William Mapother On Elder Abuse In America Today

Yesterday we talked about William Mapother’s new film.

Today? He’s written a story for the Huffington Post about elder abuse and you should read it:

As part of its mission to protect older Americans, the Senate’s Special Committee on Aging held a hearing this past March on the issue of elder abuse. Toward the end of the hearing, Senator Wyden (D-OR), a veteran on the issue, asked each of the seven guest panelists what, aside from funding, was most needed to fight the problem.

Among their answers were increased federal leadership and research, multidisciplinary teams, and support for Adult Protective Services. There is one answer that the panelists didn’t give, however, and it’s not one government can easily address: help combating ageism. This social and cultural undercurrent, endemic and even conspiratorial, not only implicitly tolerates elder abuse, but also actually compounds it.

The term was coined in the late 1960s, and its original usage referred specifically to discrimination against the elderly. Although still used for that purpose, the word — and America’s concept of age-based prejudice — has since also taken on a much wider meaning. The result is that ‘ageism’ is now applied to a much broader variety of groups and circumstances.


Countless adults are victims of abuse through self-neglect, and institutional abuse often receives the most media attention; however, by far the most common abusers of the elderly are family members, especially spouses and adult children. The low reporting rate of elder abuse therefore makes unfortunate sense: Victims would often prefer to endure the abuse rather than risk the loss of independence, being removed from their family, or possibly being forced to move into a nursing home.

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Exclusive: Chase Cain’s First Big Florida Story

Ugh, so we don’t dry heave over Judy Green and all of the stupid vigils and protests in support of her (HELLO? The hack ADMITTED to wrongdoing! What the shiz is wrong with people?!), we’re going to focus on the serious news: former Louisville reporter and “reality” show star, Chase Cain.

We have exclusive footage of Chase Cain’s first story back in broadcasting.

You ready?

Yep, slow news day. But don’t tell me that isn’t the most amazing video. Ever.

Will The Storms Come To Get Us This Go Round?

Whattya mean Steve Beshear and a Conway operative are having a very bad week over a Kentucky Retirement Systems scandal??? [Page One]

Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Steve Robertson questioned Jack Conway for the 21st Day in a row: “Jack Conway can only run from these questions for so long,” said Robertson. “At some point he will have to face the voters and explain why his family member was held to a completely different standard than every other Kentuckian…and what involvement he had in that.” Meanwhile, Jack continues to refuse to address this issue so it’ll go away. [Press Release]

To the uptight buttcramps in Metro Government who tell us we do not have a right to criticize and question the handling of Metro Animal Services. [Click the Clicky]

Jennifer Lawrence is super-famous these days and she has a crazy workout. [HuffPo]

It was nice watching John Yarmuth defend Elizabeth Warren. He’s got class. [WFPL]

Especially after she’s called a liar by Republicans who are flipping lying themselves. [HuffPo]

The Sierra Club is accusing a coal company of violations at a Leslie County coal mine. [H-L]

Sunday alcohol sales are finally allowed at distilleries in Bullitt County. [C-J/AKN]

Muhammad Ali is asking Iran to release two American hikers held in custody. [FOX41]

Will trees in your yard withstand the next storm? No, so probably should just cut them all down now. [WAVE3]

Are strip clubs in Louisville violating the local ordinance? Hopefully, because that ordinance is stupid. And that’s coming from us – avowed liberal feminists (because not all strippers are female). [WHAS11]

Really, we still think you should consider going to this to give back. [Consuming Louisville]