Hot Mess Called Cordish Is Just Making Excuses

Yes, kids, your tax dollars paid someone to say your tax dollars are hurting your tax dollars. KFC! Yum Center has actually “added competition and hurt” another taxpayer-subsidized entertainment venue in downtown Louisville: 4th Street Live. That’s according to a long-time Louisville real estate appraiser hired by the Cordish Co., the Baltimore-based developers that own and operate 4th Street Live. [WDRB]

Four crosswalks along Fourth Street are going to become works of art. The crosswalks at the intersections of Fourth at Broadway, York, Breckinridge and Kentucky streets will be painted as part of the SoBro ArtWalks Contest, which is seeking crosswalk designs. [C-J/AKN]

A plea deal has been reached for the former Louisville Metro Housing director and her mother. [WHAS11]

In 1964, former Gov. John Y. Brown Jr. and a group of investors paid $2 million to Kentucky Fried Chicken’s Col. Harland Sanders for his legendary chicken business and his secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices. [H-L]

The Kentucky Humane Society (KHS) in Louisville announced Tuesday a $1 million gift from Sam Swope, founder of Sam Swope Auto Group. [WLKY]

The Gannett Company said on Tuesday that it planned to spin off its print operations, including USA Today, becoming the latest media company to break itself up. [NY Times]

As heroin deaths continue to rise throughout the Commonwealth, interest in an overdose antidote known as Naloxone or Narcan is being considered among law enforcement officials. [WAVE3]

Economists have long argued that a rising wealth gap has complicated the U.S. rebound from the Great Recession. [HuffPo]

Just a reminder that Greg Fischer has no idea what Louisvillians want or need. [WFPL]

Kentucky’s statewide rail plan is ready for review at the Transportation Cabinet. [Click the Clicky]

Owners of vacant and blighted properties in Lexington may soon face higher taxes. [Business First]

The Kentuckiana Regional Planning and Development Agency wants to hear from you. [News & Tribune]

Crazed Teatoots Vandalize Smoking Ban Signs

Are you a generous person or someone who loves animals? Help Jackson the Dachshund out ASAP, as he needs surgery! Jessica has been a tireless advocate for years and has definitely given more than she’s received. Let’s all pitch in. [Go Fund Me!]

A longtime educator with Jefferson County Public Schools has been named an assistant superintendent for the district who will oversee academics at 23 schools. [WDRB]

Despite two underperforming events in May and the postponement of the Paul McCartney and Miley Cyrus concerts, KFC Yum! Center officials said they expect to end the year with about $1.4 million in operating profit. [C-J/AKN]

A facility used to host meetings in downtown Louisville was reintroduced to the public Monday. [WHAS11]

The Derby City’s food scene has grown to include much more than juleps and hot Browns. [H-L]

The KFC Yum Center already attracts big crowds for University of Louisville basketball games and big-name concerts. Now the arena is offering entertainment with the summer plaza series. [WLKY]

If you missed it yesterday, the Education Professional Standards Board is making an epic move toward more secrecy and educational corruption. [Page One]

You can’t smoke in public buildings and workplaces in Louisville Metro. Now, Metro government is asking that you not smoke in park playgrounds and swimming pools where children are gathered. [WAVE3]

As a young Senate staffer in the early ’70s, I tended to form my opinions on the members based not on how they voted, but by how they treated us. [John Yarmuth]

Louisville is set to award franchise agreements to three private companies looking to bring ultra high-speed Internet service to the city. [WFPL]

Members of the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee on Monday ripped the Veterans Affairs Department for covering up mistakes as it rushed to reduce its mammoth disability claims backlog. [The Hill]

When Louisville Metro Government wanted to monitor the air quality in locations across Louisville, it needed a product that hadn’t yet been produced by a commercial manufacturer. [Business First]

An officer who has claimed mistreatment failed to appear before the New Albany Police Merit Commission Thursday after requesting to be heard by the body. [News & Tribune]

Everyone Is Afraid To Get Shot On The Snyder

A woman says she saw two men running from the area of the Snyder shooting. [WDRB]

Contributions to the 61st annual WHAS Crusade for Children totaled $5,637,680. [C-J/AKN]

Louisville Metro Police officers are turning to the public to get answers about who may have fired shots into a car on the Gene Snyder Freeway over the weekend. [WHAS11]

The 2018 World Equestrian Games will be held in Canada after all, apparently thanks to a dispute over sponsorship. [H-L]

Another day, another sad shooting in Possibility City. [WLKY]

Climate change is driving up the number of children who are living with asthma, according to a new White House report out Friday. [The Hill]

Jefferson County Attorney Mike O’Connell released a statement and call to action after medical examiners said his son, Matt O’Connell, died of an overdose of cocaine, heroin and alcohol in May. [WAVE3]

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Democratic Jefferson County Judge-Executive Bryan Matthews is taking on a new public service role—Louisville Metro Council aide. Matthews’ dual roles — a county official also working as a Metro officer — raises a host of questions. Of course he works for Dan Johnson. Of course he does. [WFPL]

Detroit’s reliance on casino cash to help fund a recovery from the city’s historic bankruptcy is a high-risk bet on what is an increasingly shaky source of income. [Reuters]

The economic impact analysis of the KFC Yum! Center in downtown Louisville is pretty standard, according to a University of Kentucky economist. But like similar studies, it fails to take some factors into consideration. [Business First]

Neace Lukens account executive Sandy Halstead is Clark County’s new agent of record for health insurance, but the county may now face litigation from its former agent. [News & Tribune]

Some Things You Can Freak Out About Today

Watching Marianne Butler get outsmarted by Republicans (because she thinks she’s the smartest person in the room, much like Jim King) is hilarious. The Metro Council’s minority Republican members are asking Democratic budget chair Marianne Butler to resign her post, claiming she failed to forward a list of budget priorities to Mayor Greg Fischer. [WDRB]

It’s kind of sad that people like this truly believed Greg Fischer was going to be better/different/a breath of fresh air. Labor relations between the city of Louisville and its unions have deteriorated over many years. It was to be hoped that, with Greg Fischer as mayor, there would have been a turn for the better. Sadly, workers in different departments are treated differently. [C-J/AKN]

Having a child with sight issues can leave parents wondering what questions to ask and where to get help. [WHAS11]

Hey, Craig Greenberg, it’s time for you and your mega-wealthy partners to stop begging for taxpayer dollars for your own personal gain. We’ve given you a free pass for a lot of years but that’s worn out. Stop with this Jonathan Miller-style shyster behavior. You’re better than that. And if your project can’t function without taxpayer dollars, it needs to die the same death your failed Museum Plaza project died and you know it. [H-L]

A new book detailing the case of a young Louisville teen who was brutally murdered three years ago is creating controversy before its release. Pro-tip to the Zwickers: no one buys books and this person isn’t going to get rich. You’re hurting but overreacting. [WLKY]

No pets, skateboards, inline skates or most motorized vehicles, aside from wheelchairs or those used by security. Those are the prohibited items for the Jeffersonville ramp to the Big Four Bridge under an ordinance the Jeffersonville City Council approved Monday night. They take effect immediately. [More C-J/AKN]

Jackie Green has been hitting Greg Fischer on a regular basis. Here’s the latest. [Jackie Green]

Metro Council’s president and several Republicans called the creation of new bike lanes near downtown into question on Tuesday. [WAVE3]

Many of you have for some reason been asking for the Seven Counties release about the bankruptcy judge’s decision. So here you go. [External PDF Link]

Starting next year, Louisville will host a professional soccer club in the Major League Soccer-affiliated United Soccer League PRO division. [WFPL]

What? You mean the people responsible for the arena paid for a study that says positive things? Surely not! [Business First]

The ballyhooed opening of the Big Four pedestrian bridge in Jeffersonville has garnered a great amount of attention, but there are other significant projects affecting the Ohio River Greenway on the horizon. [News & Tribune]

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Nawbny Po-leece Maybe Have A Bit Of A Problem

Parents are calling into question the leadership of Male’s new principal, David Mike, whose first year is mired in an ongoing investigation into accusations of improper protocol on state standardized tests. Parents say he’s also unethical and unprofessional with students and staff and are concerned he’s forcing faculty to leave. Note: JCPS officials told us off-the-record after the last suicide that the principal was a hot mess. [WDRB]

Kosair Charities, which has given more than $6 million annually to Kosair Children’s Hospital, is accusing parent company Norton Healthcare of misusing some of that money to enhance its bottom line and “line the pockets” of its executives. [C-J/AKN]

Another fun weekend in Louisville filled with crazy shootings. Not in the West End, either, mouth-breathers. [WHAS11WHAS11]

Is Andy Beshear just like his homophobic daddy? Only time will tell. Beshear applies these assumptions in a new way: because same-sex couples do not contribute to the birth rate, it’s not economically beneficial for Kentucky to recognize their marriages. [Think Progress]

Wait, yet another shooting, this time ending in death. Again, not in the West End. [WLKY]

Long before Kim Baker became the leader of Kentucky’s biggest arts venue, she was an aspiring 16-year-old flutist studying at the Kentucky Governor’s School for the Arts. [H-L]

An attorney for a New Albany police officer claims a civil suit is in the works against NAPD after allegations of corrupt conduct. Laura Landenwich represents Patrol Officer Laura Schook, a 19-year veteran, who informed New Albany’s Police Merit Commission about corruption, discrimination and misuse of taxpayer money during a meeting May 8. [WAVE3]

Guess it’s safe to assume sports are bigger hits than embezzlement or corruption. This speculative story about the University of Louisville and the Yum Center last week was the most read story — ever — on The ‘Ville Voice. Ouch. [The ‘Ville Voice]

This is an interesting story about crashing Kentucky Derby gates. But it stinks of failure of the governor’s security detail and highlights just how easy it is for crazy people to get close to the him/her. [WFPL]

The University of Louisville has made two appointments for interim deans and another interim appointment to replace its departing vice president of student affairs. [Business First]

The attorney for a New Albany Police Department officer who has asked that alleged corruption at the agency be investigated says legal action will be taken against the department. [News & Tribune]

Arena Authority & UofL Legal Problems Coming?

Earlier this week Governor Steve Beshear signed an executive order approving the University of Louisville’s decision to hire a bunch of law firms.


There were eight firms hired:

  • Bingham, Greenebaum and Doll, LLP
  • Dinsmore & Shohl LLP
  • Stoll, Keenon and Ogeden
  • Wyatt, Tarrant & Combs
  • Mr. J. Gregory Clare
  • Strause Law Group PLLC
  • McBrayer< McGinnis, Leslie & Kirkland PLLC
  • Ms. Eileen Minto

They entered a contract worth $600,000 to provide services:

[I]ncluding, but not limited to, matters regarding: employment, contract, gift and estate, real estate, bankruptcy, environmental and other regulator matters, and immigration.

What’s interesting about it all? The contract wasn’t put out for bid, leading many within the legal community and within state government to suggest that there could be semi-emergency status. And it’s for regulations and bankruptcy.

Some believe the reason for the contract is because they believe the IRS and SEC (we can’t confirm this) are in town poking around the Louisville Arena Authority and the University of Louisville Athletic Association. They believe that because neither Frost Brown Todd nor Stites & Harbison were included.

Should the arena or athletics be involved, there’d be potential conflicts of interest for Ed Glasscock and Eric Somer at FBT — Somer designed the arena contract for UofL while he was at Greenebaum but is not a partner at FBT. And Stites & Harbison because of Andy Beshear’s partnership there and his role with the Arena Authority.

This is all speculative but there could be exciting times ahead.

The Old Butchertown-Swift Slap Fight Rages On

With opening night just three days away, the finish line is fast approaching at Churchill Downs. [WDRB]

KFC Yum! Center officials say they don’t intend to pay $7.5 million the Kentucky State Fair Board claims it’s lost since the new arena began siphoning business from Freedom Hall when it started hosting University of Louisville basketball and other events. [C-J/AKN]

Federal agents and local police are investigating after search warrants were issued for the Physicians Primary Care offices in Indiana and Kentucky. [WHAS11]

The Kentucky Horse Park Commission has hired as its interim executive director Ted Nicholson, who filed a whistle-blower lawsuit after being fired without explanation in 2012 from his job as general manager of the KFC Yum Center in Louisville. [H-L]

Two school employees in Oldham County resigned after officials said they left a child on a bus alone for hours. [WLKY]

We’ve been hearing from both Democrats and Republicans all over the state that Katie Stine sabotaged the bipartisan heroin legislation she helped create with fellow legislators. [Page One]

The doctor fired after an inmate’s death at Kentucky State Penitentiary will keep his private practice but may hire a lawyer as the state’s investigation continues, his wife said Tuesday. [WAVE3]

In May 2013, it was big news when, for the first time, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere hit 400 parts per million. Now, researchers say that number has been consistently above 400 for the last month. [HuffPo]

There are still a few days left for the public to submit comments on the proposed new Robley Rex VA Medical Center facility. [Business First]

In 1953, Memorial Hospital of Floyd County opened its doors at 1850 State St. in New Albany. At the time, it was state-of-the-art and was larger and more advanced than the facility it replaced, St. Edward’s Hospital. [News & Tribune]

The Butchertown Neighborhood Association and Andy Cornelius, its president, have appealed a Louisville Metro Board of Zoning Adjustment decision allowing an expansion at the JBS/Swift pork plant on Story Avenue in Butchertown. [More C-J/AKN]