Win A Copy Of Lawn Darts of Fate

Amazon lists Lawn Darts of Fate like this:

Hysterical and Addictive “Enlightening and Depraved” Twenty years ago, Frank Felson, was a baseball bashing, drum smashing, rock-n-roll lothario. It was pseudo semi-pro ball and his band was a much maligned one hit wonder, but for Frank the world was his oyster and he was shucking it for pearls. Today, Frank’s life is a steaming pile of excrement. He’s unemployed, his dog has been murdered and his wife is shacking up with another man. Worst of all, Frank’s current band plays nothing but Jimmy Buffet covers. Most people would assume a 42 year-old, day drinker with a penchant for backyard badminton and ditch weed had given up. Not Frank. Frank is convinced he’ll make it back to the top, fall in love, maybe even learn to like himself again. Can man truly do anything he puts his mind to? Or are we all merely dreamers desperately dodging, the perilously sharp . . . Lawn Darts of Fate? “Craig mines diamonds from the coal of lost souls”

Sold on it?

What if I told you the author, Chris Craig, name-checks a bunch of Louisville spots like Captain’s Quarters, The Spaghetti Factory, Slugger Field, Bats, the Grease Bucket Arena, Hikes Point Lounge and more?

Here’s a “trailer” he released for the book last fall:

Craig is a University of Kentucky (now in Chicago) who spent the 80s and 90s in Louisville and you’re likely get a kick out of his latest work if you’re at all familiar with the city.

We’re giving away three copies — two digital download codes and a paperback — courtesy the author. Contest runs through Friday.

To enter, leave a comment here on the site using a real email address that you check daily. While your comment won’t be published on the site, you’ll have to provide your full name and mailing address if you win so I can send along download cards or the book. Will draw sometime after the Kentucky Derby and ship things out next week.

It’s Mayoral Spokesperson Caption Contest Time

Chris Poynter is the guy giving misinformation to media outlets in Louisville regarding the Metro Animal Services scandal.

He’s also one of the people who has attempted to defame Heather Adkins, the LMAS whistleblower in the Sadie mess, in every media outlet that’ll take his bogus remarks seriously.

And since Poynter has taken it upon himself to attack the messenger when caught?

Here you go! A caption contest.


Make it funny or else.