JCPS Truly Works Hard To Feed Children Well

Just take a guess at who the card belongs to. Louisville Metro Police say they’ve arrested a woman after she was found with a stolen access card belonging to a “high ranking” Louisville Metro EMS administrative employee. [WDRB]

Allison “Jamie” Kleinhelter has collected only $4,000 of the $120,000 awarded to her in 2011 when a Jefferson Circuit Court judge found that her lawyer had botched an appeal of the denial of her disability claim. [C-J/AKN]

The University of Louisville is hoping to open the city to the world of soccer with a new state of the art facility. [WHAS11]

The idea that fans of bourbon would want to visit the places where the spirit is made seems a fairly new one, fostered by the growing popularity over the past decade of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. [H-L]

It’s sad that the community is so used to random shootings that this seems the norm. [WLKY]

When you start feeling like Jefferson County Public Schools are a hot mess? Remember that things are MUCH worse elsewhere in the state and no one is ever held accountable. [Page One]

This is what counts as journalism and breaking news for at least one television outlet. [WAVE3]

Eating crow is never fun but that’s what Jake is doing. Help him get things squared away? If you get something out of this content, consider doing so in order to ensure that it continues. [Click Here For Details]

Since the U.S. Agriculture Department’s new school meal requirements were implemented in 2012, the cost for Jefferson County Public Schools to provide fresh produce has doubled, said Julia Bauscher, the district’s director of school and community nutrition services. [WFPL]

Crews are making progress in getting Flat 12 Bierwerks, a taproom and brewery planned for Jeffersonville, ready for an opening in late summer or early fall. [Business First]

The city council will discuss a proposal Monday to hire five new police officers each of the next five years to increase a force that is “spread thin,” said Jeffersonville Police Chief Chris Grimm. [News & Tribune]

Vote: J-Town Rebranding Down to Three

The next round of voting on Jeffersontown’s new logo is getting under way today and runs through January 3rd. And the selections are down to three.

Here are the options:

“We want people to go to the Web site or stop by the library and give us their input,” said Mayor Clay Foreman.  “It only takes a few seconds to vote.  We have really good choices remaining and we’re excited to see how this turns out.”

J-town’s also looking to rename Bluegrass Industrial Park to one of the following:

  • Bluegrass Commerce Park
  • Bluegrass Commerce Center
  • Bluegrass Business Center

Click here to vote. Previous votes do not roll over.

New Kentucky Oaks & Derby Logos

Last week the new Kentucky Oaks and Kentucky Derby logos were unveiled.

For the second year in a row, the logos were created in partnership with SME Branding. And try as we might, we can’t find a reason not to absolutely love them.

See for yourself:



From the press release:

Horses are featured prominently in both event marks, with a contemporary, athletic horse head topping the Kentucky Derby 136 logo and a curvaceous pink filly attached to the Kentucky Oaks 136 design. Both event logos also feature the Derby and Oaks “icon” marks – golden horseshoes with a red rose for Derby and a pink stargazer lily for Oaks – embedded within the overall artwork. The official Kentucky Derby 136 mark introduces a new color, sapphire blue, to the Derby brand colors of red and gold, while a shade of plum accentuates the more feminine aspects of the Kentucky Oaks’ signature colors of pink and gold.


“The new Kentucky Derby and Oaks 136 logos build upon an overall visual brand strategy introduced in 2009, which folds the ‘icon’ marks representing the Derby and Oaks brands on a year-round basis into a larger event logo design,” said Edward M. O’Hara, SME’s chief creative officer and senior partner. “A horse race is at the heart of the Derby brand, and reintroducing equine images to this year’s logo collection allows us to blend the tradition of premium horse racing with fresh colors and text styles that communicate the Derby and Oaks’ modern-day relevance and constant evolution.”

Shirts, jackets and other items are already for sale at the Derby Store. Glasses and other items are scheduled to be released prior to the holiday season.

Yes, Sex Will Surely Sell Possibility City

OK, so it’s time to share another of those Possiblity City spots, the one you may have missed between the meatball and brownie-server spots during Saturday’s Cats-Cards football game on cable.

This one we like, mainly because it steals its concept directly from those goofy, but professionally-produced erectile dysfunction spots,and features several couples goofing around and getting ready, you assume, to have sex. Which is fun, and that’s what this whole Possibility City craze is all about.

The script includes winning lines like “a more satisfying, recreational, occupational and personal experience.” I’m just waiting for the two bathtubs sitting on a hillside overlooking a lush valley. Nope, but the couple playing under the tire swing is cool enough.

“Happiness lasting longer than four hours is perfectly normal.”  Ha Ha.

We get it.

Getting to 20,000 FOLs

Check out all the local D-Listers in this video from Friends of Lou, including Bill Samuels Jr., Terry Meiners, Angie Fenton, Jim Wood, DeVone Holt, Patti Swope, Darryl Isaacs, J.K. McKnight, Mike Mays, Kevin Harned, Jerry Abramson, John Timmons, three dudes at the Tequila Factory, some DJs, a horse, and very briefly, some blogger.

It’s still not sure why getting 20,000 people signed up a Friends of Lou is such a good thing, but why not see if we can do it and find out? It’s a little better than that lame commercial that’s airing during this weekend’s U of L – UK game.