While Mandy Connell Peddles Racist B.S…

Yes, we’re opening calling Mandy Connell a race-baiting instigator who needs to move back to Florida. There is no place in this community for such hate.

She’s now spent a couple years cracking “raccoon” jokes, using the term “half-breed” in reference to Barack Obama and throwing veiled “yellow star” remarks at prominent Jewish leaders like Congressman John Yarmuth.

Her ridiculous remarks have done nothing but drive wedges in this already divided community.

But let’s go ahead and point out why her Hitler-Yellow Star-Gun Control shenanigans are bogus. Click here:

Its origins can be traced back to at least the early 1980s, when opponents of a Chicago proposal to ban handguns invoked it in the largely Jewish suburb of Skokie by “reminding village residents that the Nazis disarmed the Jews as a preliminary to sending them to the gas chambers,” the Chicago Tribune reported. In 1989, a new pro-gun group called Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership began arguing that the 1968 federal gun control bill once favored by the NRA’s old guard “was lifted, almost in its entirety, from Nazi legislation.” (That false claim is still being repeated.)

Go read it all.

This wouldn’t be an issue if there weren’t a years-long string of her racist horse crap stretching from Florida to the Commonwealth.

To make matters worse, she attempts to blow her racist, Anti-semitic remarks off as if they’re nothing:

And it seems local businesses like Impellizzer’s are ready to defend her remarks:

Possibility City! We’re sure she’ll be on her streak of blaming the “libs” for the words that have come out of her own mouth for several days.

She has yet to offer a sincere apology that wasn’t cloaked in self-important humor. (Trust us – we know a lot about self-importance.) Maybe it’s time for this city’s leaders – both elected and community – to step up to take this ridiculous foaming at the mouth on.

Francene’s Common Sense Is Still Being Missed

No wonder Mandy Connell’s bosses (come on – that station is run by a bunch of gays – you know they dish often… they only love Terry Meiners for some reason…) constantly complain to us about missing Francene:

The link takes you to a National Review (haha) story about how global warming is a farce. Because, uh, facts and reality apparently don’t matter.

She’ll be in Louisville another year. Two tops. And we’re betting Clear Channel won’t even bother replacing her.

Meanwhile, big polluters are fighting like woah to prevent a new global agreement. Never mind that 2011 is tied for the tenth hottest year on record. Or that it only takes common sense to recognize the earth has an environmental problem or two on its hands.

Todd Lally: Still A Pandering Homophobe

Todd Lally was on 84WHAS this morning talking about the gays and Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

So what’d he do? Pandered with his homophobic ignorances. Again.

More talk of being in a tent with ten men. Saying things like, “I don’t want to come in from a 16-hour day to see two men snuggled up watching a movie.”

Even the Clear Channel Republicans are turned off by his anti-gay rhetoric.

Just like they’re turned off by his weeks of gender discrimination denials, only to offer this weird attempt to mock Nancy Pelosi:

Ruh Ro: Mandy Connell On The Tweetvestigation

Last week, 84WHAS mid-day host Mandy Connell, had something rather interesting to say and outrage ensued.

Last night, LEO Weekly’s Phillip Bailey went on a Twitter Inspectigation that we thought was potentially very interesting.

This morning, however, Connell responded on her radio program. Give the segment a listen:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

For those of you who can’t listen at work, here’s a rough transcript:

Mandy Connell: 84 WHAS! Howdy doo, everybody, it’s me, Mandy, and welcome to another addition of the really big show. And boy, you know, you can tell it’s a slow news cycle right now, because the stupidity of the stories out there is mind-blowing. Mind-blowing.


I wanna start the show by talking about something that happened last Thursday because that was the starting off point for all of this, the nonsense that’s coming down the pike right now. Uh, last Thursday — last Wednesday, actually — I said, uh, I used a phrase that I just, I still don’t know why those words came out of my mouth. It was inappropriate. On Thursday I apologized. Cause I meant it.

And now that incident is being used as a jumping off point by some by some of the local media, who are doing things so preposterous in an effort to paint me as this bitter, angry racist, that I just can’t let it go without comment.

Now, my tweets have been mined as part of a tweetvestigation by a local blogger for a, for a local magazine. And in his tweetvestigation he went back through all – I think I’ve tweeted 375, 376 tweets in my entire tweet career, which I believe goes back to maybe February of 09, I don’t remember when I started the Twitter thing. I was really, I was an active Twitterer for a long time, I haven’t been tweeting lately, I’ve just been busy. But I am very proud of my tweeting because I do some of my best comedy in 140 characters or less.

Read the rest of the transcript after the jump…

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When Good People Say Horribly Stupid Things

On yesterday’s program, Mandy Connell (read our story about her from March) had a discussion about socialist countries that allegedly don’t lift their poorer citizens out of poverty. It was rather extensive and she spoke about the United States being different. Gave examples like Oprah Winfrey, folks who grew up poor only to rise up to lead billion dollar companies.

But it wouldn’t be a political/news show without mentioning President Barack Obama. Connell referred to the President as a “half-breed” when saying the U.S. allows people like him to rise to the presidency. Right after she said it, you could tell she knew she’d made a serious mistake. She indicated she’d said “half-breed” because it was the first thing to come to mind.

To say I lost my cool in reaction is an understatement. I was offended and disappointed beyond words. My assistant took my phone (She could have scratched my new iPhone! It was major. Hell hath no fury like a homo scorned.) away and dared me to email anyone about it until cooling down for several hours.

I’ve only known Mandy a few months, true. That’s long enough, however, for me to understand that she’s not a racist. She’s really not. I defy anyone to get to know her and prove me wrong. She’s also not a homophobe. (Hello, from South Florida, was friends with notoriously gay congresscritters.)

What she said? That is definitely, 100% racist. Offensive. Disgusting. Maddening. She’s not even from Kentucky, where racists grow on trees. The governor and speaker of the house have even uttered racist crap. But what Mandy said was awful to the point of infuriation.

So I cooled down (in 102-degree heat and crazy humidity) for an entire day. Then reached out to Mandy for comment.

Here’s what she had to say:

The only thing I can do is express my embarrassment that was the phrase that came to mind and apologize for the offensive way I was trying to convey my point about the President’s mixed heritage. It was inappropriate, and truthfully, I was shocked when that tumbled out of my mouth. My only excuse is that when talking for three hours without the opportunity to choose words in advance, sometimes my brain doesn’t do the good or right thing. I am human.

While there is no excuse for what she said, I’m relieved that she was truthful and open. We spoke a bit more in-depth and it’s clear to me that Mandy is is remorseful and completely embarrassed. Not because she got caught. But because she said “half-breed” and she knows she’s hurting herself and countless others.

This is not an apology for what she said. It doesn’t make it better.  It’s only a tiny step forward. The only thing that can heal what went down is to prove to this community in an un-Rush Limbaugh-like manner that she’s a good person. And I hope she does that.

I expect that she’ll be apologizing on today’s show and will prove to her audience that she’s worthy of a second chance.

Just wanted to share my take on things.

Dave Jennings Joins Afternoon Underdogs

Dave Jennings, popular personality from the Joe B. & Denny Show will join Tony Vanetti on the even more popular show Afternoon Underdogs (they’re also on Facebook) on Sports Radio 790 / 101-7 WKRD.

From a Clear Channel press release:

Announcing the new appointment, Clear Channel Louisville Market President Bill Gentry said, “Dave’s disturbed sense of humor matches up well with Tony’s. Plus, Tony could use some adult supervision.”

Jennings commented: “I’m looking forward to tapping into Tony’s keen sports mind. Once I get past the foam, of course.”

Tony Vanetti warmly welcomed his new partner to the Afternoon Underdogs show: “I’ve been hosting this show alone for three months, and this is the best they could do? Really?”

You sports nerds excited?

Jennings starts on July 26th, replacing Adam Neft.