Andrew Horne’s Wife Running For School Board

The wife of a former congressional and senate candidate (Andrew Horne), Stephanie Horne, is running to replace Debbie Wesslund on the school board.

Horne, according to a press release, has the backing of Wesslund.

From the release:

Louisville businesswoman and attorney Stephanie Horne announced today that she is running for the School Board seat being vacated by Debbie Wesslund, who is retiring at the end of her term this year.

“Support for public education has helped define Louisville as a great city. Let’s make it even greater,” said Horne.

Horne and her husband, attorney Andrew Horne, are the parents of two JCPS students, who attended Bowen Elementary, Kammerer Middle School, and Ballard High School. Their oldest son is now in college.

Horne is a practicing real estate attorney who co-owns Agency Title, Inc, which employs 13 people. She is currently the PTSA President at Ballard and she has been deeply involved in the public schools for years, including stints as a Workfest volunteer at Bowen, SBDM Board member at Kammerer, and a member of the Calendar Committee for the JCPS School Board.


“I am passionate about our public schools,” Horne said. “We must ensure that every child has the opportunity to reach his or her full potential,” said Horne.

Since I worked with the Hornes, I’ve got next to nothing positive to say about Stephanie. But here’s this: her website wasn’t live when the release went out. Her Twitter account, which was also promoted in the release, also didn’t exist. Hardly a good sign.

Why she’d want to run for school board? No idea.

The education of this community’s children is not a popularity contest. But people like Horne think that’s what it’s all about. They truly believe that being social butterflies and listing their friends in a press release makes them qualified to lead more than 100,000 students.

From her release:

Horne’s campaign enjoys broad support from civic and business leaders, including:

Steve Trager
Dr. Mark Lynn
Joanne Owen
Holly Houston
Dr. Raymonda Stevens
Bob Marrett
Sam Corbett
Debbie Wesslund
John Heyburn
Khalid Kahloon
Dr. Gigi Girard
Sherman Buschemeyer
Beth Sturgeon Northup
Tawanda Bernie
Courtney Howell Kidd
Emily Digenis
Elizabeth Bartholomew
Bob Thieneman
Anne Elizabeth Delahanty
Carlyn Altman
Margaret and Jeff Jamner
John Miranda
Jay Gulick
Teresa Morgan
Perry Lyons
Sarah Gray
Caroline Diener
Cheryl and Terry Furlong
Andrea Farris, CPA

She’ll probably win.


It’s Almost Over But Today Could Be Insane

Anyone else notice that Greg Fischer has altered his response ad and is running it like crazy? Changed from “the A Kentucky Newspaper shoes Fischer refused to make any deals at all” to “the A Kentucky Newspaper says Fischer behaved appropriately”? Since the paper ran its ad watch bit that said Greg did make a deal, guess he had to change his commercial. And how far behind must a guy be internally to still be running a response ad this late in the game? Shouldn’t he be spending every cent on asking for votes? Ruh ro. [Deep Teevee Thoughts]

And what about that job creation ad of his with the cement truck? It rolls behind him from American Ready Mix – a non-union business. Shouldn’t that be a big concern for the guy who claims to be 100% pro-union? Woopsiedaisy. (Yes, we know he’s not 100% pro-union. But that’s been his talking point.) [More Deep Teevee Thoughts]

Rand Paul is up 55-40 on Jack Conway in the final U.S. Senate poll. [PPP]

The vice president of Ford Motor Company addressed the future of the Louisville Assembly Plant. [WAVE3]

Did you visit Waverly Hills for Halloweener? They should hire Peeping Todd Lally and Marilyn Parker to scare the bejeebers out of people. [FOX41]

Bill Clinton’s coming to Louisville today to campaign for Jack Conway. At least, that’s what Jack wants to believe. The reality is: Jerry Lundergan had Clinton come in to help Ben Chandler and John Yarmuth. Because there’s no way on earth for Jack Conway to even begin closing a gap. None. That race is finished. [WHAS11]

Remember two-time unsuccessful candidate Andrew Horne? He’s now playing pat-a-cake and running ridiculous robocalls against Rand Paul. Seriously. It’s so bad that WE – gigantic libruls – have to defend Rand Paul. [Page One]

Yeah, campaign ads are full of mud and money secrecy. But they’re also full of lies about the very candidates they’re created to support. At least, that’s the way the game is played in Louisville’s mayoral race. [H-L]

Local Political Rumor Round-Up Time

Okay, the three big political rumors floating around these days:

  • Andrew Horne could run for County Attorney
  • Circuit Judge Steve Ryan may challenge Dave Stengel for Commonwealth’s Attorney
  • Circuit Clerk David Nicholson is rumored to be hopping in the mayoral race. Sources close to Greg Fischer tell us they started leaning on Nicholson to run sometime last month when Greg Fischer didn’t gain the sort of traction for which they were hoping.

Your Friday Morning Dept of Feigning Work

State legislators are none too happy to finally have proof that Steve Beshear was lying about gambling votes. [Page One]

Have you seen House Bill 253? It will make your eyes roll back in your head and your fingernails pop off in rage. [More Page One]

The University of Louisville hired a new Vice President of Human Resources, Sam Connally. Maybe this person will clean up all the messes Shirley Dubya and Poppy Ramsey have created? [Press Release]

I hear a fancy rumor that Andrew Horne could be contemplating a run for County Attorney in 2010. This could be a race he has a chance to win if there are more than two candidates in the mix. [Rumor Mill]

Miss Jerry Abramson’s final State of the City address? Listen to it here. [WFPL]

Hal Heiner finally picks one (kinda) thing he loves about Louisville: our city’s parks. [Consuming Louisville]

Fairdale Bigfoot is still running for mayor and he’s got a mathematical new advice column this week. [More Consuming Louisville]

Monday’s the MLK holiday. So let’s take a moment to find an event near us. [C-J]

Wendell Ford Dinner Drama, Photos, Gossip

Louisville-Jefferson County Democratic Party’s annual Wendell Ford Dinner was a hoot this past Friday. We took advantage of the semi-palatable Tanqueray and mingled all night like a good little blogger is supposed to do. Also snapped a few photos (horrible lighting at the Executive West– they don’t have gays there, so sorry for the red eye… even our fancy camera and photoshop couldn’t fix it) and will pepper them throughout this post. Rather than make this boring and drawn out I’ll break things down into little blurbs. My adult ADD or whatever needs lots of paragraph breaks anyway.

Folks at our table included: John Y. Brown III, Bruce Lunsford, Andrew Horne, Stephanie Horne, Pat & Alan Roles, Mike & Kelly Bailey, Tori Strange. How much fun is that? Half the room was ready to swallow their tongue when they learned of the scandalous seating arrangement. Dirty Blogger, JYBIII, Bruce, Andrew. All at the same table. Whaaaat. Yeah, how bout them apples? Greg Fischer walked by dozens of times to stare.

The rest of the debauchery and dozens of photos by CLICKING HERE