No Crime Here, Move Along, Nothing To See

Louisville’s Police Chief is calling on help from other law enforcement agencies after a surge of violent crime this year in the city. [WDRB]

Sam Connally, who was fired in December by the University of Louisville as its vice president for human resources, has filed a lawsuit against U of L’s board of trustees. [C-J/AKN]

Louisville Metro Police have formally charged a man in connection with a shooting death on Interstate 71 Southbound Wednesday. [WHAS11]

After turning down a request to ban tolls for a new Brent Spence Bridge in Northern Kentucky, the Kentucky House overwhelmingly approved a bill Wednesday night to allow state government to partner with private sources on building projects. [H-L]

Keeneland has announced that tickets for this fall’s Breeders’ Cup World Championships will go on sale Wednesday, three months earlier than usual due to high demand for the event’s debut at the storied Lexington track. [WLKY & Press Release]

Former Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) said earlier this month that members of the Congressional Black Caucus opposed war because they wanted to spend money on food stamps instead. [HuffPo]

To address what he called the “shocking” number of homicides that “tear the fabric of our community,” Louisville Metro Police Chief Steve Conrad announced on Thursday the formation of a new task force. [WAVE3]

A bill that would essentially “cap the co-pay” for those buying medications heard emotional testimony from both sponsor Sen. Tom Buford, R-Nicholasville, and a Glasgow woman with epilepsy. [Ashland Independent]

On many days, Kenny Winfield found comfort in alcohol—typically tall cans of Olde English. He’d drink just about anything, said his sister, Arleathiea Winfield. [WFPL]

Economists usually worry about a “wage-price spiral” taking hold. That’s when workers are earning more, but losing buying power as prices rise. [NPR]

Dearborn, Mich.-based Ford Motor Co. is opening a new location in downtown Louisville — well, sort of. You won’t be buying cars there, but students can learn a bit about the auto giant and its manufacturing careers. [Business First]

New Albany is fighting to keep one portion of the city eligible for federal funding improvements, and residents will be asked to help with the dispute. [News & Tribune]

Let’s Have Greg Fischer Video Flashback Time

People are coming up to us left and right, exasperated that Greg Fischer has bungled Louisville Metro Animal Services for so badly.

Folks who just can’t figure out what went wrong. People who have been snowed — but are no longer — by the cheerleader schtick originally perfected in Possibility City by Jerry Abramson.

Regular readers knew who Greg Fischer was and what he would do way back in 2008. Rather than link you to a bunch of boring stories, let’s just flip through some quick video flashbacks.

We knew who he was when he hired an actress to slime Bruce Lunsford… because he couldn’t get anyone to disparage him with questionable material without paying them:

We knew who he was when he claimed to treat everyone equally, to be compassionate:

We knew who he was when he claimed (starting at about 2:30) he was the second coming, that everybody loved him, he was a successful problem solver:

We knew who Greg was when he hypocritically attacked Lunsford for contributing to Republicans:

We knew who Greg Fischer was when Bruce Lunsford called him out on his hypocrisy:

He lost to Lunsford.

Then Greg resurfaced in 2010 to run for mayor. His new claim to fame? Depending upon the day, he either invented or co-invented an ice machine:

Of course we later discovered that he not only didn’t invent anything, he wasn’t even present when the guy (who originally owned the patent) created the metal plate (not an actual machine) used to dispense ice. We knew who he was then.

He’d even claimed to be an award winner, which, well… we also discovered was another Fischer myth:

We knew who Greg was when Jim King — of all people! — tried to warn the city:

King tried again:

There were so many red flags that nearly every one of Fischer’s Democratic opponents in the mayoral primary endorsed his bigoted, right-wing extremist opponent:

But the puppies and rainbows set were enthralled with Greg. He was anointed mayor, thanks to the old money that runs the good old boy network.

We knew trouble was around the bend, sadly, and it didn’t take long for Metro Animal Services nightmares to re-surface under Greg.

First up was a budgetary mess, despite Fischer’s claim of being a budget champion. His CFO, Steve Rowland (you already know him) was there to angrily spin for him, flying spittle and all:

Way back then in 2011, Kelly Downard was having none of the nonsense and excuses:

Unfortunately, Tina Ward-Pugh was snowed a few years ago, loosely defending the people who made matters much worse:

Thank goodness the councilwoman has come to her senses.

Back to the original point…

Fischer’s one to tell people about actions speaking louder than words. You’ve heard his words. You’ve seen his actions.

Fischer also loves to tell you how compassionate he is:


He made the above image his profile photo on every social media platform his office uses just hours after the Sadie scandal became a big deal.

For anyone feigning surprise that Greg Fischer has bungled LMAS since day one? The writing was on the wall years before you elected him mayor. It’s only gotten worse sense then. It’s well-documented. None of it is secret. You can read all about it. There are even hundreds of videos to watch if you don’t feel like reading.

Anyone mortified and shocked that Fischer’s henchwoman, Sadiqa Reynolds, along with his other top folks, have played pat-a-cake with the agency? It’s probably time to pay a bit more attention, probably time to demand accountability instead of lip service, whitewashing and schadenfreude.

Wait, We Thought Churchill Downs Was Going To Have To Close Down If It Wasn’t Allowed To Build A Fancy Casino In Louisville?

We’re closer and closer to hitting our goal and launching our new project. Consider helping make that happen. [Support Our New Project!]

Dear Ed Hart: We told you that you were getting screwed by Steve Beshear because of Bruce Lunsford. You knew it. Bruce knew it. And it’s happening again. Yes, they most certainly operate on decades of bitters. Ask Jerry Lundergan about that. [WHAS11]

Voting sites affecting more than 12,600 local households have been moved for the Nov. 6 general election, according to the Jefferson County Board of Elections. The relocations involve a total of 14 precincts and seven voting sites, said county elections spokesman Nore Ghibaudy. [C-J/AKN]

A teen who made a desperate escape, jumping out of a moving car on the interstate, has been found. [WDRB]

If you missed it on Page One yesterday, here’s a look from the Herald-Leader at Kentucky Spirit filing a lawsuit against the state for allegedly providing faulty Medicaid data. [John Cheves]

A mother of three was driving home from work Tuesday evening when her car was blindsided by a man fleeing police and a narcotics investigation, and now her family is mourning her death. [WLKY]

Churchill Downs has been given the go-ahead to offer a third racing meet starting next year. [WFPL]

He’s on trial for killing a woman so she couldn’t testify in another murder trial. Jurors have already heard from more than a dozen witnesses as they try to decide if Steven Pettway is guilty of murdering Troya Sheckles. [WAVE3]

No, Metro Animal Services is not even attempting to lower the number of animals it kills each day. It’s now openly working hand-in-hand with the Kentucky Humane Society. So much for Greg Fischer’s promised transparency and claims of reduced killing. How the Brown Family or anyone who comprehends logic can support this man while keeping a straight face is beyond us. [C-J/AKN]

Kentucky Derby-winning Thoroughbred trainer Rick Dutrow Jr.’s appeal to overturn his 10-year ban by state regulators has been tossed out by New York’s top court. [Business First]

The Clarksville Town Council voted unanimously to purchase the site of the town’s old drive-in theater for $500,000 at a special meeting Tuesday. [News & Tribune]

Looks Like Kentucky Kingdom May Never Reopen

The Louisville Metro Council appropriations committee voted 3-2 Wednesday to recommend a $20,000 grant request from a nonprofit organization previously led by Louisville Metro Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin. [C-J/AKN]

To Louisville sports, Owsley Brown Frazier leaves a legacy of love. This is how you write about the man the day after he dies, mainstreamers. You don’t run bitter, jealous articles about the things he’s done for the city. [Eric Crawford]

Skeptical justices on the Kentucky Supreme Court are weighing claims by a death row inmate that a missing right front lobe of his brain played a role in his attack on a mother and children near Fort Campbell in 2008. [H-L]

This sounds a lot like Jamie Comer is trying to criticize Jack Conway’s world without coming out and saying his name. [WAVE3]

Wondering about the differences between Obama and Romney Medicare plans? Take a look at this whiteboard. [Click the Clicky]

Dear Ed Hart: We told you Steve Beshear personally disliked you and dislikes Bruce Lunsford even more. His latest move not to consider your plan — the only plan that’s ever surfaced to run Kentucky Kingdom — should prove it. [WHAS11]

Looks like Louisville isn’t the only city in Kentucky dealing with eyesore real estate. Lexington has its own problems. [WKYT]

Here’s another example of how to write about Frazier without getting nasty. [WLKY]

Finally, a somewhat mainstream organization is making hay out of Keith Hall’s spot on the board of that Indian coal company. The involvement of a state representative in a major coal deal in Kentucky is raising some eyebrows. Under the terms of a new $7 billion contract, Kentucky coal producers will ship nine million tons of coal a year to India for the next twenty-five years. Representative Keith Hall was instrumental in brokering the deal—and he represents both the people of Kentucky and his own private coal interests. [WFPL]

We’re betting your just as suspicious of this Alltech distillery as we are. Alltech Inc.’s Lexington Brewing & Distilling Co. will become the seventh stop on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail tour of distilleries when it opens in October. [Business First]

The Louisville Metro Council’s Public Safety Committee on Thursday approved changes to the city’s panhandling ordinance that city officials say better differentiates between aggressive and passive panhandling. [C-J/AKN]

You’ve read us for several years and now you’ve got the chance to help create our new ad-free project. Your contribution can be public or private (but you have to tell us in writing that you want it to be public) – it’s up to you. [Our New Project]

Will Bruce Lunsford Provide The Magic Needed?

Three prominent Louisville business leaders have joined former Kentucky Kingdom operator Ed Hart in a new $40 million proposal to reopen the abandoned amusement park in 2014. The other three: Bruce Lunsford, Mary Moseley and Ed Glasscock. [C-J/AKN]

Some doctors say Kentucky’s crackdown on prescription pill abuse is forcing legitimate patients to wait on pain medicine. [FOX41/WDRB/Whatever]

The rest of the mainstream media may just gloss over Keith Hall being on this Indian company’s board of directors. But. Uh. We’re pretty sure you can figure out what’s going on here with all that coal. [Page One]

A woman accused in a shooting in West Louisville was back in court Wednesday morning. [WAVE3]

The 21c Museum Hotel proposal for renovating the First National Building in downtown Lexington received conditional approval from the city’s courthouse area design review board Wednesday. [H-L]

Your meemaw can’t even go to the Family Dollar in Portland these days without being robbed in broad daylight. Also, please don’t let your meemaw roam around with $26,000 in cash in her purse. [WHAS11]

Louisville’s Air Pollution Control District is taking a look at Louisville’s rising temperature. In a meeting today, board members discussed the city’s declining tree cover and how a lack of protective legislation is contributing to the problem. [WFPL]

For the second time in less than three months, murder suspect James Mallory is charged with assaulting staff at Metro Corrections. [WLKY]

Mayor Greg Fischer has named Virginia Peck, a longtime federal housing official, as director of the Metro Department of Community Services and Revitalization. [C-J/AKN]

Speed Art Museum director Charles L. Venable is leaving the museum to take a job with the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Venable will leave the Louisville museum next month. [Business First]

You’ve read us for several years and now you’ve got the chance to help create our new ad-free project. Your contribution can be public or private (but you have to tell us in writing that you want it to be public) – it’s up to you. [Our New Project]

Large City Is Super-Compassionate & Transparent

If the River View development comes to fruition, not only will it result in a prime piece of downtown “public space” being transferred to private interests, but the long-promised “public plaza” component of River View will have been much reduced, and lack a view of the river itself. [CoNA]

You know a story that opens like this: Newcomers rarely make it into the winner’s circle at the All American Futurity, considered the Kentucky Derby of quarter horse racing. with a headline like: Mexican Cartel Hides Millions in Horse Races, U.S. Alleges is going to get the horsey set a bit flustered. [NYT]

All Greg Fischer can do is call the folks responsible for the recent bout of gun violence in Louisville “knuckleheads.” Meanwhile, all of the West End, several community leaders and even a Metro Councilwoman are questioning Greg’s “task force” that isn’t solving anything. [WHAS11]

Bruce Lunsford has been elected by foal and stallion nominators to be a new member of the Breeders’ Cup. [DRF]

Louisville isn’t even in the top ten manliest cities in America this year. Possibility City comes in at a compassionate 11. [This Is So Dumb]

Greg Fischer’s “task force” may be the focus of laughter in the West End. But at least some leaders are attempting to actually stop the violence in Louisville. [FOX41]

The way this story opens is sure to piss Rick Pitino off a little bit. Or is he also afraid of the Herald-Leader? [H-L]

Everybody’s favorite constable was back in court yesterday and will be back again in about two weeks. [WAVE3]

Angry at her boyfriend, a Louisville woman allegedly rammed a 2010 Dodge Charger three times into a Shively convenience store while her beau was inside, according to an arrest report. [C-J/AKN]

A national hotline for human trafficking victims received calls from about 10,000 individuals last year, from every state in the union. 438 calls came from Kentucky with 59 being crisis calls. [NPR & Polaris Project]

We’re still wondering why Susan Lukjan is the most important story in the metro area. [WLKY]

This is why Louisville can have nice things: First Choice Market, a 20,000 square-foot full-service grocery store at 3044 Wilson Ave., has opened to serve an estimated 35,000 residents in Louisville’s Park DuValle neighborhood. [Business First]

Fischer Continues Trail Of Campaign Finance Lies

Still remember Greg Fischer’s latest campaign finance mess? The one where he’s lied umpteen times to the press about inaugural fund contributions from Bruce Lunsford and Ed Hart? The funds he and his people pulled a bait-and-switch with to use as campaign contributions to retire Greg’s personal debt?

Here’s your refresher:

  • Fischer’s Crew Still Don’t Get Campaign Finance [January 13]
  • A Greg Fischer Prediction… [January 20]
  • More On Fischer-KREF-Elliott-Corruption Mess [January 20]

His inaugural account filed amendments for its December 2010 and March 2011 Quarterly reports with the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance last week:

Still no mention of the contributions from Bruce Lunsford or Ed Hart.

So it’s clear Greg Fischer is continuing to illegally handle those funds.

If this ever gets to court? A judge looks at it and says, “Uh, you corrected other problems but not these glaring issues backed up with a paper trail? You’re a Steve Henry-style criminal.”

It’s time for Jack Conway to appoint a special prosecutor in this case so the Kentucky State Police Special Investigations Unit can dig in.

Jerry’s Spendy Housing Gal Going On Trial In May

Ed Hart and Bruce Lunsford have obtained the North American rights to “Great Expectations.” Which is kind of a big deal. [C-J/AKN]

Once again, this is why Greg Fischer wanted to be mayor. For the socialite photo opportunities. In the “newspaper” that will run an op-ed this week about how the GOP “must convince young people it’s the party of options.” [V-T]

So now the news of Amazon building a massive distribution center in Jeffersonville is more than speculation? [FOX41]

What? The Democratic co-sponsor of the gambling bill is employed by a horse track co-owner? You don’t say. And that’s why the gambling bill is dead in the water as it currently exists. R.J. Palmer is just the latest kink in the chain. [John Cheves]

No, this Democratic teabagger girl is not going to beat Reggie Meeks. So please stop asking about it. [WFPL]

We don’t love much about Madonna Flood but her “Doing Our Part from the Heart” campaign is something we can all appreciate and support. Note: we didn’t publish the photos she sent this year because they were filled with nothing but products that are basically the reason America is fat as a house. But that doesn’t mean her project isn’t terrific. [WLKY]

Greg Fischer first found out what Pecha Kucha is more than a year ago at 21C. The same night he broke a sweat when he realized he would have to speak to Jake if he wanted to get near Gill Holland and other community leaders. So he just sat on a couch by himself for 45 minutes. Oh, about Pecha Kucha… turns out he’s now having his own little funtimes party with a cash bar in Metro Hall on the 21st. You can come to your own conclusions. [Consuming Louisville]

What? Now Bowman Field may be keeping all those trees? Funny how that worked out. [WHAS11]

This has little to do with Louisville but a Johnny Cash museum is planned for Nashville. Which gives you more reason to visit a town that’s both smaller than Louisville and with better leadership. [Business First]

Jerry Abramson’s (remember him?) former Housing Director is set to go on trial in May. We predict the mainstream will protect her superiors at all costs. [WAVE3]

Speaking of the mainstream ignoring a massive scandal… don’t forget that a massive state government audit revealed all kinds of corruption, millions of wasted dollars and basically no direction in the Beshear Administration. It was quickly covered up (literally 30 minutes after it was release) by a press conference about gambling. [Page One]

More On Fischer-KREF-Elliott-Corruption Mess

You know how I’ve been telling you for weeks that Greg Fischer was barking up the wrong tree by trying to hang Ed Hart and Bruce Lunsford out to dry, right?

Guess who is cutting Greg’s nuts off, like we told you earlier?

I’m going to excerpt heavily from this Dan Klepal story and you’ll see why:

Hart said he was drawn into the complaint because of Fischer attorney Jennifer Moore’s response to Morrison’s complaint, dated Jan. 11, saying “it is clear” that Hart and his business partner Bruce Lundsford “intended to contribute to the (Fischer) general and primary election accounts.”


Hart says he and the other donors wrote the checks to Fischer’s campaign account only after being instructed to do so by the mayor’s chief fundraiser, Tommy Elliott.

Hart attached five exhibits as proof of his claim:

Three emails from Elliott and Christy Brown, co-chairs of Fischer’s inauguration committee, soliciting a $10,000 donation for table sponsorship at the inaugural gala. Those emails are dated in November or early December, and say one common way to raise the money is to organize a group of donors.


A Dec. 21 email from Elliott’s private account, directing donors from Hart’s group to write checks to “Greg Fischer for Mayor” instead of the inaugural fund. There is no explanation in that email as to why Elliott wanted the checks made out that way.


“If … we were making contributions to retire Mayor Fischer’s campaign debt rather than to the inauguration, why were we listed as host sponsors of the inauguration (especially considering that none of our checks ended up in the inaugural account)?” Hart’s letter to the registry says. “This is further proof that we were solicited to provide funds to support the inauguration, not Mayor Fischer’s campaign.”


“Rather than admitting our contributions were used for the wrong purpose (whether unintentional or not), you have instead mounted a spurious defense to a complaint on this matter brought before the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance,” Hart’s letter to the mayor says. “Essentially, your defense consists of accusing me and the other individuals in our group of donors of not telling the truth.

“Although I had every intention of dropping this entire matter had you returned the money, I do not feel I can continue to allow you to distort the facts at the expense of my reputation. I ask you again to return our donations, and also to stop your false statements about my intentions with respect to those donations.”

Go immediately read the entire story.

And then ask yourself why Greg Fischer continues to believe he can continue to pull this sort of crap.

Or ask yourself why Jennifer Moore was dumb enough to get involved.

You can think what you want about Bruce Lunsford. You can say what you want about Ed Hart. But absolutely no one will tell you they’re not completely, brutally honest 24/7.

If I was Greg Fischer, I’d resolve this right away and apologize. I’d close my campaign account immediately, absorbing the minimal debt. I’d quit lying to the KREF. I’d think twice about going after former opponents because of childish bitterness. And I’d think twice about trying to intimidate critics. Because there’s more where this came from and he knows it.

A Greg Fischer Prediction…

We hear through the gayvine that Greg Fischer & Co have been one-upped at the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance.

Looks like Ed Hart and his folks corrected the record Fischer and Jennifer Moore tried to create. The KREF received a letter and supporting documentation (email trail) that prove Fischer wrong.

How will he try to make this one go away?

We predict he’ll start lashing out soon.