Please Stick With Me The Next Few Days

Dear Readers:

Please stick with me the next few days. Posting may be a bit sporadic for the rest of the week.

Children’s Advocacy Day takes place in Frankfort on Thursday. Hope you’ll be there in person or in spirit.

Also have some major personal stuff going on – a few things for which one can never prepare – and have to focus a great deal of attention. So I apologize in advance for any slowness. Be sure to tell your friends and loved ones how much they mean to you today.

Thank you for being a part of my daily life for so many years. I love you all. Even the d-bag politician who trails me with a little camera guy a few times per week lately and the hateful lady who enjoys taping nasty letters to our office windows. Really. Much love.


Demise Of A Non-News Outlet’s “News” Operation

LEO Weekly’s Phillip Bailey has a big feature on the demise of Mojo:

In accepting the new position, Redding left his post as chief blogger at The ‘Ville Voice, a successful local blog that operates in conjunction with the popular Page One Kentucky.

“I’m going to be covering a lot of the same stuff I’ve been covering before,” Redding told LEO at the time. “Basically, (I’ll be covering) what the people who have followed me at The ’Ville Voice have come to expect, know and like. Obviously, I think that they were reading it because of me.”

Although readers appeared to follow Redding to Mojo, advertisers did not. Meanwhile, longtime Mojo advertisers were not happy with the site’s shift to news, believing the social-networking vibe was a better fit.

Just want to say that not only did advertisers not follow, more came to The ‘Ville Voice. And our readership grew quite a bit. So obviously it had nothing to do with who was writing. I’m not saying it’s a result of the departure, but I am saying they weren’t interested in leaving – despite the critics who attacked me non-stop.

And here is where Redding is a bit mistaken:

“The successful models aren’t one-man shows, and no one has put together a bunch of competent writers for an online venture,” says Redding. “And I think if you have a pure news and information website, that would be supported by advertisers. It comes down to whether you have a product advertisers will buy into.”

Unfortunately… for what he suggested, I have built a successful model. Clearly advertisers buy into it. As do investors and others from all walks of political and media life. Things have grown exponentially since September 2009. More than I could ever have expected. While I often don’t toot my own horn, I obviously take this seriously and work all waking hours of every day I possibly can. I believe that hard work pays off.

And Ed Manassah, disconnected from media as he is, is partially right:

“The online (source) does a great job of supplementing and real-time distribution, but to create a simple model that says everything’s online, I don’t think we’re there as a consumer of media,” says Ed Manassah, executive director of the Institute for Media, Culture and Ethics at Bellarmine University. “For instance, Page One does a good job of exploring a lot of things, but I don’t know if that can be your main diet of news and information,” adds Manassah, former publisher of The Courier-Journal. “It’s not broad-based enough to where if you read that you’d be satisfied.”

Page One can’t be everything because I don’t want it to be everything. That’d be silly. It would distract from the little bits of information I am good at getting right.

I haven’t criticized Rick in all these months and won’t do so, despite all the shiz that has gone down. So critics need to get over it– especially reporters who continue to tell me that I’m trashed 24/7. I won’t be trashing him (you know I could). I am fortunate and know that. I am grateful for what I have. Let’s be honest… if I was in the wrong? I wouldn’t have ended up owning the majority (despite previously owning a minority) of a company that continues to see success despite serious economic woes.

All this said? I won’t be going anywhere. Expansion is coming. Operations will be improving. A lot is occurring that I can’t yet discuss. And actually, I’ll be asking for reader input over the coming months to determine exactly what you want out of these sites.

Will LEO Weekly Threaten Us like C-J?

Yesterday the Courier-Journal’s John Mura told us to remove one of thousands of header images we use on Page One, The ‘Ville Voice and other sites because it included the front of a newspaper distribution box on a public sidewalk taken from a public street.

According to Mura, “folks could get confused about whose opinions are being offered.” Which makes tons of sense. Because these websites only offer opinion and never indisputable facts. And because no other photos of newspapers, publications, outlets and such appear on these sites, right? Right.

So, I’ve gotta know… will LEO Weekly demand that images like the one below be removed from our websites?


Because it’s not obvious these sites have nothing to do with LEO, right?

Doesn’t LEO care about anything? Why won’t those folks demand we remove all images, forever?

You better get cracking, Stephen George, because these sites are clearly confusing readers.

Putting a Lid on the Fancy New Arena

You won’t want to miss the story of the Courier-Journal sending a demand that I remove a photograph taken in a public space on a public sidewalk from a public street from my website. I love you, C-J, and all of your free publicity generated when you drum up silly fights like this. I consider this a great endorsement! [Page One]

One of Gannett’s own employees took note at yesterday’s hilarity. [Twatter]

Did you know that God now hates Jim King? Ivory & Runyon say so. Now maybe God will come after me for using a photograph. [C-J]

Jefferson County Public Schools got it summa that stim-uh-liss! [Fat Lip]

The arena is about to get its lid. Check out the photographs. [Broken Sidewalk]

And since you’re all probably just as geeky as me and enjoy this sorta thing: nope, the Ouerbacker House will not be disassembled and moved somewhere else in the country to be rebuilt. [More Broken Sidewalk]

Possibility City: It can’t happen here anymore. The Transit Authority of River City wants to cut bus service next year. Plans would include eliminating routes and other changes to save $2 million. [C-J]

Yes, Mike Slaton really is a formidable challenger to Tom Riner. And it doesn’t help that Riner has done an abysmal job as a legislator in the state house. Check out Slaton’s preview video. [YouTube]

Today at 1:30 Jerry Abramson and Dr. Adewale Troutman will appear with local school officials to announce vaccination plans for school-age children against H1N1. [Media Advisory]

Courier-Journal Hilarity: Funny Demand

Stop the presses (the few that are left working as the newspaper industry – specifically the C-J – dies a hard, cold death in these techie times)!

The Courier-Journal’s John Mura just sent the most hilarious email:

Name: John Mura
Subject: courier-journal front page in your header

Message: Jake, please remove the header photo that has the
Courier-Journal honor box with our front page from your rotation. I
think folks could get confused about whose opinions are being
offered. Thanks, John


You read it correctly. The Courier-Journal is demanding that I stop using an image that features a photograph of the paper. An image (they’ll have to be more specific, as I have over 25,000 header images in circulation on various websites) taken in a public space on public property.

Does this mean they’ll be making the same demands the thousands of other websites that have featured the Courier-Journal’s likeness?

Like I told Mura, “No wonder the Courier-Journal and Gannett are falling apart. You think your readership is too ignorant to, you know, recognize they’re not visiting the Courier-Journal’s atrocious website.”

I couldn’t buy this sort of controversy and free publicity!


Thanks for the validation, Bennie & Keith.


Maybe the Courier-Journal should never again mention my name or websites I own without my permission? I fear readers may get the false impression that the paper’s reporters might have actually spoken with me when they promote me and my websites in their stories.


Actually, no, I won’t be removing the header images unless Gannett and the Courier-Journal sue me – giving me tons of extra publicity.

Why won’t I?

Because my websites feature nearly every news publication, station, outlet and forum in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the Greater Louisville Area.

I will, however, photoshop the offending images to make it clear how terrible I think the the once great Courier-Journal happens to be.


Mura just sent me a screenshot of the offending image:


Unfortunately, I won’t have time for a week or so to spend the hours it will take to locate the image. A photograph taken in a public space on a public sidewalk, no less. But when I locate it, I’ll photoshop it to include some hilarious mockery.

Any Publicity is Good Publicity, Right?

LEO Weekly has published a portion of a private and confidential email that was illegally obtained from my email account (I’m cool with it) at the some time over 1,300 stories were mysteriously deleted and our Twitter accounts and Feedburner accounts were hijacked/passwords changed. An email that contained personal health information, no less, and private business information.

I won’t cause a stink over that, but I’ll go ahead and say this: the douchebag at the Courier-Journal who was/is behind the email (he knows who he is – he’s melted down in the comments of this site) getting sent around town, according to several media types, can suck it long and hard. And the individual(s) who took it upon themselves to originally obtain and illegally distribute my emails? Surely you know what karma is.

Without further ado, here’s a delicious excerpt that is sure to incite a riot of hot comments:

Beware of blog: Louisville’s media odd couple splits, stirring an online controversy

Long before mainstream news organizations mentioned Robert Felner — the former University of Louisville dean now charged with money laundering — Page One Kentucky was doggedly reporting on the scandal. Under the editorial control of Jacob Payne, the online news blog probed university officials for answers and exposed hundreds of pages of documents related to the matter. Also helping shed light on what would eventually spiral into a full-blown federal investigation was Rick Redding, the man formerly behind The ’Ville Voice, the sister website to Page One.

Over the past three years, the two — doing business as Full Signal Media — built a formidable pair of news-commentary websites that uncovered stories in politics, media and business that other organizations, quite frankly, either missed or ignored. Though their blog posts were often dotted with the usual gruff associated with online commentary, they offered ample news in addition to being an entertaining read.

All seemed to be going well, that is until Redding abruptly left his post at The ’Ville Voice on Sept. 25 — apparently without talking to his business partner — to begin writing for Louisville Mojo, a social-networking site. Since Redding’s departure, Payne has tried to dodge anonymous criticisms on his own site and to calm at least one investor amid the brewing controversy.

You’ll want to click here to read the rest of the juicy juicy (!) from Phillip M. Bailey.

For the record, I did respond to requests seeking comment. In an email to Stephen George, Sarah Kelley and Phillip Bailey on October 1, 2009, I said, “I won’t be making a statement about private business matters.” And on September 30th I told Phillip Bailey the same thing via telephone. I did not, however, respond to further requests for comment. Like it or not, I am a professional and operate a business that owns Full Signal Media Group’s network of websites and other interests. It would have been in poor taste, as far as my business is concerned, to offer comment. And I wasn’t about to put peoples’ jobs and income at risk.

Besides, all the rumors drive up our value. Everybody knows that I am an admitted media whore. So that’s no secret.

I appreciate Phillip’s handling of the story and can’t thank LEO Weekly enough for the oodles of free publicity. Much love to our king of alt-weeklies.

P.S. Extra-major thank-yous to LEO for putting “whiny ass titty babies” in print!

Really, Folks, It’s Time to Grow Up

To the moderated individuals who continue to malign my personal character and that of Rick Redding, keep it up. I’ll eat you alive in court.

For the record, it’s no secret that Gill Holland is an investor in Full Signal Media Group. Attempting to attack him is also childish and down right ridiculous.

And if anyone has questions about why Rick no longer writes for The ‘Ville Voice? Email me privately and we’ll talk. I’ll make public comment when I’m good and ready – not before. I will not speak poorly about him.

I will not be bombarded by bullshit artists who feel it appropriate to air dirty laundry and attack people personally. If you have a bone to pick with us, stand up like an adult.  My personal health is my business.  So think twice about that, folks, while attempting to malign me.

This is absurd and it will stop today. Until certain employees of the Courier-Journal can act as adults, until one individual at Louisville Magazine can get their attack rhetoric in check, and until everyone can behave in a rational manner? Commenting on this site will require you to be a registered user. This is temporary. But if you wish to comment here, you’ll take that privilege seriously.

The ‘Ville Voice Isn’t Going Anywhere!

Contrary to rumors and messages spreading about, The ‘Ville Voice isn’t going anywhere.

We’ve got news of exciting new changes which we will share with you in the coming weeks. You’ll like it.

So stick around – we aren’t going anywhere, the content isn’t moving and our website will remain exactly where it is.

Thanks for reading!

Ours, and Everybody Else’s Awards

Yes, we’re really proud to be the choice of LEO readers as the top local news blog, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take a little exception to some of the other choices made by readers, especially in the all-important media category. Because that’s what we do.

You should read through them all, it’s exhausting. And show up Thursday night at the Gillespie (Best Downtown Building Named for a a Former UK Coach) for the big LEO Party, where Nappy Roots is likely to show up and yes, a hair-hanger. It’s free, from 6-10.

WAVE is the TV station choice for #1, which doesn’t reflect ratings, which makes us suspect that somebody at WAVE is manipulating contests. How else to explain WAVE’s dominance in Louisville Magazine’s “Best of Louisville” awards. WLKY gets no mention. Ouch.

Dawne Gee as best local news anchor? Puh-lease. The reason may be related to the graph above. Rachel Platt and Jackie Hays get 2nd and 3rd. If we’re picking sides in an anchor vs. anchor contest, I’ll take John Boel.

Hottest Anchor (male or female)? Seriously. Julie Tam? This calls to question the credibility of all the other choices. I know V.V. readers have expressed admiration for choices 2 and 3 (Jennifer Baileys and Carrie Weil) and Janelle MacDonald deserves mention here. And since I just met her, that Lindsay Allen at Fox 41 is pleasant.

TV Morning Show: Can’t argue with Fox in the Morning, can we?

Meteorologist: Belski, Wills, Cardosi. Evidence that LEO Readers don’t watch much TV, since their #2 is no longer on the air. Tenure seems to be the key to winning.

Best Local Writer: Bob Hill, who’s great, but retired. Stephen and Phillip are good choices. No, the C-J has no more interesting writers, or at least none they allow to write columns. If the C-J were to replace Hill, that person could easily win this category.

Lastly, people seem to think the over- and under-reported story is Rick Pitino/Karen Sypher. Not sure how it could be considered to be under-reported. Maybe it’s the only story some voters could think of.

Up and At ‘Em

Once every two months, we start the week with The ‘Ville Voice Breakfast of Champions. By holding the event at 7 on a Monday morning, we make sure guests really want to be there. Today we’re at the University Club listening to Dr. James Ramsey, the school president, and will let you know how that goes a little later.

Attention Local Advertisers: I’m talking to you — still spending your entire ad budget on print and broadcast media. Check out this NYTimes story on the shift in ad spending to blogs. And how blogs have to produce original content to stand out. You can call us to advertise here, you know. [NYTimes]

Hell, Yea, It’s Litter: Maybe advertisers paying to be in the C-J’s weekly ad supplements, delivered to non-subscribers, will see that their money is being wasted now that a federal judge has trashed its lawsuit against the Metro Council’s anti-littering ordinance. Judge Charles Simpson scoffed at the paper’s free speech argument, saying the ordinance only poses a financial challenge. In other words, it’s not OK to throw unsolicited ads in your yard. Good. [Courier-Journal]

Speaking of Wastes of Newsprint: Employing an unemployed “biz wiz” is just one of five sins that make Velocity a weekly waste of the five minutes you spend on it, according to Zach Everson’s piece. We could probably come up with more reasons. []

Rebel, Rebel: U of L’s football team goes to Lexington Saturday at Noon to take on UK in what used to be a really big football game. We want to test these new Southeastern Conference rules against blogging from the stands. The league says it will try to enforce a new rule that says if you buy a ticket, you can’t publish images, video or descriptions of the game on blogs. So buy us two tickets, and we’ll break the rules, just to see. [New Rules]

Can’t Beat the Bulls: A great year for the Louisville Bats ended Sunday with a 5-3 loss in the deciding game of a five-game series to Durham.  [C-J]

Media Loses Again: Coach Billy Reed found us a bunch of ringers, but we still couldn’t beat the guys the Metro Council recruited in our charity game for The Healing Place Saturday. Kyle Draper kept us in it, and we didn’t lose nearly as badly as we did last year. The Council critters put David Tandy, Kevin Kramer and James Peden out there, who proved they can at least run up and down the floor.

So We Don’t Need that Money Any More? Raise your hand if you think the city-ordered furloughs, which would have saved $2 million a year, were a good idea.  Now Jerry Abramson says we don’t need ’em, so city employees will show up to work the day of the St. James Art Fair and Christmas Eve and Oaks Day and goof off. [Courier]