Strange Beshear Attack On Big Kentucky Product

Why did Steve Beshear assail one of Kentucky’s best corporate citizens’ signature product during yesterday’s Kentucky Farm Bureau forum?

The weird tirade begins at about the 1:20 mark in the below footage:

Really, it’s just weird to attack a company that employs thousands of Kentuckians. Especially a business that not only helps keep Louisville afloat but contributes mountains of campaign cash to people like Beshear. Just flipping strange for a man who claims to care so much about agriculture and Kentucky business to say something so silly.

P.S. for Papaw Beshar: Jack Daniel’s isn’t marketed as bourbon.

Is The Crazy Ass Heat Wave Really Over Now?

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This is kind of a big deal for Ben Sollee. This Tiny Desk concert is awesome. [NPR]

When you examine the financial impact of the water main break, well, your eyes will glaze over. Sad for businesses that have already been hit hard by the economic situation. P.S. Looks like 41 is getting closer and closer to just being WDRB. [FOX41]

Dear Greg Fischer and Chris Poynter: quit it with the damn Facebook and Twitter. You are screwing yourselves. Hard. Being stubborn and self-righteous does not help you like it helps us. No wonder Inc Magazine wouldn’t give Greg an actual award. No wonder he didn’t actually invent an ice machine and was only in the room with a metal plate was fabricated. All ice machine, no ice. Jesus. [WFPL]

Yesterday marked the 70th day of Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Steve Robertson questioning Jack Conway: “As the fall election draws nearer, Jack Conway has got to be getting very hot around the collar,” said Robertson. “We will continue to remind voters everyday that this is a man who puts his own political interests above the interests of his client…the Commonwealth of Kentucky.” [Press Release]

Looks like Governor Steve Beshear decided to show up at that forum after all. Nice photos. [Page One]

Can we please just stop talking about an NBA team coming to Louisville? Why can’t we be happy with what we’ve already got? [Let’s Give It Up]

David Williams is wading deeply into educational matters in Louisville. Unfortunately, it’s bizarre to suggest that the mayor should be appointing the superintendent of Jefferson County Public Schools. Bizarre. [Twitter/CN|2]

Really, calling for the dissolution of the JCPS board? We cannot stop laughing. He has to be super-delusion to think it’s a good idea to let Greg Fischer appoint a superintendent. [H-L]

Okay. THIS is what East Market Street is all about. The Garage Bar. You will love it. [Consuming Louisville]

No matter how many incentives the company is getting, it’s still exciting to watch Michter’s rehab the old Fort Nelson Building downtown. [Broken Sidewalk]

Maker’s Mark On The Teevee Spreading Awesome

24-year-old jockey Michael Baze was found dead in his vehicle at Churchill Downs. [HuffPo]

An environmental group – Appalachian Voices – is suing a coal company in Bardstown over alleged clean water act violations. [H-L]

Metro Council has deemed the Whiskey Row/Iron Quarter ordinance an emergency. [WFPL]

So gas prices are at a billion dollars per gallon. Will you actually walk more and drive less? [WHAS11]

Here’s a non-shocker: a report links fracking to tainted drinking water. [Reuters]

Naturally, gas firms are attempting to dispute the study linking fracking to water contamination. [HuffPo]

As we reported yesterday, the General and Road Funds in Kentucky were both up more than seven percent during the month of April. [Page One]

Maker’s Mark, which makes the most magical stuff on earth – Maker’s 46 – is making its fancy television debut. [C-J/AKN]

Do you live near one of those fancy brothels that were busted recently? [WAVE3]

Carol Haddad says bullying on school buses has gotten worse recently. But has it? Or has the issue just gotten a lot more attention than it has previously? [FOX41]

Okay, we admit it – we’re a bit excited for the St. Matthews Farmers Market to open this weekend. Don’t miss it. [Consuming Louisville]

Here’s how the right-wing looks at the Whiskey Row/Iron Quarter deal. [84WHAS]

Everyone’s Getting Homicidal Over The Damn Rain

Congressman John Yarmuth issued a statement on the death of Osama bin Laden. [Press Release]

After all kinds of time whitewashing what’s going down at Metro Animal Services, Greg Fischer is set to release the long-awaited audit next week. Let’s see how much spin comes with it. [WFPL]

Nosama bin Laden: a life in funny pictures. Because not everything can be so serious. [Wonkette]

A prominent environment-hating Democratic is supporting Republican Todd P’Pool over Jack Conway. [Page One]

It almost helped us forget that locals were so… something… that they believed Osama was gonna get them at the Kentucky Derby. [WAVE3]

Woah, you should read about this drama involving New Albany’s mayor and his wife. It’s highly entertaining. [News & Tribune]

Is your morning in need of something so crazy and tasty you’re gonna gain 15 pounds just by reading about it? Yeah? Well, we read this every few hours and hour heart skips a beat. [Consuming Louisville]

This might be a Derby drink you’d gamble for if it involved better bourbon. (Yes, we’re kidding, hold your horsies.) [FOX41]

If you missed WHAS11’s coverage of this underground stuff yesterday, go read about it ASAP. It’s pretty cool for Louisville. [Business First]

Here’s the WHAS11 video from last evening, as well. [WHAS11]

Which is better? These T3 devices LMPD currently has or bicycles? Seriously asking, not joking around. [84WHAS]

Here’s a pretty fancy guide to horses set to run in the Kentucky Derby from Ray Paulick. Y’all ready to lose all kinds of money? [Paulick Report]

River Fields Meltdown Going On As We Speak

Steve Beshear is so mad at House Democrats he’s calling just about everyone to complain. Maybe he should have done more than hold a conference call on the matter with House leadership? Maybe then they’d be letting him spend the rainy day fund he so badly wants to waste. [Bluegrass Politics]

The Japanese nuclear plants may not get us this week, so, well, looks like Rubbertown will. [WFPL]

If you haven’t been paying attention, Louisville’s elite are melting down over a new organization created to combat River Fields. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Here’s how the mainstream media is looking at the new anti-River Fields initiative. [WAVE3]

Coffee nerd? Want something other than the abundant local chain? Java Brewing Company is open on Bardstown Road. Go get the Mexico roast. Cause Mike Safai is the best roaster in the region. [Consuming Louisville]

For maybe the first time ever, Gatewood Galbraith could determine the outcome of Kentucky’s gubernatorial race. [Page One]

Jefferson County Public Schools has scheduled public meetings on its search for a new superintendent. [WFPL]

Greg Fischer has named a food advisory council. Appear to be a few solid names on the list like Stan Siegwald and Lacy McNary. Would be nice to see more folks who weren’t Fischer supporters and who actually live in areas where quality food access is lacking. [C-J/AKN]

Louisville Distilling Company is launching a new bourbon this week called Angel’s Envy/Expression 10/10. It’s produced by former Woodford master distiller Lincoln Henderson. Will it hold its own against Maker’s 46? (HINT: Bill should send me like two cases of 46 ASAP) [H-L & Expression 10/10]

Anyone who would steal from blind children should be beaten about the face and head. [FOX41]

Improving internet service could be one way to increase numbers of train riders. That’s what the rest of the world is talking about while Kentucky daydreams about something that’ll likely not happen here for decades. [The Economist]

Louisville Gets All Fancy In Esquire Mag Again

A University of Kentucky dance marathon raised $673,977 for a pediatric clinic. [H-L]

The University of Louisville will host a dance marathon benefiting Kosair Children’s Hospital in April. Jake gave $100 and you should consider doing the same. We may not be the same politically but we all have similar, caring hearts in this great city. [Help Make Miracles & Contribute Today By Clicking Here]

The brilliant Silas House penned an op-ed for the New York Times called “My Polluted Kentucky Home” and you should read it. [NY Times]

A Kentucky Newspaper/Courier-Journal laid off eleven more employees. [WFPL]

Rich Democrats and rich Republicans elect politicians who ultimately respond to the policy preferences of the rich. [The Economist]

Oh, this is ripe. You should read this “interview” with a guy who love love loves Jerry Abramson and Greg Fischer. Really. Go read it. [The Lane Report]

Isn’t it great that Chad Carlton has been hired by the Ohio River Bridges Debacle? And you thought Jerry wasn’t deeply involved. [Deep Bridges Thoughts]

It’s no secret that we love Ann Oldfather so it’s likely not surprising that we’re glad she’s been on the fighting lines to help Louisville’s firefighters. [WAVE3]

The Bad Girl of Bourbon! Joy Perrine, an actual goddess, is the magician behind all the bourbon magic at Equus & Jack’s. And she’s profiled in Esquire, making our hearts skip beats. [Esquire via Consuming Louisville]

It’s great to see Ambassador Matthew Barzun reach out and work with youth. A good model for people right here at home to follow. [Arbiter Online]

This Friday and Saturday the National Paddling Film Festival will be held at Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frankfort. The all-volunteer event will benefit river conservation and wounded veterans. So, obviously, you need to go if you’re able. [NPPF]

State House Republicans are attempting to reach out to Kentuckians in tech-savvy ways. House Democrats? Who even knows? [Page One]

They Don’t Want You To Talk About Education

I’m on the National Education Association’s side of this argument, but it’s silly how they’re in complete attack mode when it comes to David Williams. [We Get Comments]

A Kentucky Newspaper already has its cake. It apparently wants to eat it, too. For a long ass time we’ve been told that the local student assignment plan isn’t about race. But the latest editorial cartoon from Marc Murphy says it is. So which is it? [Facebook]

The Jefferson County Teachers Association voting to ask that Sheldon Berman be retained as superintendent of Jefferson County Public Schools should send a message: THIS CITY IS DOOMED. Send your kids to boarding school far, far away. [Hot Effing Mess]

They’re the same folks working like mad to squash any discussion on the educational front. We’re not talking about merely working against legislation they don’t like – but working 24/7 to kill any discussion about the options Kentucky might have. [WHAS11]

Do you like bourbon? Do you like cake? Then you’re probably going to like bourbon cake. It’s a lot like rum cake, but, uh, it’s flipping crazy. YOU NEED THIS. [WAVE3]

Need something to do for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day? The University of Louisville has a ton of events. [UofL]

Michelle Rhee has learned a lot about school reform. She’s launching a national movement to transform education. Obviously, we’ll ignore it in Kentucky. [Newsweek]

Some ladies are suing Insight Communications because they don’t like being forced to use their fancy cable boxes. [WHAS11]

Realy? How on earth is it a “surprise” that Shepherdsville lost up to $2 million and has no idea where it went? How do you lose $2 million? I smell a Crit Luallen audit coming in this crazy scandal. [FOX 41]