (telephone 502.589.3753, manager is Phyllis) for lunch on July 26. While waiting for their food, a service worker behind the counter referred to them as “faggots” while talking to a coworker. The customers made it clear they weren’t there to be insulted and requested to speak with a manager. While continuing to wait, the woman behind the counter repeatedly called them “faggots” in front of other patrons, also referring to them as “cocksucker” and “bitch.”

So classy. A McDonald’s employee calling some gay dudes “cocksucker” and “bitch.”

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Page One & The ‘Ville Voice on TeeVee!

Oh noes! They let us on the tubes again and this week we had a lot to say.

From Big Oil hypocrisy and press-tackling cops at the NRA convention to the mainstream media picking up stories without giving credit where credit is due and the 21% of Kentucky Democrats who voted on the basis of race… Rick discussed it all.

[flv:/video/cwmay23.flv 320 240]

ALERT: Known Homosexual on TV Talking About Racism and Such Among Kentucky Democrats

You have been warned! Cover the ears of children and any elderly relatives living with you. We homosexualized the mainstream media in Louisville this afternoon in an interview with Joe Arnold of WHAS11. Something about 21% of Kentucky Democrats saying race played a role in their vote yesterday. Those were people who ADMITTED THIS TO A STRANGER TAKING NOTES ON A CLIPBOARD outside of their polling location, mind you.

Our comments about the Lundergan-McBrayer Machine got edited out. We said that the good old boy machine that’s been campaigning for Hillary for more than two years has a lot to do with last evening’s results in the presidential election. Oh well. We thought it’d be prudent for national media types to take that into consideration before casting every one of us barefoot Bluegrassers as a racist nut.

Long story short, look how awful we looked! Only had a few minutes to primp before we had to sound important. The sun was bright so we were squinty. But look how thin we are! The teevee totally doesn’t add ten pounds. Everyone says we need a haircut and a sideburn treatment but we think thinning hair looks awesome with giant Elvis chops. Fancy, huh?

Monday Afternoon Roundup. Primary Eve Edition.

Dropping Cynicism and Negativity? Who said “When people drop cynicism and drop negativity and work together, we can do anything?” Guess. It wasn’t Bruce Lunsford. Peep the video for proof. Something about doing Mitch McConnell’s dirty work? [YouTube]

Former racist Klan member and 700-year member of the U.S. Senate Robert Byrd (D-WV) endorsed Barack Obama. “Barack Obama is a noble-hearted patriot and humble Christian, and he has my full faith and support,” Byrd said. [Ben Smith/Politico]

One of the names listed on Greg Fischer’s illegal Obama flyer is none other than Paula McCraney. McCraney, you’ll recall if you’re in the Louisville media market, is the former spokeswoman for the Circuit Court Clerk who was fired after “someone” unsealed documents in the prominent local murder case of Ivan Cano. [WHAS11]

Someone is making phone calls at– get this– 3:00 A.M.— to voters, claiming to be from Bruce Lunsford’s U.S. Senate campaign. The calls are not coming from the Lunsford campaign. Stinks of retarded ass Fischer campaign behavior. What’s up with this, Kim & A.J.? [Press Release]

A Frank Simon-esque mailer that is sickeningly homophobic went out across the Louisville Metro Council’s 6th District attacking Democratic candidate Ken Herndon. Herndon’s opponent, incumbent George Unseld, is holding a 3:30 press conference to denounce it.

We’ve redacted a portion of the text from the mailer (claimed to have been paid for by “Citizens for Family and Moral Values”) because it’s, well, sick and inappropriate.

Take a peek:

The front of the mailer has a photo of four men at a gay pride parade and suggests that Ken Herndon tries to hide his sexual orientation, which isn’t true. “I guess when you live a life of trash…” is just some of the fancy language used.

The back is just beyond belief. It personally attacks a member of Herndon’s campaign staff, alleging that the staffer is a drunk driver and alleging that said staffer was “charged with being a pedophile.” Yeah, that’s right. Vomit-inducing.

Is this what DEMOCRATIC politics have come to in Louisville, Kentucky’s largest city? Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is despicable.