No Way Around It. Yesterday Was Just Horrible.

Officials say one person has been shot and one person has been taken into custody after a shooting at Fern Creek High School Tuesday. [WDRB]

A child was been found dead in Cherokee Park Tuesday evening, Louisville Metro Police said, and the incident is being treated as a death investigation. [C-J/AKN]

Officials confirm that a suspect is in custody in relation to the shooting of a student at Fern Creek High School [yesterday] afternoon. [WHAS11]

A state lawmaker is calling for the results of a review on the operations of Kentucky legislative staff to be made public. [H-L]

WARNING! RIDICULOUS AUTOPLAY VIDEO THAT THE STATION’S GENERAL MANAGER DOESN’T UNDERSTAND HOW TO STOP! Louisville police now believe a man found along the side of a road was killed. [WLKY]

THIS is the bullshit Rand Paul is supporting and pandering to. Anti-gay baker Melissa Klein openly cried at the Values Voter Summit last week over the forced closing of her business due to backlash stemming from her refusal to make a cake for a lesbian couple’s wedding. [HuffPo]

Have you seen the latest with Chris Thieneman? This incident involves a horse, a kid and severe head injuries. [WAVE3]

Are you Eastern Kentucky buttcramps so disconnected from reality that you can’t see that having a coal dock on the waterfront in Louisville would be a horrible idea? WTF planet are you people living on? [Floyd County Nonsense]

Philosopher Stephen Cave argues that since the beginning of civilization humans have always tried to defy or defeat death. [WFPL]

Kentucky is done, with Sen. Mitch McConnell on his way to a hard-fought, single-digit victory over Alison Lundergan Grimes. [ U.S. News]

A new report shows there were few shakeups among the area’s largest banks as ranked by deposits in Louisville’s metropolitan statistical area. [Business First]

ndiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller and State Sen. Ron Grooms visited Clark Memorial Hospital in Jeffersonville on Friday to recognize the hospital for its efforts to fight prescription drug abuse. [News & Tribune]

Even New Albany Takes Unwanted Pets Seriously

New Albany Police Chief Todd Bailey has asked the Indiana State Police to investigate the New Albany Police Department. [WDRB]

A Metro Council committee last Tuesday tabled an effort to stop allowing new transitional housing and halfway shelters in certain west Louisville neighborhoods while members decide how to address neighborhood concerns about a proliferation of single-family homes with several unrelated residents. [C-J/AKN]

We’ve been reluctant to mention Chris Thieneman’s latest arrest because he’s such a hot mess. But it really puts the icing on the cake. [WHAS11]

Steve Beshear has chosen a former Louisville assistant police chief to lead the state’s troubled Emergency Management division. Michael Dossett will take over the state’s disaster response planning on Monday. [H-L]

The U.S. is in the midst of what Housing Secretary Shaun Donovan calls the “worst rental affordability crisis” ever. Poor families are being hit the hardest: an overwhelming majority spend more than half of their incomes on rent. [NPR]

Sign up and show up — one mayor’s new volunteer program is as simple as that. On Saturday about a dozen volunteers with the City Services Network were on hand in New Albany helping to spruce up a new building donated to the New Albany-Floyd County Animal Shelter. [WLKY]

Ford Motor Co (F.N) said on Thursday it is recalling a total of 1.39 million SUVs and sedans in North America, most for the possible loss of power steering. [Reuters]

While the new Highlands-Old Louisville corridor is the talk of the town among area bikers, some worried drivers had yet to take note. From turning into them, to simply driving down them, throughout Louisville many new bike lanes are getting unwanted traffic. [WAVE3]

The world’s largest no-kill cat sanctuary has saved more than 20,000 feline friends. Unlike No-Kill Louisville, which has saved next to no animals. [HuffPo]

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer’s 2014-15 budget proposal has $63.7 million slated for capital spending, a 60 percent increase compared to last year. But some Metro Council members are crying foul over the lack of funding for needed projects in the city’s East End, which has experienced the greatest population growth in recent years. [WFPL]

A national organization is contemplating including Louisville in research that could help developers, building preservation leaders and metro government figure out the best places to invest economic development dollars. [Business First]

Eating crow is never fun but that’s what Jake is doing. Help him get things squared away? If you get something out of this content, consider doing so in order to ensure that it continues. [Click Here For Details]

Several entities partnered to fund the construction of a heavy haul corridor from the River Ridge Commerce Center to the Port of Indiana-Jeffersonville, but now the city of Jeffersonville’s involvement is in doubt. [News & Tribune]

Impossibility City: Judy Green Just Won’t Quit

The University of Louisville filed a counterclaim in a dispute with Norton Healthcare over Kosair Children’s Hospital. [WDRB]

The Kentucky Senate gave unanimous approval on Tuesday to a bill that would aid investigations by municipal ethics commissions in Louisville and Lexington. [C-J/AKN]

A new trial date has been set for former mayoral candidate, Chris Thieneman. [WHAS11]

Lawwwwwd, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. We hear Attica wouldn’t have had a fight on her hands if she’d actually one her job when it came to voting in the Shanklin mess. But we’re pretty sure Ole Judy’s daughter would be running anyway. The daughter of the late Louisville Metro Councilwoman Judy Green is running for the seat once occupied by her mother. [WFPL]

Spoiler alert: this is not news. Greg Fischer doesn’t have a legitimate opponent. [WLKY]

Some Kentucky lawmakers want to amend the Kentucky Constitution to give lawmakers more authority to overrule regulations by the Executive Branch. [Ronnie Ellis]

Disabled Kentuckians said Wednesday they weren’t getting enough funding support from the state, vowing to support changes to the tax code to increase state revenue. [WAVE3]

Wondering how a Republican could further make a mockery of the U.S. Senate race in Kentucky? Put on your rose-colored glasses, cause this one includes: racism, sexism, homophobia, trutherism, 9/11 conspiracy theories and general bro dude awfulness. [Page One]

A state official said Wednesday that he “can guarantee” some West Virginians are breathing in traces of a carcinogen while showering after the chemical spill, but federal health guidelines say people need to breathe “a lot of it” to be a problem. [HuffPo]

The legal battle over Kosair Children’s Hospital reignited Wednesday, when the University of Louisville filed a response in legal proceedings initiated by Norton Healthcare Inc. last September. [Business First]

A bill that would allow trained school staff to administer or help administer insulin to diabetic students passed Kentucky’s House of Representatives Monday. [H-L]

A Louisville attorney plans to file a civil compliant in a federal court on behalf of three Clark County Drug Court Treatment Program participants for unlawful incarceration and arrest. [News & Tribune]

Stop Pretending There’s No Bus Accident Problem

MSD says you’re all going to have to suffer the poop floods, amen. The end times are nigh, kids. [WDRB]

An increasing number of U.S. workers, including thousands in Kentucky and Indiana, are finding their employers shifting to high-deductible healthcare plans that require employees to spend thousands of dollars on doctors and prescriptions before insurance starts paying the bills. [C-J/AKN]

A jury trial has been set for late January for the Louisville developer and former mayoral candidate accused of attacking his ex-girlfriend. [WHAS11]

The suspect in the 2012 shooting deaths of two men during an eastern Louisville neighborhood homeowners’ association meeting committed suicide Saturday in his jail cell, Louisville Metro officials said. [MetroFail]

A 10,000-pound section of the Georgia Dome floor where the University of Louisville won it’s third national championship earlier this year was unveiled Saturday. [WLKY]

Pollutants in the air we breathe have been classed as a leading environmental cause of cancer by the World Health Organization. It said the evidence was clear they cause lung cancer. [BBC]

Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson plans to ask federal authorities to investigate the Medicare Advantage policies of Louisville-based health benefits provider Humana Inc., according to a report from Minnesota’s [Business First]

It had been sixty years since Louisville celebrated its veterans with a parade. On November 11th, the 11th day of the 11th month in the year 2011, a group of dedicated Louisvillians put what they thought would be a one-time ceremony together again. Now three years later, the veteran’s parade is just like our American spirit. It will not die. [WAVE3]

One person was hospitalized following a three-vehicle collision that involved a Jefferson County Public Schools bus and two other vehicles, MetroSafe Communications said. [C-J/AKN]

New Albany City Council members again pressed the administration on the progress of several infrastructure projects this week. [News & Tribune]

How Complacent Will You Be Today, Folks?

Something tells us this lady would not spend more than a few minutes in a cage at Metro Animal Services. Primarily because she doesn’t want to get a disease that kills her within a week or two. [WDRB]

Do you remember Evan Bayh, the guy in Indiana who ran from a potential challenge to avoid losing? He’s now playing the role of Captain Obvious in politics. [Politico]

A Louisville developer and former mayoral candidate is facing a lawsuit after he was charged last month with attacking his on-again, off-again girlfriend. [WHAS11]

Max Balliet’s Holy Mole food truck has been inspected six times this year, passing the health department review without fail. Still, he hears the uninformed slights and innuendo — food trucks are dirty, messy, fly-by-night grease pits, potential salmonella breeders on wheels. [C-J/AKN]

It’s been three years since the KFC Yum! Center’s opening and on Monday the Arena Authority met to talk about its future. [WLKY]

Under state law, Floyd County Sheriff Darrell Mills won’t be able to seek a third term, but he said he is not yet ready to retire from public service. [News & Tribune]

Possibility CIty! You may not notice it at first glance, but a couple big signs installed near a Louisville interstate have one big mistake. The two misspelled signs posted to direct traffic from Bardstown Road to the Gene Snyder Freeway went up on Sunday. [WAVE3]

The Louisville Arena Authority Inc. and the University of Louisville Athletic Association agreed to revise an agreement Monday at the arena authority’s monthly meeting. [Business First]

Principal David Armour carries the vocabulary and multiplication flashcards in his back pocket as he walks the halls of Lowe Elementary School — springing them on students standing at the water fountain or walking to lunch or the library. [Toni Konz]

A bill that would have made heroin trafficking sufficient to support a criminal homicide charge in an overdose death failed this year in the General Assembly. [H-L]

Louisvillians can now see how their Metro Council district’s are doing in children’s health and well-being. [WFPL]

A Sad Bobbie Holsclaw Moment Last Week

Last week, as everyone and their mother is now aware, Chris Thieneman was arrested for allegedly strangling a woman in the middle of Brownsboro Road in the daylight.

And every one of his handful of delusional teabagger pals claimed he was a saint (spoiler alert: he’s not).

But the best part of everything?

Bobbie Holsclaw sent out an invitation to her campaign fundraiser. Right after everything went down. And Thieneman was listed as a prominent sponsor.

Ha! Poor Bobbie.

We thought you’d get a kick out of that.

At Least The Zoo Party Isn’t A Negative Story

Sorry, Chris Thieneman, going across the river doesn’t count as being out-of-state. And it doesn’t help that everyone and their mother has seen you since the incident. [WDRB]

Poverty rates increased in Kentucky in 2012 and the state had one of the top five poverty rates in the United States at 19.4 percent, according to estimates released Thursday by the U.S. Census Bureau. [H-L]

The federal case against USA Harvest founder Stan Curtis will now be moving forward. [WHAS11]

Look, you should definitely take your kids to this. The Louisville Zoo has announced plans 32nd annual World’s Largest Halloween Party, which will run on four long weekends next month. [C-J/AKN]

Police arrested a man after a local paramedic’s body was found decomposing in a car near Bardstown Road about a week ago. [WLKY]

Hal Rogers, Brett Guthrie, Andy Barr, Ed Whitfield and Thomas Massie all voted to cut food stamp benefits. John Yarmuth voted against cuts. [Click the Clicky]

The family of a Louisville man found dead inside his van have broken their silence, just days after reporting the victim missing. [WAVE3]

According to Morningstar, Kentucky’s pension systems are absolute disasters. While more than half of all states fall below Morningstar’s fiscally sound threshold of a 70% funding ratio? Kentucky’s three main plans are nightmarish. [Page One]

Lexington Philharmonic Orchestra members decided the show must go on. [Business First]

Louisville is apparently the fourth-worst city in America for fall allergies this year. [HuffPo]

Despite possible legal action that may be filed against the Vintage Fire Museum and Safety Education Center, a tourism bureau dedicated $25,000 to the organization. [News & Tribune]

Teevee News Is Filled With Stories Of Death

LMPD officials say a homicide unit is investigating an apparent double suicide at The Hyatt on 4th Street in downtown Louisville. [WDRB]

The executive director of Louisville’s air-quality agency may become a casualty of a string of scathing audits that accuse agency workers of collecting years’ worth of faulty air pollution data. [C-J/AKN]

U.S. housing starts rose less than expected in August as multi-family activity slowed sharply, but a surge in permits to build single-family homes pointed to a sustained strengthening in the housing market recovery. [Reuters]

Examining local race relations within the greek system. [WHAS11]

Many public universities, suffering from state budget cuts or hungry for prestige, have made it a priority to attract out-of-state students, who pay higher tuition, and those who will help boost the schools’ place in college rankings. But a newly released survey by Inside Higher Ed asked admissions directors directly about their priorities, allowing them to respond anonymously. [ProPublica]

Police are searching for a man’s killer after a deadly overnight shooting. These stories really make outsiders want to move to Louisville. Because everyone wants to get murdered. [WLKY]

Spending cuts on child care subsidies for poor families have contributed to the closure of more than 80 child care centers in Kentucky and as many as 25,000 children could be dropped from the program in the next year, advocates said Wednesday. [H-L]

A controversial former candidate for Louisville mayor and Kentucky State Senate is expected in court Thursday on charges he attacked a woman. [WAVE3]

Louisville Police say a man was found shot to death late Wednesday night in the 2800 block of Kleier Avenue off Rodman Street near Churchill Downs. Possibility City! [C-J/AKN]

A council of local CEOs and business leaders is being formed to provide advice, support and advocacy to Jefferson County Public Schools. [Business First]

A Canadian man facing charges that he stalked the brother of actress Jennifer Lawrence has been ordered held without bond pending the resolution of his case. [WKYT]

Clark County (Indiana) Democrats say the Republicans are rigging county council districts to benefit their own. Republicans say a Democrat county commissioner tried to rig his district to exclude a primary threat. [News & Tribune]

Biggest Pee Alert Ever Ever Ever Ever Ever

Really. Pee alert. You have been warned.

Hoo boy, Karma really is a bitch. An awesome bitch that you will love after reading this:

Chris Thieneman, a former candidate for Louisville Metro mayor and Kentucky Senate, was arrested Monday in connection with an altercation with a woman near the intersection of North Ewing Avenue and Brownsboro Road.


The woman, who was not identified, was driving and Thieneman, 48, was a passenger when, during an argument, she stopped at the intersection and started walking down the street, the report said.


The woman walked to her business, which was not identified, to call police. Thieneman followed her and pushed his way into the building, the report said. Thieneman pushed her and when he tried to take her phone “he put his arm around her neck and tried to strangle her,”


During the incident, the woman’s car — which she left in the middle of the road — was stolen.

Told ya a pee alert was necessary!

Election 2012 – The Results Are Finally Here

President (state results)

  • Obama/Biden – 647,913 – 38%
  • Romney/Ryan – 1,021,896 – 60% with 95% reporting
  • Others – 28,415 – 1%ish

President (Louisville results)

  • Obama/Biden – 186,164 – 54.70%
  • Romney/Ryan – 148,415 – 43.61%
  • Others – 4,921 – 1.45%
  • Write-in – 857 – 0.25%

U.S. Congress – 3rd District

  • John Yarmuth – 206,355 – 63.92%
  • Brooks Wicker – 111,439 – 34.52%
  • Bob DeVore – 4,819 – 1.49%
  • Write-in – 218 – 0.07%

37th District – State Senator

  • Chris Thieneman – 17,532 – 41.32%
  • Perry Clark – 24,803 – 58.46%
  • Write-in – 92 – 0.22%

Appeals Judge

  • Irv Maze – 135,376 – 50.59%
  • Jim Shake – 131,191 – 49.03%
  • Write-in – 1,001 – 0.37%

18th District – Metro Council

  • Marilyn Brave Patriot Parker – 9,227 – 59.84%
  • Teague Ridge – 6,167 – 39.99%

2nd District – School Board

  • David Jones – 21,415 – 49.06%
  • Elizabeth Berfield – 10,928 – 25.04%
  • George Tolhurst – 2,578 – 5.91%
  • Phil Haming – 8,439 – 19.33%
  • Write-in – 287 – 0.66%

7th District – School Board

  • Christopher Fell – 1,937 – 4.65%
  • James Sexton – 9,418 – 22.59%
  • Chris Brady – 14,501 – 34.79%
  • Martin Bell – 5,558 – 13.33%
  • Jonathan Robertson – 10,056 – 24.12%
  • Write-In – 216 – 0.52%