All This Mess And Louisville Still Gets The Shaft

Yesterday former Lieutenant Governor Daniel Mongiardo blasted the nasty redistricting process in Kentucky. He hit Steve Beshear, praised Kathy Stein and pointed out the shenanigans with Alice Forgy Kerr. [Page One]

Raise your head if you think Frankfort will do the right thing when it comes to halting executions. [WHAS11]

Oh snap! Looks like Robert White is having a rough go at it in the big city of Denver. Check out the shenanigans going down involving an anonymous letter. [Denver Post]

If you aren’t paying attention to the problems your first responders face in Louisville, you’re going to end up with a problem on your hands some day. There’s no reason EMS shouldn’t be treated like LMPD and Fire. All are equally important and necessary for life to function. [FOX41]

Quick, let’s pretend the Energy and Environment Cabinet cares about Earth Day! [Click the Clicky]

We used to love Dawne Gee back when she looked like a 20-something on the teevee. But now that she has turned the corner to calmness and comes across as the young meemaw (we said young!) everyone wants in their life, she’s way more entertaining. You know you love seeing her pass that cash. [WAVE3]

When Jerry Abramson says small businesses should have a large role in tax reform in Kentucky? He means gigantic businesses that employ thousands and operate outside the state. [Business First]

Remember when your attorney general said he was fighting hard against gas price corruption during his campaign? Haha, right, about that. [WLKY]

Now University of Louisville folks like Jimbo Ramsey say they welcome the indigent care fund audit. Here’s hoping Adam Edelen’s ties to everyone there won’t cloud his judgement. No, of course they won’t cloud the judgment of his hundreds of auditors but that’s just something one has to question early in a new auditor’s term. [WFPL]

Did you see Greg Fischer asking his most trusted source – Facebook – for advice on how to do the most basic parts of his job yesterday? [The ‘Ville Voice]

You have lots of storm debris? You can drop it off this weekend for $15 per truckload. [84WHAS]

Maybe McDonald’s Wasn’t Such A Great Idea…

Update on the 100 days cake for Greg Fischer: Sullivan folks say the cake was provided for free by the school’s terrific bakery. No tax dollars used! Now we can’t stop thinking about their bakery and all the ladytreats they produce. MMmmm. [Email]

The Tennessee Valley Authority will pay a $10 million penalty and shut down more coal plants in an agreement with the EPA. [H-L]

A new proposal from the developers/redevelopers of Kentucky Kingdom will ask the city for less money. [FOX41]

Here’s what Governor Steve Beshear and Lieutenant Governor Daniel Mongiardo had to say about Beshear’s testimony before the U.S. Congress yesterday. [Page One]

I know this is bad behavior but it’s typical of teenagers. So what’s the big deal? Why should his future as a football player be in doubt over this? [Deadspin]

Your congresspeople need to hear from you this morning. Make your voice heard. [KYA]

Today at 11:00 A.M. Governor Steve Beshear and First Lady Jane Beshear will attend the ‘They’re Off!’ luncheon at the Galt House. [Press Release]

Food advocates are none too happy with Greg Fischer’s media appearance at a West End McDonald’s. Can we say hot mess? [WFPL]

The rising Ohio River is causing concern among Thunder goers and is greatly impacting activities in Southern Indiana. [WAVE3]

Is this another contender in the Bardstown Road/Baxter Avenue pizza war? Can anything top what we’ve already got? [Consuming Louisville]

The entire city is freaking out over Trader Joe’s. Freaking out. Even people who don’t know what it is. [WHAS11]

Wouldn’t Be Summer Without A GOP Sex Spree

Louisville’s got some pretty fancy non-profits funded by taxpayer dollars with CEOs earning $600,000. And two have purchased $80,000/$90,000 boxes at the new arena. Obviously a wise expenditure in such turbulent economic times. [H-L]

John Yarmuth stands firmly against the Bush tax cuts and so do his conservative family members. Meanwhile, Jack Conway’s campaign is beside itself that I’d dare criticize their position on the tax cuts for the super-wealthy. [Bruce Maples]

Haha, gosh. David Caldwell got caught jerking off while looking at porn at UofL’s Ekstrom Library. No wonder he dropped off the ballot lawsuits. To think this guy is part of the Frank Simon-Chris Thieneman-Dan Seum network of hot messes. [Endless Summer Of GOP Sexytime]

Ed Martin’s campaign sent out a press release urging Todd Lally to ask for dismissal of the lawsuit. But that’s not happening, since Lally probably begged for it in the first place. [Press Release]

Everyone political went to the ham breakfast at the Kentucky State Fair yesterday. [FOX41]

Did you see Daniel Mongiardo kinda complaining about Jack Conway yesterday? [Page One]

Steve Beshear is trying to poo-poo David Williams’ proposal to end busing in Louisville. Is that good or bad? [84WHAS]

Sheldon Berman says the David Williams-Dan Seum plan to end busing would re-segregate the population. What’s your take? [WAVE3]

I’m still wondering where the mainstream media is on one of the bigger higher education scandals in years. [Page One]

You should read beer genius Roger Baylor’s column about the Ohio River Bridges debacle. [News & Tribune]

Fairdale Bigfoot is for sale to the highest mayoral bidder. But he isn’t allowed to cast a vote. [Consuming Louisville]

Wanna see video of the double hand transplant? It’s on the internets. [Click the Clicky]

The Sypher-Pitino Sexytime Has Ruined Everything

We’re nearing the end of the Second Annual Golden Poo Awards and you should drop your nominations in as soon as possible. Only two more categories remain. [Page One]

Maybe some day Hal Heiner will wake the hell up, recant, apologize and make amends for his SERIOUS STUPIDITY. If he doesn’t, he’ll lose the mayoral race to Greg Fischer. The fact that Hal is terrified to admit he was wrong about gay-hate and continues to lie about it is a serious concern for Louisville voters. Even for the ones disgusted by Greg Fischer and those who would never decide a vote on a single issue. [Phillip Bailey]

Karen Sypher has tainted effing EVERYTHING. Even Joe Arnold’s story about the Mongiardo endorsement of Conway. [WHAS11]

Plans are slowly coming together to put books in the hands of Kentucky students that otherwise don’t have access. Lives can be changed by putting books in the hands of kids in rural Kentucky. It’s cheap and easy to do. And I need your help. Give me your suggestions, ideas and opinions about Kentucky authors and Kentucky stories. [YOUR THOUGHTS ARE NEEDED!]

A new federal education initiative could transform West Louisville. [More LEO Weekly]

The National Symphony Orchestra is coming to Kentucky next year. Tons of scheduled activities. [Kennedy Center]

According to their quarterly financials released yesterday, Churchill Downs lost $5 million on HullabaLOU. Which no longer makes you wonder why those folks were so pissy about Forecastle being a great success.  [Press Release]

Yesterday, John Boehner debunked Todd Lally’s alleged polling data against John Yarmuth. “Uphill climb” is not the same thing as “statistical dead heat,” Toddy! [Joe Arnold]

It’s interesting that these two totally ignored the fact that Greg Fischer and his sister helped fight labor re: the arena and Greg got sued over a labor agreement at another stadium. He’s not the strong labor man he’s pretending to be.  There’s so much more to discuss that I can’t yet reveal.  [Voice-Tribune]

Local Republicrats can’t find a candidate to run for the 6th District Metro Councilcritter seat. [WFPL]

Music nerd alert: The Pass discussed details of their new album on LEO’s podcast thing. You should give it a listen. Oh, and download the new single, “Burst.” [LEO Weekly & Burst – Download]

Just in case you need proof that Rand Paul’s Campaign not only knew about the latest lie to be uncovered, but promoted it? Read our story from last night. [Page One]

Woah – Mongiardo Just Endorsed Conway

From Page One:

It is on their behalf and on behalf of all hardworking Kentuckians that today, I am announcing my support for Democratic candidates on the ticket this fall – from our U.S. Senate nominee Jack Conway to down ballot candidates across the Commonwelath like Rex Smith in Western Kentucky to Marty Myer in Louisville and Robin Webb in Eastern Kentucky.

Better late than never!

The Jack & Dan Senate Cash Soap Opera

Yeah, it’s a mess. You know that’s right.

If you missed it earlier: Jack Conway got money from George Soros and Maury Povich. And 75% of the payout to Daniel Mongiardo for his endorsement? It’s for funds allegedly owed directly to Mongiardo.

Meaning he’s getting a personal payout for his pretend endorsement of Jack Conway.

Click here and here for all the details from the Conway & Mongiardo FEC reports.

Whores And Pigs Are Everywhere This Friday

Gabe Bullard will make you puke when you read this. [WFPL]

Rand Paul’s got some serious baggage these days. Meanwhile, his supporters are spinning this one out of control. [Page One]

State employees were honored for giving back to those in need. See, kids, government employees do good things. [WHAS11]

Wanna know why the obesity rate is out of control in some areas of Eastern Kentucky? Look no further than the corruption of “leaders” and “officials.” It’s enough to make you sick. Even the good people are on the take in the mountains. [H-L]

Thanks to Joe Arnold for pointing out that A Kentucky Newspaper will essentially be controlling the upcoming mayoral debate at Bellarmine. [More From Joe]

Really, Daniel Mongiardo is a political whore. Like I mused on Page One, he was likely dropped on his head as a child. [Fat Lip]

What the heck went down at E.P. Tom Sawyer Park? Did everything just cold burn to the ground? Ugh. [WAVE3]

Who knew this would get more exciting than a little sexytime at Porcini? Jurors have called Rick Pitino a “pig” and Karen Sypher a “whore.” Possibly the most amazing legal story ever, in history, amen. [FOX 41]

It Is Un-American To Hate Beer, So Drink Up!

Is the city practicing selective ABC enforcement in Germantown? Probably. Because ABC isn’t targeting establishments in other parts of the city that cater to older crowds. I’d like to see proof of complaints of Nachbar and Swan Dive. [LEO Weekly]

Just a reminder that the JCPS board’s secret evaluation of Sheldon Berman will take place tomorrow. [WFPL]

Today First Lady Jane Beshear will re-launch Kentucky’s appliance rebate program with a kick-off speech at Louisville’s GE Appliance Park. [Press Release]

Sixteen jurors have finally been seated in the Pitino-Sypher sexytime extortion case. [H-L]

In yet another ridiculous interview, Daniel WATB Mongiardo is claiming he isn’t sure he “trusts” Jack Conway and therefore isn’t sure he can endorse him. Oh, and according to Conway and Mongiardo people – it was Lt. Dan himself who brought up the idea of someone else paying off HIS debt. There WAS an agreement and Jack Conway needs to admit it. He must think there weren’t people sitting behind him (my attorneys and four filmmakers) in that coffee shop with us. Both Daniel & Jack need to stop acting like pissy little girls. [A Kentucky Newspaper]

Last night, President Barack Obama nominated James Edward Clark to be U.S. Marshal for the Western District of Kentucky. [Press Release]

I’ve never understood how people could text and drive. Beginning January 1, 2011, that’ll be illegal. Too bad it’s only a $25 fine. [H-L]

Michelle Jones, noted America-Hater because she doesn’t like beer, has a story about Homebrewing Night at the Louisville Beer Store. It’s tonight from 6:00 P.M. to close. [Consuming Louisville]

Obviously, this website isn’t part of LMPD. But I know dozens of officers who read and comment there. Take a look at what they think about the latest news from Atlanta. []

Looks like A Kentucky Newspaper is going to become even more cookie cutter and regurgitated. Hot. Maybe I’ll eventually have give in, now that we’ve got this news, to the C-J reporters begging me to link to their stories again. [WFPL]

Conway Cleared In Mongiardo Ethics Complaint

You know how Daniel Mongiardo filed an ethics complaint against Jack Conway as attorney general? You know, back when Daniel was busing losing to Jack?

Here’s the latest from the Office of the Attorney General:

“The attorney general appreciates the work of the Ethics Commission and its review of this matter, which ultimately found the complaint filed against him by his primary opponent failed to allege a violation of the ethics code. Moreover, it affirms the integrity of the work being done by our Office of Rate Intervention, which has saved more than $150 million for Kentucky ratepayers since General Conway took office.”

So it’s official: Daniel Mongiardo is a WATB.

U.S. Senate Catfighting Makes Us Kentucky Proud

You should help me provide kids in rural Kentucky with some books. It’ll change their lives and improve their education. And you don’t have to agree with me political in order to help or offer suggestions. You just have to care about the future of Kentucky’s youth. [Page One]

Louisville is nothing but a bunch of Frainch frogs! [WFPL]

On Monday, First Lady Jane Beshear released her summer reading list: Summer Reading Is Killing Me!, Tuck Everlasting, The Outsiders, Island of the Blue Dolphins, Slow Down for Manatees, Riddle of the Reef, Mountains Beyond Mountains, Gods of Manhattan, When Zachary Beaver Came to Town, Scat. [Press Release]

Kentucky’s June/fourth quarter receipts are a nightmare to behold. [Page One]

Remember the “journalist” that receives a rent-free apartment from a batshiz insane political blowhard in exchange for positive press? You know, the person shaking down PR execs and such for cash in exchange for coverage. Legitimate journalists or anybody with credibility on any level doesn’t do crap like that. Television stations should think twice about situations like this if they don’t want to slip further down the wormhole. [Deep Thoughts]

The Hitchcock summer series is returning to the Louisville Palace. Tickets are five bucks when purchased at the box office or it’s $42 for a season pass, a $2 discount on each show. [Consuming Louisville]

Habitat for Humanity of Metro Louisville has been selected to take part in a neighborhood revitalization program. [Fat Lip]

If you read Page One on a regular basis, you’re familiar with the catfighting between Daniel Mongiardo and Jack Conway. This isn’t about money, though Conway knew fully well that Mongiardo was promised cash. It’s about Daniel Mongiardo thinking he’s the anointed one, that he’s owed something, that everything should fall in his lap because he deserves it. [Joe Arnold]

Ted Koppel was in town yesterday. You go listen to him? [84WHAS]