Teevee News Is Filled With Stories Of Death

LMPD officials say a homicide unit is investigating an apparent double suicide at The Hyatt on 4th Street in downtown Louisville. [WDRB]

The executive director of Louisville’s air-quality agency may become a casualty of a string of scathing audits that accuse agency workers of collecting years’ worth of faulty air pollution data. [C-J/AKN]

U.S. housing starts rose less than expected in August as multi-family activity slowed sharply, but a surge in permits to build single-family homes pointed to a sustained strengthening in the housing market recovery. [Reuters]

Examining local race relations within the greek system. [WHAS11]

Many public universities, suffering from state budget cuts or hungry for prestige, have made it a priority to attract out-of-state students, who pay higher tuition, and those who will help boost the schools’ place in college rankings. But a newly released survey by Inside Higher Ed asked admissions directors directly about their priorities, allowing them to respond anonymously. [ProPublica]

Police are searching for a man’s killer after a deadly overnight shooting. These stories really make outsiders want to move to Louisville. Because everyone wants to get murdered. [WLKY]

Spending cuts on child care subsidies for poor families have contributed to the closure of more than 80 child care centers in Kentucky and as many as 25,000 children could be dropped from the program in the next year, advocates said Wednesday. [H-L]

A controversial former candidate for Louisville mayor and Kentucky State Senate is expected in court Thursday on charges he attacked a woman. [WAVE3]

Louisville Police say a man was found shot to death late Wednesday night in the 2800 block of Kleier Avenue off Rodman Street near Churchill Downs. Possibility City! [C-J/AKN]

A council of local CEOs and business leaders is being formed to provide advice, support and advocacy to Jefferson County Public Schools. [Business First]

A Canadian man facing charges that he stalked the brother of actress Jennifer Lawrence has been ordered held without bond pending the resolution of his case. [WKYT]

Clark County (Indiana) Democrats say the Republicans are rigging county council districts to benefit their own. Republicans say a Democrat county commissioner tried to rig his district to exclude a primary threat. [News & Tribune]

Biggest Pee Alert Ever Ever Ever Ever Ever

Really. Pee alert. You have been warned.

Hoo boy, Karma really is a bitch. An awesome bitch that you will love after reading this:

Chris Thieneman, a former candidate for Louisville Metro mayor and Kentucky Senate, was arrested Monday in connection with an altercation with a woman near the intersection of North Ewing Avenue and Brownsboro Road.


The woman, who was not identified, was driving and Thieneman, 48, was a passenger when, during an argument, she stopped at the intersection and started walking down the street, the report said.


The woman walked to her business, which was not identified, to call police. Thieneman followed her and pushed his way into the building, the report said. Thieneman pushed her and when he tried to take her phone “he put his arm around her neck and tried to strangle her,”


During the incident, the woman’s car — which she left in the middle of the road — was stolen.

Told ya a pee alert was necessary!

Election 2012 – The Results Are Finally Here

President (state results)

  • Obama/Biden – 647,913 – 38%
  • Romney/Ryan – 1,021,896 – 60% with 95% reporting
  • Others – 28,415 – 1%ish

President (Louisville results)

  • Obama/Biden – 186,164 – 54.70%
  • Romney/Ryan – 148,415 – 43.61%
  • Others – 4,921 – 1.45%
  • Write-in – 857 – 0.25%

U.S. Congress – 3rd District

  • John Yarmuth – 206,355 – 63.92%
  • Brooks Wicker – 111,439 – 34.52%
  • Bob DeVore – 4,819 – 1.49%
  • Write-in – 218 – 0.07%

37th District – State Senator

  • Chris Thieneman – 17,532 – 41.32%
  • Perry Clark – 24,803 – 58.46%
  • Write-in – 92 – 0.22%

Appeals Judge

  • Irv Maze – 135,376 – 50.59%
  • Jim Shake – 131,191 – 49.03%
  • Write-in – 1,001 – 0.37%

18th District – Metro Council

  • Marilyn Brave Patriot Parker – 9,227 – 59.84%
  • Teague Ridge – 6,167 – 39.99%

2nd District – School Board

  • David Jones – 21,415 – 49.06%
  • Elizabeth Berfield – 10,928 – 25.04%
  • George Tolhurst – 2,578 – 5.91%
  • Phil Haming – 8,439 – 19.33%
  • Write-in – 287 – 0.66%

7th District – School Board

  • Christopher Fell – 1,937 – 4.65%
  • James Sexton – 9,418 – 22.59%
  • Chris Brady – 14,501 – 34.79%
  • Martin Bell – 5,558 – 13.33%
  • Jonathan Robertson – 10,056 – 24.12%
  • Write-In – 216 – 0.52%

Mint Jubilee: Rehashing What Really Went Down

While Chris Thieneman digs his heels in attempting to spin the Mint Jubilee disaster story, you need to flashback to 2010.

Click here to read the real story behind the mess.

It’s a look back at the history of the not-so-charitable shenanigans and an examination of the legal spat between Thieneman and the University of Louisville. Which, of course, left UofL smelling like roses.

Barbara Shanklin Costing Taxpayers Out The Rear

We’re closer and closer to hitting our goal and launching our new project. Consider helping make that happen. [Support Our New Project!]

One of the biggest events in horse racing — the Breeder’s Cup — was this weekend in California. But WDRB has learned there’s some doubt over whether the race will return to Churchill Downs. [WDRB]

What a great way to waste taxpayer dollars. A Jefferson Circuit Court judge is allowing state Senate candidate Chris Thieneman to stay on the ballot through next week’s election but has ordered that the election results not be certified before he can obtain further information about where Thieneman actually lives. [C-J/AKN]

Jefferson Community and Technical College and Jefferson County Public Schools have temporarily suspended their joint Aviation Maintenance Technology program based at The Academy at Shawnee, following a Federal Aviation Administration inspection in October. [WHAS11]

State Senate candidate Chris Thieneman says he is an eligible resident of the 37th District, despite a lawsuit that calls his residency into question. [WFPL]

Jefferson County constable David Whitlock and Walmart are now named in a lawsuit filed on behalf of Tammie and Pedro Ortiz. A year ago this month, Whitlock shot Tammie Ortiz as she was leaving the Walmart store in southwest Jefferson County. [WLKY]

Let’s stop pretending this hasn’t happened in Louisville. The city of Rye, nestled along the scenic Long Island Sound in affluent Westchester County, N.Y., represents the best of suburban living. Sprawling mansions perch atop rolling hills. Children attend top-notch schools. Residents browse tony boutiques and sun themselves on café patios in a downtown that manages to be both quaint and chic. [ProPublica]

The Kentucky Public Service Commission will hold public meetings this month in Louisville, Lexington and Harlan concerning requests for rate increases by the Kentucky Utilities Co. and Louisville Gas & Electric Co. [Business First]

Crews are continuing efforts to move tanker cars near a chemical fire at the site of a train derailment in Louisville. [H-L]

Support continues to pour in by the truckload, including food, water, and warm clothes, to devastated communities affected by Hurricane Sandy. Thanks to a group from Louisville, a town in New Jersey now has some much needed necessities. [WAVE3]

Obama’s America—one that progresses, however falteringly, toward social justice, tolerance, and equality—represents the future that this country deserves. [New Yorker]

Barbara Shanklin is a flipping disaster and she’s costing Louisville an arm and a leg. $50,000 for her attorney plus taxpayer dollars for a laptop, projector and even a cake mixer. [Dan Klepal Here & Here]

Thieneman Literally Advertises Vote-Buying Now

Christ Thieneman just keeps on skirting campaign finance law. It’s almost as if vote buying means nothing to him. Which makes sense, as he’s paid journalists off and pretended to live in a zillion different places.

He’s taking his latest bit much further. This time he’s actually advertising – literally paying Facebook – a ticket raffle for voters:

Of course, he still hasn’t reported any of the ticket give-aways as a contribution or expenditure of the campaign.

He has nothing to worry about, though, because the Democrats don’t have the sense to hit him on all of his improprieties.

Your Brain Melted From All The Campaign Commercials Interrupting Your Teevee Stories

We’re closer and closer to hitting our goal and launching our new project. Consider helping make that happen. [Support Our New Project!]

Will Chris Thieneman get to stay on the ballot this year or won’t he? A judge is supposed to rule on the matter of where he pretends to live today. [WDRB]

Global business leaders have been warned of a “carbon bubble” that will pop as nations accelerate their move into renewable energy and send the value of coal miners and other fossil fuel industries tumbling. Overnight Tuesday, Scotland set a goal of meeting half its electricity demand from renewable sources by 2015, up from 35 per cent last year. It aims to get all its power from clean sources by 2020. [The Age]

Donna Hargens went on the teevee to talk about how horribly Jefferson County Public Schools performed. [WHAS11]

Unfortunately for the spinsters, you can look through the awful scores for yourself on the internets. [WFPL]

Churchill Downs Inc. announced Thursday the official launch of its new online gambling platform, Luckity.com. [H-L]

A shelter in place order has been lifted a day after cleanup of a derailed train in southwest Jefferson County took an explosive turn. The evacuation order for the 1.2 mile radius and community of West Point continues. [WLKY]

A $5,000 grant from the LG&E/KY Plant for the Planet Program will be used to replace trees at Waterfront Park. [C-J/AKN]

Passport Health Plan has filed a formal protest with the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services related to contracts awarded to other Medicaid managed-care organizations. [Business First]

You want a child, right? And you can afford to adopt so there’s no need to procreate, right? Because you’re pro-life and support adopting unwanted children, right? Then click on this flipping link right now and find a child to adopt. There is no excuse. [CLICK HERE NOW]

In a surprise announcement, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said Thursday that Hurricane Sandy had reshaped his thinking about the presidential campaign and that as a result he was endorsing President Obama. [NY Times]

Things aren’t looking so great for Katie King now that the teevee people have pointed out (this isn’t new, just the first time it’s been on teevee) that she skipped out on nine weeks of work. [WAVE3]

It is a hospital’s nightmare: The power goes out and backup generators don’t kick in, leaving critically ill patients without the mechanical help they need to breathe. [ProPublica]