Louisville Won’t Have Light Rail Anytime Soon

Big chains and government are targeting food deserts. Here’s betting nothing like this happens in Kentucky. [Reuters]

Humana was fined $3.4 million for failing to report Medicaid fraud. Where’s Jack Conway now, eh? [H-L]

An anonymous donor stepped up to give VIPS $75,000. Wouldn’t it be tremendous if, say, people with hundreds of millions in this town did the same thing for other organizations? [Debby Yetter]

Apparently Curt Morrison got arrested trying to protest a Canadian pipeline in Washington, D.C. [HuffPo & Curt’s Site]

Really, it’s silly for Judy Green to continue trying to delay her removal hearing. Louisvillians want to send her corrupt butt home. [WAVE3]

Norfolk, Virginia gets a light rail system and Louisville can’t even build enough sidewalks for people to walk on. [WaPo]

Just how many cyclists and pedestrians are going to get hit by cars and die in Louisville? [Formerly FOX41]

If you haven’t had something from Morels Vegan Food Truck yet? Something is seriously wrong with you. [Consuming Louisville]

Jockey Calvin Borel was arrested for DWI in Indiana. [H-L]

It’s absolutely hilarious to watch people in the West End think a wet-dry vote is going to solve all of their problems. [WHAS11]

Really? You folks are going to spend up to $125 to hear Bill O’Reilly speak? [Business First]

The Little League World Series is once again a hot topic in Louisville and North Oldham is advancing. [WLKY]

There’s a benefit concert for No Kill Louisville on August 28 at Phoenix Hill Tavern. [NKL]

Good Morning. Here Are Some Negative Things.

Is anyone shocked that Tina Heavrin, Jerry Abramson’s former “special counsel,” is now general counsel for the Cabinet for Health and Family Services? Are you shocked that she is fighting against releasing records that should be public? Here’s betting her job wasn’t even posted publicly. These tired, recycled people need to leave public office so this state can eventually recover. [Debby Yetter]

Here’s even more on the story from Lexington. [H-L]

Want to win tickets to the Kentucky Bluegrass Festival? Here’s your chance. [Page One]

Yesterday was the 105th day Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Steve Robertson has questioned Jack Conway: “It’s unbelievable that no one involved in this scandal has ever faced any consequences,” said Robertson. “The unaccountability of what is supposedly the chief watchdog for our state is not only appalling, but embarrassing as well. If Conway has nothing to hide he needs to come clean and restore his dignity.” [Press Release]

Just what the University of Louisville needs – another scandal involving one of its coaching staff. [FOX41]

Remember the man in Shelbyville who had his penis unnecessarily amputated by a doctor in Louisville? That case is set to go to trial. [HuffPo]

Everyday citizens can’t afford to deal with the legal system when they get screwed over. Here’s a perfect example. [WAVE3]

Just what downtown Louisville needs, right? More overpriced housing that absolutely no one can afford. [Broken Sidewalk]

Really? You folks are shocked that opening day for Jefferson County Public Schools went more smoothly without Sheldon Berman? [C-J/AKN]

Wait, this is a thing that is really necessary? It’s almost as if already having ten thousand similar publications riddling the city isn’t enough. [Consuming Louisville]

Seems like it was yesterday when the University of Louisville said there would be no changes in services offered after a hospital merger. And whattya know? That still couldn’t be further from the truth. [WHAS11]

It’s great that Yum just spent a million bucks trying to fight hunger in Africa. We can’t help but wonder, really, how that million bucks could impact a region like Eastern Kentucky. That’s enough cash to combat major food issues in the mountains. [Business First]

Woah, Louisville’s Got A Washington, D.C. Problem

Of course the University of Louisville Hospital merger is insane. Of course it’ll still happen. [WFPL]

Friday marked the 80th day for Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Steve Robertson to question Jack Conway over his involvement in his brother’s drug scandal: “This has turned into a marathon campaign,” said Robertson. “Who would have thought that Kentucky’s chief law enforcement officer could go 80 straight days dodging questions about his involvement in a very serious and legitimate conflict of interest?” [Press Release]

No one is happy about the University of Louisville hospital merger nightmare. [FOX41]

Jill Biden will attend the USO Homefront Concert at the grease bucket downtown tomorrow night. [Bluegrass Politics]

The Indianapolis Zoo got a new 238-pound baby elephant. Louisville is officially jealous. [Reuters]

If you missed it, the Kentucky Democratic Republican Party is now solidly aligned with former Ernie Fletcher indictees and is taking mountains of cash from them. [Page One]

Tell me if this sounds the least bit familiar: a Washington, D.C. city council member repaid $300,000 to settle a lawsuit alleging he diverted public funds from youth programs to pay for luxury cars and expensive trips. [WaPo]

A Lexington house offers clues into the life of a little-known yet acclaimed black horse trainer. [H-L]

A lot of people have a lot of questions to answer about this teenager’s death from hyperthermia. [WAVE3]

It’s a terribly sad situation. We hope the family gets the answers it deserves soon. [WLKY]

The Louisville Zoo foundation won a Toyota Highlander through a fancy “100 Cars for Good” Facebook contest. [Business First]

Frankfort Will Waste All Of Your Money, Folks

Suppose Kentucky’s public school system can be thankful for that of Detroit. Right? At least when it comes to statistics. [NY Times]

More from the department of we’ll believe it when we see it. [WFPL]

The homosexuals are taking over everything! Elton John is coming at the KFC Grease Pit downtown the day before Thunder. [84WHAS]

Kentucky is the worst state in the country for cutting funding for mental health issues. We are clearly winning the future here in the Commonwealth. [H-L]

Today Congressman John Yarmuth will meet with OPC Pest Control, the American Society of Radiologic Technologists and students from the Danish School. [Press Release]

HIPSTER ALERT: Here’s more about Trader Joe’s eyeing Louisville. We are SO winning. Tiger blood and all. [H-L]

Usage of foodstamps and the unemployment rate were both up during the month of January in Kentucky. [Page One]

Hungry for transparency in the arts world? The Speed Museum seems to have its ducks in a row. [Arts Journal]

Let’s go protest some LG&E emissions, kids. Because, well, why not? [FatLip]

Steve Beshear says he is turning up the heat on David Williams. Maybe so. But let’s get real. Neither have a clue what’s really going on. Beshear just has more power to spend tax dollars campaigning. Or will the KDP be reimbursing the state for that airfare? And then for the use of state resources to push out press releases, talking points and such? Should we hold our breath? [Amanda Van Benschoten]

The Jefferson County Public Schools middle school assignment plan could be put on hold. [FOX41]

What Questions Do You Have For State Legislators?

If you love the Louisville Palace, this story about its rich history is terrific. [LEO Weekly]

The Ali Center is celebrating an important milestone. [FOX 41]

How many accidents have to happen in a single mine before Steve Beshear’s administration will take action? How many people have to die? Yet all you Democrats in Louisville fawn over him like he’s the second coming when Mayor McCheese is with him. [H-L]

Dining Out For Life will take place on December 1. Restaurants donating the most: Cozza, Captain’s Quarters, Simply Thai [DINE OUT]

Hundreds of hours have been put into the search for Andrew Compton’s body. That family must be devastated. [WAVE3]

There’s a benefit concert being held on December 4 at 8:00 P.M. So if you like music and want to help in the situation, here’s your chance. [Compton’s Brother]

The University of Louisville should be applauded for going completely smoke-free. [WHAS11]

It’s time for an Ask Your Legislator update. Here’s your chance to ask state legislators anything you want. [Page One]

Are you registered to vote? Having difficulty remembering? You’ve got no excuse. Check here. If you’re not registered, do so today. [Click Here]

Green’s Staffers & Volunteers Don’t Support Him

After sellout Jackie Green dropped out of the mayoral race, his campaign staff took over his email list and Twitter account to distribute hilarious messages. [Twitter]

Jeffersonville, Indiana will vote again this evening on a no tolls resolution. 6:30 P.M. at City Hall, Room 101, 500 Quartermaster Court. Meanwhile, the bridges authority is still ignoring the will of the public. [Press Release]

If you missed the U.S. Senate debate at the University of Louisville last night, be sure to check it out once WHAS11 puts it online today. Oh, and Joe Gerth: The Executive Branch Ethics Commission did NOT “clear” Jack Conway of anything. Tune in to Page One later today. Dear Rand: If you didn’t tie that lady up and scare her in a creek, you should go ahead and say you did not do it. [Don’t Miss It]

The debate did, indeed, turn bitter. Rand refused to shake Jack’s hand. It was great. [AP]

John Yarmuth raised $331,599 in the quarter and has $662,412 cash-on-hand. That’s a solid amount of money to get him through to election day. [Press Release]

The KFC Grease Bucket hosted the Eagles on Saturday and traffic apparently wasn’t a nightmare. Did you go? What was the experience like? [WHAS11]

A judge released boxes of evidence in the Cecil New murder case. This story gets more insane each and every day and it’s been years. [FOX 41]

Jack Conway’s new anti-Rand Paul ad made Gawker. [Gawker]

Speaking of Jack, it must be reiterated that disgusting Karl Rove’s latest ad about him is not dishonest. [Page One]

The Louisville Youth Group is asking the community to come together in a stand against anti-gay bullying. [WAVE3]

Todd Lally compared being gay to obesity. This Republican in Colorado compared being gay to alcoholism. Must be a teabagging Republican thing these days. [HuffPo]

Woah, Frankfort Avenue Is Now Crazy Excited

Do you need a temporary job the last week of October? These guys need a driver for a super-secret project. [Paulick Report]

It’s a shame Hal Heiner wouldn’t answer questions about whether he’d veto domestic partner benefits as mayor. Last night’s “debate” was awful on all fronts and it proved the city has no solid leader for the future. Greg Fischer may be the worst candidate the Democrats have put forth in decades, but at least he has the guts not to run from the gays. Runs from honesty and transparency, true, but not the gays. [Gag]

Go watch this terrific web documentary called Detroit Lives and tell me you don’t feel a whole lot of Louisville in those shots. But in a good way. [Palladium Boots]

Are you gonna Take Back The Night this evening at the University of Louisville? [WFPL]

The gays are just cold going insane over the revelation that the Scissor Sisters will be opening for Lady Gaga on March 12 in Louisville. All gay-haters would be wise to leave Louisville the weekend of March 12, for every single person within 500 miles who loves them a meat dress and some Night Work queens will be in full froth. YES. [Backseat Sandbar]

What? WDRD going dark on September 30? Disney is set to sell the station, along with three others they own. [Various Reports]

Today at 11:00, Greg Fischer will release his “plan” for creating open, honest government. How many ideas will he borrow from Hal Heiner? And when will he offer transparency for what he’s currently involved in? Still waiting. [Press Release]

Todd Lally thinks Iraq attacked the United States on 9/11. [We Get Comments]

What’s with assholes targeting cyclists in the area? Why the extreme bitterness and ignorance? [FOX 41]

The Comfy Cow is taking over Genny’s Diner and the historic home Genny’s owner has tried to demolish for years. Really excited that we don’t have strippers to look forward to on Frankfort Avenue. [Broken Sidewalk]

Metro Animal Services Is The Saddest Place Ever

There are new Metro Animal Services nightmares that will hit the presses soon. I’m so tired of their bullshit. Is everyone else so tired of their bullshit that you’re willing to say bullshit instead of bullshiz? [What A Farce]

Joe Gerth said “website” instead of “Web site” in a story last night. He should win many, many awards for that! Seriously. Major. [A Kentucky Newspaper]

Anyone else find it disingenuous for Ken Herndon to be collecting petition signatures so he may appear on the November ballot as a write-in candidate? This comes after he, along with the rest of the candidates seeking the nod, promised to support the nominee selected by the local Democratic Party just a couple weeks ago. [Time To Give It Up]

This morning at 10:00 A.M., Hal Heiner will announce ‘5 Ideas for Louisville’s Future’ at a presser in Commerce Crossings. He’ll focus on issues like transportation and education. [Press Release]

Jury selection in the trial of Tom Schroeder, the guy Robert Felner called “sweetie,” has begun. This is gonna be a doozy. [WHAS11]

Last night the Republicrats selected Candace Jaworski to run for the 6th District Metro Council seat. In other words, the Republicans chose their losing candidate. She works for Larry Bisig and seems to have her ducks in a row. [Hope She Isn’t Too Excited]

It’s interesting to me that no one is pointing out Rand Paul’s hypocrisy. He had no problem attacking Trey Grayson’s college days and using them against him in mailers. But when it comes to pranks, kidnapping and drugs, he suddenly grows a conscience about it? [Page One Flashback]

Also, aren’t baptist ladies supposed to obey their menz? I think that makes the alleged kidnapping okay, maybe. Or maybe they just took way too many bong hits. [Deep Pagan Thoughts]

You should go to this Actors Theatre concert because THE PASS is playing. Also, take a towel. Because it will be hot as balls. [Consuming Louisville]

The Sypher-Pitino Sexytime Has Ruined Everything

We’re nearing the end of the Second Annual Golden Poo Awards and you should drop your nominations in as soon as possible. Only two more categories remain. [Page One]

Maybe some day Hal Heiner will wake the hell up, recant, apologize and make amends for his SERIOUS STUPIDITY. If he doesn’t, he’ll lose the mayoral race to Greg Fischer. The fact that Hal is terrified to admit he was wrong about gay-hate and continues to lie about it is a serious concern for Louisville voters. Even for the ones disgusted by Greg Fischer and those who would never decide a vote on a single issue. [Phillip Bailey]

Karen Sypher has tainted effing EVERYTHING. Even Joe Arnold’s story about the Mongiardo endorsement of Conway. [WHAS11]

Plans are slowly coming together to put books in the hands of Kentucky students that otherwise don’t have access. Lives can be changed by putting books in the hands of kids in rural Kentucky. It’s cheap and easy to do. And I need your help. Give me your suggestions, ideas and opinions about Kentucky authors and Kentucky stories. [YOUR THOUGHTS ARE NEEDED!]

A new federal education initiative could transform West Louisville. [More LEO Weekly]

The National Symphony Orchestra is coming to Kentucky next year. Tons of scheduled activities. [Kennedy Center]

According to their quarterly financials released yesterday, Churchill Downs lost $5 million on HullabaLOU. Which no longer makes you wonder why those folks were so pissy about Forecastle being a great success.  [Press Release]

Yesterday, John Boehner debunked Todd Lally’s alleged polling data against John Yarmuth. “Uphill climb” is not the same thing as “statistical dead heat,” Toddy! [Joe Arnold]

It’s interesting that these two totally ignored the fact that Greg Fischer and his sister helped fight labor re: the arena and Greg got sued over a labor agreement at another stadium. He’s not the strong labor man he’s pretending to be.  There’s so much more to discuss that I can’t yet reveal.  [Voice-Tribune]

Local Republicrats can’t find a candidate to run for the 6th District Metro Councilcritter seat. [WFPL]

Music nerd alert: The Pass discussed details of their new album on LEO’s podcast thing. You should give it a listen. Oh, and download the new single, “Burst.” [LEO Weekly & Burst – Download]

Just in case you need proof that Rand Paul’s Campaign not only knew about the latest lie to be uncovered, but promoted it? Read our story from last night. [Page One]