Now The Ohio River Bridges Will Just Be Ugly?

Several groups who want to make it more difficult to buy guns took their case to one of the country’s most powerful senators. [WDRB]

With school finances getting tighter all across Kentucky, disputes have erupted between county and independent school districts in several locations recently over agreements that allow students to attend schools across district lines. [H-L]

Did you know that lazy assholes abuse handicapped parking spaces? It’s apparently breaking news on the teevee. [WHAS11]

Louisville Metro Councilwoman Attica Scott, D-1, and community activist Christopher 2x announced a march to commemorate the triple homicide in the Parkland neighborhood last year. But one of the family members of a victim says it’s a misplaced attempt by the city lawmaker and activist to grab headlines. [WFPL]

Attorneys are making final preparations in a high-profile, love triangle murder trial. [WLKY]

The state capitol isn’t exactly a ghost town during Derby Week, but it’s close. The rich and powerful, the office holders and politicians who run Kentucky are all in Louisville, doing backside interviews and attending Derby parties. This might be the most damning, honest thing you’ll read all week about Kentucky. [Ronnie Ellis]

One person has been killed after being struck by a train. MetroSafe said the accident was reported along railroad tracks in the area of Six Mile Lane and Breckenridge Lane at 6:45 p.m. [WAVE3]

Jeffersonville, Ind., leaders say Kentucky is getting a lopsided share of the design features associated with a new Ohio River bridge, and they’ve taken their case to state officials in Indianapolis. [C-J/AKN]

Though impressed with the company’s fundamentals and overall business outlook, Hilliard Lyons has lowered its guidance on Churchill Downs Inc. to neutral from long-term buy. [Business First]

Sooo, Anne Northup has a fancy new job. Using her time at Consumer Product Safety Commission to, you know, make money. [Press Release]

Awwwww, Bobbie Coleslaw has decided not to run for mayor. We will likely never get our hands on her biscuit recipe. [WFPL]

Louisville and the Commonwealth really dodged a bullet when the Koch Family lost out on Kentucky Kingdom. In the Southwestern Indiana hamlet of Santa Claus nearly 70 years ago, an Evansville industrialist had an inspiration. With little there for children but a post office that handled Santa letters, why not offer something more. Much more. [News & Tribune]

Most-Hated Former Congresscritter’s Having Fun

Atherton has to be the most important part of Louisville, right? Must be. Because the paper has mentioned Greg Fischer’s meeting there at least 100 times. [C-J/AKN]

Wondering what Anne Northup is up to these days? She’s involved in the partisan gridlock threatening the Consumer Product Safety Commission, that’s what. [WaPo]

Okay, kids, should we be holding our breath that Greg Fischer will actually selected a chief for the LMPD that officers respect and the city will appreciate? [WFPL]

Lexington Mayor Jim Gray has postponed plans to alter that city’s police take-home car program. They could learn a lot from Louisville. [H-L]

Today at 10:00 A.M. Congressman John Yarmuth will take part in the House Oversight and Government Reform Subcommittee on National Security, Homeland Defense and Foreign Operations hearing to discuss current foreign policy with Iran. [Press Release]

Really, this is the same protest that’s been going on since 2002 or 2003. Same people, even. Just a deeper cause. [C-J/AKN]

The University of Louisville received a $1.1 million grant from the Department of Education to help JCPS students via the Talent Search program. We apologize for the Robert Felner-related PTSD moment we just caused. [FOX41]

IMPORTANT: Third Annual Highlands Beer Festival. The only thing more important would be a Highlands Bourbon Festival. Get on this thing. [Consuming Lousiville]

Animal abuse is alleged at an area shelter that is not Louisville Metro Animal Services for a change. [WAVE3]

The Humana Foundation is pledging $600,000 in grants to help two Metro United Way charities reach their funding goals. The rest of our wealthy companies in town need to follow suit. [Business First]

Is your car more than ten-years-old? Then no title is required and no mandatory waiting period exists for it to be stolen and sold to a scrap yard with ease. No questions asked. [WHAS11]

Your local big town newspaper essentially ignores the mega scandals going down with a hospital in Owensboro. You should probably pay attention because it mirrors much of what is occurring with the University of Louisville’s planned merger. [Page One]

Anne Northup Is Once Again Attention-Starved

How on earth does Jefferson County Public Schools have $302,000 to spend on a curriculum audit? [C-J/AKN]

If you aren’t following me on Twitter, you aren’t getting the full story. I do things like leak candidate ads (last night was Todd P’Pool’s and then the mainstream jumped on it) and share tidbits I don’t have time to write about. [Get On It]

LG&E wants to convert its coal-fired plant on Cane Run to natural gas. Is this a good thing, folks? [FOX41]

What sense does it make to move mail processing from Lexington all the way to Louisville and Knoxville? [H-L]

And what sense does it make to close one of Louisville’s facilities if the city is expecting even more mail volume from the rest of the state? [Business First]

Maybe rider numbers for a river shuttle service wouldn’t be low if there was adequate public transportation in the metro area. Most people don’t want to walk 45 miles to and from the boat. [WAVE3]

This is apparently a thing that is happening tomorrow on the waterfront. [Consuming Louisville]

Oh, look, it’s Anne Northup putting down the sauce long enough to complain about John Yarmuth again. If she really gave two flips about the bridges situation, wouldn’t her ass still be working on it? This city voted her out for a reason – it wanted her gone. She needs to get the hint. (It’s true, though, that John is placating his rich friends more than he should.) [WHAS11]

Remember the monster water main break? It cost $1.1 million to repair. [WLKY]

Have you seen the stinky hypocrisy rolling out of the Democrats in Kentucky lately? We’re still waiting on their jobs plan and goals for Kentucky’s economy. It’s too bad they’ll never offer them, ever. [Page One]

Landmark status was denied for the South End’s Kenwood Drive-In. [WFPL]

Churchill Downs says it won’t be renewing its contract with the Jockeys’ Guild. [Paulick Report]

Jim King’s Newest Ad Takes on Greg Fischer

Jim King’s latest ad hits Greg Fischer pretty hard: Contributions to Anne Northup and other Republicans, embellishing his record by claiming to have won an award he didn’t win, moving jobs to Indiana and staying there because it was “easier” – see for yourself:


The ad is set to hit Louisville airwaves late tomorrow.