Tina Ward-Pugh May Have a Problem On Her Hands

Louisville Metro Councilwoman Tina Ward-Pugh (from my district) is expressing doubt about the candidacy of Barack Obama. That’s right– Tina, a progressive among progressives, is spreading this tired crap through the media.

All this after it became clear that Clinton would be officially backing Obama by the end of this week. Click here to watch the video.

From WHAS11’s Joe Arnold: Metro Council member Tina Ward-Pugh says she’s not convinced that Obama has what it takes to be president… Ward-Pugh says she wonders what the nine weeks between now and the convention will reveal about Obama.

Referring to Obama as an empty suit (and she did) is absolutely disgusting. Tina says she hopes to be a delegate to the DNC and we’ve just gotta say: that shouldn’t happen. Any Democrat who can’t fall in line like an adult when their candidate of choice loses doesn’t deserve delegate status. We understand being upset or disappointed, but this is ridiculous.

Tina, Tina, Tina. It’s time to take a chill pill lest your neighborhood of 99% Obama supporters prevents you from holding on to that Metro Council seat. And don’t think for a second that we can’t do it. It’s time to stand up and be a Democrat.

The presidential primary is over. It is time to move on. Obama has a lot of work to do to win over Kentucky voters and that won’t be accomplished if people like Tina continue to spread ignorant and unnecessary doubt. Sure, some of you say you’ll be voting for John McCain. Sure, some of you may do that. But get over yourselves.

P.S. It pisses me off that a woman who has experienced so much discrimination and hardship as an out lesbian and elected official would have such negative things to say about the first African-American to win the Democratic Party’s nod for the presidency. Tina Ward-Pugh has some serious apologizing to do and some major fences to mend.

Here’s the number to Tina’s office: 502.574.1109. Why don’t you start calling her to express your concern that she’s not a real Democrat? Or you may click here to contact her via email. Tina’s assistant is Mary Rose Beyerle and you may contact her at 502.574.3908 or via email here.

UPDATE @ 2: Hey, Tina, this thing has gone national. Take a look.

Ready to apologize to your constituency or are you still standing on ignorant arguments?

We’ve been your biggest fan in the past and will continue down the road of being a fan. But you need to suffocate this thing before it gets bigger.

UPDATE @ 3:44: Tina just responded to our post HERE:

Tina Ward-Pugh // Jun 5, 2008 at 3:39 pm

Thank you for the opportunity to respond to your misrepresentation of what I said when asked by a reporter “what now.” Yesterday was the day after my candidate’s opponent reached the 2118 to become the presumtive nominee. As was the case with Senator Clinton in her remarks Tuesday night, I congratulated Sen. Obama for his efforts and made no disparaging remarks about him. I also said in the interview that I would not be working against him in any way and that like millions of us, we were going to use the next 9 weeks until the convention to peel back the layers that we’ve seen so far to learn more about what was underneath. To say the day after the end of the primary contests that I believe Sen. Clinton is the stronger candidate in the fall in no way suggests that I won’t vote for the Democrat in the fall. On the contrary. I will be voting for the Democrat in the fall but I also recognize the reality that Sen. Obama needs to spend the next 9 weeks earning millions of votes. When Senator Clinton was asked by Wolff Blitzer what she would say to the 40% of her supporters who would not vote for anyone other than her in the fall, she didn’t hesitat to say, “I would tell them they are making a grave mistake.” Is it too much to ask of Senator Clinton’s supporters to remain loyal to her until she DOES declare definitively what she plans to do in the coming weeks? I don’t think so and so I’m awaiting her announcement as are many others. If that is too much to ask or in some way diminishes the presumptive nominee–and I don’t see how it does– then we’ll simply have to disagree on that. Thanks again for the chance to respond.

Page One & The ‘Ville Voice on TeeVee

You’d think those fancy tv people would learn their lesson and stop putting us on the air– but no! We’re way too powerful and important or whatever.

This week Rick referred to Larry Clark as Perry Clark (Perry: at least he didn’t refer to you as Doug Hawkins), made fun of Jerry Abramson’s budget and yammered about various other politically incorrect topics. Ruh ro.

[flv:/video/cwmay30.flv 320 240]

Page One & The ‘Ville Voice on TeeVee!

Oh noes! They let us on the tubes again and this week we had a lot to say.

From Big Oil hypocrisy and press-tackling cops at the NRA convention to the mainstream media picking up stories without giving credit where credit is due and the 21% of Kentucky Democrats who voted on the basis of race… Rick discussed it all.

[flv:/video/cwmay23.flv 320 240]

ALERT: Known Homosexual on TV Talking About Racism and Such Among Kentucky Democrats

You have been warned! Cover the ears of children and any elderly relatives living with you. We homosexualized the mainstream media in Louisville this afternoon in an interview with Joe Arnold of WHAS11. Something about 21% of Kentucky Democrats saying race played a role in their vote yesterday. Those were people who ADMITTED THIS TO A STRANGER TAKING NOTES ON A CLIPBOARD outside of their polling location, mind you.

Our comments about the Lundergan-McBrayer Machine got edited out. We said that the good old boy machine that’s been campaigning for Hillary for more than two years has a lot to do with last evening’s results in the presidential election. Oh well. We thought it’d be prudent for national media types to take that into consideration before casting every one of us barefoot Bluegrassers as a racist nut.

Long story short, look how awful we looked! Only had a few minutes to primp before we had to sound important. The sun was bright so we were squinty. But look how thin we are! The teevee totally doesn’t add ten pounds. Everyone says we need a haircut and a sideburn treatment but we think thinning hair looks awesome with giant Elvis chops. Fancy, huh?

Obama Camp Opening Louisville Office Saturday

Barack Obama’s campaign is opening its Kentucky headquarters in Louisville this Saturday. According to a press release they’ll have Rep. John Yarmuth on-hand for the festivities.

Obama, who has won more states than Hillary Clinton, earned more delegates than Hillary clinton and shown amazing strength among young voters, is trailing Clinton in Kentucky. So opening an office in Louisville is a necessary move.


  • Louisville Obama Office Opening
  • 900 East Market Street
    Louisville, KY
  • This Saturday, March 29, 2008
    10:30 am
  • Special Guest: Congressman John Yarmuth

Maybe it’d help if Obama toured semi-rural Kentucky towns like Morehead as Bill Clinton did on Tuesday?

Notice for Young(er?) Democrats in Louisville

This evening the University of Louisville College Democrats will host Rep. John Yarmuth as their guest speaker. 8:30 in Davidson Hall, room 103.

If you’re under the age of 40, a Democrat and aren’t a member of Young Dems, here’s your chance. Tomorrow night from 6:00 – 9:00 Louisville Young Democrats invite you to join them at Ice Breakers, 252 E. Market St. (map)

Should be a good chance to meet some elected officials and candidates. You’ll also be able to learn about opportunities to go to the Democratic National Convention. Cheap drinks, too.