Frankfort Is Like An Alien Nation Inside Kentucky

Kentucky is one of only two states where individuals may openly carry a gun into the state’s legislative chambers. You read that correctly. We’ve been covering this issue for years. [Page One]

So OF COURSE Steve Beshear is a-okay with folks openly carrying guns inside legislative chambers. And you folks get pissy when I legitimately criticize him. You should be ashamed. [AP]

The Associated Press has finally caught on to the John Deasy job in Los Angeles. The Robert Felner scandal lives. [San Francisco Chronicle]

Do you qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit? Then apply for it. Governor Steve Beshear held a press conference to discuss it yesterday – in a grasp at political points – but it was still a good move. [Press Release]

Greg Stumbo isn’t afraid to tell people to stop smoking in cars with children. But he’s afraid to talk about allowing guns in Frankfort’s legislative chambers. [H-L]

Do you think Bill Samuels (HINT KIRBY ADAMS HINT) will send us about 4,000 bottles of Makers 46 to mark his retirement from Maker’s Mark? [FOX 41]

Dear cops: Threatening handicapped folks in line at McDonald’s with your gun is a great way to make a bad name for the entire police force. Stop it. One idiot shouldn’t get to ruin life for everyone. [WAVE3]

The 2011 Kentucky Derby Festival Royal Court has been announced. Caitlin Carter of Big Spring, Katie Huber of Glasgow, Trisha Maclin of Marion, Laura Don Oliver of Princeton, Lauren Smith of Lexington, Kara Schultz of Louisville. [WHAS11]

Car-Free Happy Hour takes place tomorrow from 5:30 to 8:00 in Germantown. [Consuming Louisville]

Poor Larry Clark: Union Says Bye-Bye Again

Joe Arnold has a story about Larry Clark losing the endorsement of the Teamsters:

Remember when I broke that story in September 2009? And when we discussed the Teamsters actively working against Clark back in February?

I’m glad to see it all brought back to life.

One thing Joe didn’t mention is that Brown-Forman has a team of researchers actively investigating Clark and plans to spend tons of money against him in the general election.

If the bourbon industry was smart, they’d focus on also keeping him out of leadership.

Locals Support Crusade Through Turbulent Times

Corporate America owns your elected officials. 100%. Republicans and Democrats. It’s why we need real campaign finance reform. And it’s why I often push the mundane campaign finance reviews here on the googlebox. [Center For Public Integrity]

Take a trip behind the scenes at the 2010 Crusade for Children. [WHAS11]

Great news! Kirby Adams was named Kentucky Public Relations representative for Maker’s Mark. [Press Release]

Do you like free movies on Monday? You should probably get thee to the South End. [Consuming Louisville]

Rand Paul said his reputation was ruined by lies. Then MSNBC’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann picked up our coverage last night. Woopsiedaisy. [Page One]

Apparently the only thing that ever happens in Louisville? SWAT raids. And then lawsuits over said SWAT raids. [WHAS11]

Maybe our legislative leaders wouldn’t get away with highway robbery (pun intended) if the Courier-Journal editorial board would force its paper to dig deeper on the legislative front and closely scrutinize people like Larry Clark. [C-J]

Do you want to pay massive tolls on existing bridges just to cross the river? No? [Facebook]

Additional budget hearings begin today at Metro Council. 1:00 P.M. to 5:45 P.M. Police, Public Health and Wellness, Family Health Centers, QCCT and the Louisville Water Company. [Press Release]

Dr. Jill Suttles, professor of microbiology and immunology at the University of Louisville School of Medicine has been selected as one of 54 women from around the country to take part in the Hedwig van Ameringen Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine Program for Women. [Press Release]

Monday Morning Dept Of White Goes To Hotlanta

Did you see this mess last week? Louisville legislator, Larry Clark, worked hard to stifle the bourbon industry in Kentucky. All because of personal bitterness. [Page One]

Former mayoral candidate Fairdale Bigfoot enjoys risotto and has some advice on dealing with the boss at a dinner party. [Consuming Louisville]

Who beat somebody up at Barbara Lee’s? Ruining a greasy spoon with violence. [C-J]

The guy, Bryan Stevenson, was just 26 and in town for a softball tournament. [More C-J]

Cincinnati Enquirer has more details. Apparently his friends were in trouble and he went outside to assist, getting pounced by the four guys charged with killing him. [Enquirer]

Jeffersonville’s Carnegie Library is amazing and it needs a new tenant. Someone move there, pronto! [WFPL]

Julian Carroll says you should join a political party if you want to vote in a primary election. Apparently that’s how democracy works? Ha. [FatLip]

Flashback: Did you bike to work on May 21? Have any problems? [Broken Sidewalk]

Robert White’s participating in a town hall meeting in Hotlanta. Who will be Louisville’s new chief of police? [More WFPL]

Friday Morning Dept. Of Ed Hart To The Rescue

Will Ed Hart buy Kentucky Kingdom back? Looks to be in the works. [Business First]

Jerry Abramson has presented his proposed budget for the next fiscal year. How do you feel about it? [WFPL]

Will we get away with not raising taxes in Louisville? Is this sleight of hand? Honestly asking. [WAVE3]

The Iron Quarter made it on Louisville’s Top 10 Most Endangered History Places list. [C-J]

The Herald-Leader is all over proposed federal legislation that could weaken bourbon standards. Where’s the other big newspaper on the matter? I’ve been foaming at the mouth about this for a while and am floored that no one else is aggravated. [H-L]

Of course the data is questionable (likely just from Mint users), but check out the state of the coffee economy. Louisville’s is doing pretty well. [Consuming Louisville]

Now that Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell has essentially passed, will the gays flood the military? I think we’re going to take over, re-arrange everything and turn everyone else gay, for fun. [HuffPo]

Why didn’t the Courier-Journal include the salacious bit from the latest sexual harassment lawsuit that said Gilles Meloche and Jerry Abramson had an almost gay relationship? The LEO included it. The plaintiff, former LMAS veterinarian Kendall Clay, alleges (among other things) that Meloche sent her lewd text messages, lured her to Proof on Main under the auspices of a “work meeting” (which Meloche later referred to as “their date) and used his close-knit, “almost … gay” working relationship with Mayor Jerry Abramson to keep Clay quiet out of fear of being replaced by another veterinarian. Furthermore, it also claims that Zelinsky and Metro government employees did nothing to aid Clay during or after the period of alleged harassment. Awful, I know, as i’ve written about it in the past. But why ignore that juicy bit? [Just Wondering Why That Would Be HIdden]