WHAS11 Hypes Clinton Fundraiser With Nonsense

Where do we begin?

Just take a look:


WHAS11 is claiming that ticket prices for Alison Grimes’ fundraiser featuring Bill Clinton are “soaring.”

And Doug Proffitt goes on to portray the $5,200 top ticket price as out of the ordinary. It’s not – it’s the maximum amount you can contribute in a U.S. Senate race. And soaring? From what? That implies this is an everyday event.

We’re clearly not fans of any current senate candidate but how is that a story? Has every local station gone to WAVE3-style pot?

Get Ready For Barry Bernson’s New Book & DVD

We’re not fans of giving people free advertising – especially when those people are Carol Butler, who had that fancy do-nothing-for-$80,000-per-year “job” with Jerry Abramson. So you know this is a big deal.

We’re fans of Barry Bernson and think getting hyped up over his upcoming book is a good thing:

The DVD alone (you know you almost peed during those clips) will be worth the purchase price.

Bernson’s a Louisville legend and looking back at his 700 years in local television is going to be fun.

The MSD Crooks Are Getting A Gigantic Free Pass

We’re still wondering why these MSD folks aren’t getting indicted like the people at the Blue Grass Airport. They pulled the same stunts, used money for personal gain, spent half a million bucks on random charitable contributions, $42,000 on office plants. It’s a farce that Greg Fischer is keeping Bud Schardein and allowing him to pocket a sweet $200,000 bonus instead of firing his ass. [C-J/AKN]

WFPK’s Kyle Meredith is apparently a big deal. You should probably check this out. [The Top 22]

And while we’re on a music kick, Louisville’s very own Nerves Junior is getting on all kinds of top ten lists. As in, topping top ten lists. [Pretty Much Amazing]

Here’s a shocker: according to the Jefferson County Public Schools audit, nepotism is pervasive in the hiring process. That’s the Louisville way. [FOX41]

People ought to be glad John Boel is back on television. He’s proof that you can do the right thing and get your life back on track. [WFPL]

Yep, that’s right, more budget cuts are on the way in Frankfort. Meaning even fewer of Louisville’s tax dollars will come back to Jefferson County. [H-L]

There are way too many questions surrounding Greg Fischer’s involvement at MSD and the mainstream wants to ignore every last bit of it. At least, they want to make it seem like Greg has come to save the day. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Greg Fischer says Occupy Louisville is a bunch of campers and should only be allowed a presence during daylight hours. What the hell does he have to say about homeless people who have no choice but to stay outside after dark? And the hilarious excuses about why protesters need to leave the tiny park no one uses? HAHAHA. No wonder he was too cowardly to show up at WFPL yesterday. [C-J/AKN]

One of the suspects in the Henry County animal mess apparently committed suicide and was found dead outside his home. [WAVE3]

What will Greg Fischer and Metro Government do with the $1.9 million in federal funds designated to help the homeless? [Business First]

Maybe Greg Fischer and crew can buy a bunch of one-way bus tickets for Occupy folks and the homeless to clear the streets. [HuffPo]

Steel plates are arriving to make sure the Sherman Minton gets repaired. How excited are you not to spend 45,000 hours getting to work each day? [WHAS11]

Some Fancy Rumors (Good Ones) About WAVE3

We hear through the gayvine that WAVE3, after wallowing in fourth place in the ratings, may be trying to bring some old favorites back into play.

They’ve resurrected John Belski’s blog, which says to us they’re trying to bring back a familiar face.

And we hear Jackie Hays has been spotted at the station this week, causing rumors of management trying to bring her back to spread like wildfire.

Something tells us no one in Louisville could or would complain about either, as they’re both beloved.

Guess Who Was Spotted Dining With Lamb

That’d be Bill Lamb of FOX 41/WDRB fame.

He was allegedly spotted having lunch yesterday with John Boel.

Could Boel be heading to 41 once he has his affairs in order? Maybe once a non-compete expires?

Personal problems aside, no one can deny Boel is a great local anchor.

Though, maybe they’re just friends.

We wish him well.

Kentucky Derby Festival Chatter Just Won’t Quit

I’m not going to shut up about this. There’s no reason for wasteful legislation to stop meth production. Limiting access to legitimate consumers is ridiculous. Send a letter to your legislator today. [SEND A LETTER!]

Are you attending the University of Louisville? Then you should submit your line art for this terrific UofL Coloring Book. It’s a contest. You could win stuff. [UofL]

Don’t forget. The 7th Annual Children’s Advocacy Day is next week. [KYA]

Is Louisville the next Austin? HELLLLS NO. It’s on a whole other level. Those of us who live here know that and love it. (No, we’re not trying to be Austin, that’d be silly) [Livability]

According to the latest poll from the Williams-Farmer campaign, 62% of Republican primary voters approve of the Republican agenda in Kentucky. [Poll – External PDF]

Was Greg Fischer’s dad an investor in the group that originally sold the Iron Quarter buildings to Mr. Blue? Because all kinds of people want to know. That’s the hot gossip all over town this week. [Metro Gubmint Rumors]

Hopefully you’re supporting the Young Survivors Benefit on February 25. There’s a silent auction. It’s $10 per person. [Consuming Louisville]

It’s nice to see someone pay a legal price for intentionally neglecting animals. This Louisville woman was arrested after she starved dogs and allowed them to freeze to death. [FOX 41]

Jackie Hays was inducted into the Kentucky Journalism Hall of Fame. Hayes, a longtime Louisville fixture, definitely deserves it. Tom Loftus and Bill Bartleman were also inducted. [WAVE3]

Churchill Downs is still saying it had nothing to do with the Kentucky Derby Festival dropping “Kentucky” from its name. Despite, of course, Kentucky Derby Festival (we will not drop “Kentucky” – that’s absurd) folks quietly saying otherwise. [WHAS11]

An E-town man is getting a year off – paid – to volunteer for a non-profit. How terrific would it be if more mega corps had similar programs? [H-L]

Remembering The Big Stories From The Past Year

2010’s been a crazy year here at The ‘Ville Voice & Page One. Thought it’d be a good idea to take a look back at the most-read stories of from the past 12 months.

  • Dear John Boel: Please Let Us Get You Help & John Boel Is Finally Out At WLKY [November 8 & November 10]
  • John Belski Out At WAVE3, Too [August 18]
  • Real Story Behind The Mint Jubilee Mess [February 17]
  • Bobby Jack Gone from WAMZ Radio [October 2]
  • UofL: Land Of The Appearance Of Impropriety [October 25]
  • My Beloved Francene Cucinello [January 15]
  • Local TeeVee News People Rumor Fun [March 19]
  • The Entire Metro Government Audit Is Here [March 24]
  • Garson & Ivory Sink To Nasty New Low [October 28]
  • Dan Spangler Sues Station for Discrimination [January 21]

An honorable mention for what sparked a year of begging from local shoppers: ear X-tacy Faces Closure, Owner Speaks Out [February 9]

Thank you for sticking with us for so long – particularly to those who disagree with us most but still continue to read and contribute. I (Jake) don’t get too personal here on a regular basis, but… much love to you.

Hope you and yours have a happy new year!

Dawne Gee Is LEO’s Louisvillian Of The Year

Man, it’s tough to disagree with this one!


She most certainly is a terrific pick.

Here’s only one of the reasons why:

“Can we get a picture with you?” they ask.

“Sure, guys, but my hair is in curls, so you can’t show this to anyone,” she replies. “And you have to promise me you’ll watch at least one of my newscasts tonight so you can see how my hair looks when it’s done.”

Because she is hilarious and awesome.