Where’s The Reward $ For West End Murders?

The family of a Louisville man gathered today in his memory, three years after his murder. [WDRB]

Joe Gerth is right that Mary Woolridge is a leftover turkey. Refusing to vote to remove a corrupt hack because of their race is about as low as low can go. [C-J/AKN]

The Jefferson County Coroner has identified a woman who was found in an alley Saturday morning with multiple gunshot wounds. When will Louisville businesses step up and offer a reward for information about her killer? [WHAS11]

Kentucky recorded 19 fewer drug-overdose deaths in 2012 than the year before. [H-L]

A Bullitt County woman charged in the death of a newborn baby found in a Louisville department store trash can told police she had wanted to keep the little girl. [WLKY]

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The reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the murder of a Kroger employee increased to $25,000 on Friday. [WAVE3]

These days, only one-third of Americans say most people can be trusted. Half felt that way in 1972, when the General Social Survey first asked the question. [HuffPo]

He served several of the people who came through the door personally, not just because he was the pastor, but because he identified with some of them on a deep level. [News & Tribune]

Construction of the new I-65 bridge has forced the University of Louisville to reconsider its master plan for the downtown Nucleus Innovation Park. Officials are now determining where buildings should be constructed with respect to the bridge’s placement. [WFPL]

A partnership managed by Louisville home builder Elite Homes Inc. has closed on the purchase of the former site of Kitty’s Plants and Produce LLC at 8708 Brownsboro Road. [Business First]

In a generation, Kentucky will be a very different state because the federal health-reform law and expansion of Medicaid has made health insurance available to all residents of the state, Gov. Steve Beshear told Los Angeles Times political reporter Mark Z. Barabak for a story the paper published on Thanksgiving Day. And he acknowledged that his Medicaid decision was easier because he can’t seek re-election. [Al Cross]

The support for giving local cities and counties the option to impose a sales tax is long and lofty — Gov. Steve Beshear, Louisville and Lexington mayors Greg Fisher and Jim Gray and various state legislators, not to mention Kentucky’s Chamber of Commerce, League of Cities and the Association of Counties. [C-J/AKN]

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Have You Been To The Kentucky State Fair Lately?

The City of Hillview was hit Tuesday with an $11.4 million judgment in in Bullitt County Circuit Court over a long-running property dispute with a truck-driving school. [C-J/AKN]

All eyes were on the skies as people watched in awe of two performers on 90-foot sway poles. It was just one of the many attractions at the Kentucky State Fair. [WDRB]

This is a rather scathing editorial about Mitch McConnell’s tendency to hype when it comes to terrorists and scaring meemaws. [H-L]

Police say a man put a pregnant cashier in a headlock and threatened her life. [WAVE3]

Here’s even more on the Barbara Shanklin and the Ethics Commission vote this week. [WFPL]

Louisville Metro Police are looking for a man they said is responsible for a business robbery. [WLKY]

Louisville’s Hillerich & Bradsby Co. Inc. is part of a $14.5 million settlement of a lawsuit involving the use of metal bats. [Business First]

Owsley Brown Frazier gave a rare interview about his life to WHAS11. You should check it out. [WHAS11]

Even in the face of repeated debunkings by journalists, Romney’s presidential campaign has continued to produce new ads falsely claiming that President Barack Obama ended the requirement that people on welfare, formally known as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, engage in work. [HuffPo]

Barbara Shanklin doesn’t get her way, after all. The ethics complaint against Louisville Metro Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin is moving forward. [C-J/AKN]

Kentucky won’t be seeing many of these presidential ads because it’s essentially no man’s land on the campaign front. [Page One]

Really Compassionate With All Those Murders

New information made public by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency this week suggests that the Louisville area could violate the agency’s new standard for fine particles and soot when it is put in place later this year. [C-J/AKN]

Did you hear? Another person was shot dead in Louisville because it’s such a compassionate city. [FOX41]

Americans heard something on the U.S. Senate floor last Wednesday that they haven’t heard for nearly three years: a coal-state senator and longtime supporter of the coal industry speak eloquent truth to power. [Tom Eblen]

Read this story about some awful human being in New Albany and see how long it takes your blood to boil. [WAVE3]

Most Americans oppose President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform even though they strongly support most of its provisions, a Reuters/Ipsos poll showed on Sunday, with the Supreme Court set to rule within days on whether the law should stand. [Reuters]

344 people got laid off from a credit card processing company in Louisville and next to no one in the press sees that as significant. [WHAS11]

The latest corruption and wasted money shenanigans from Barbara Shanklin will make your skin crawl in rage. And you wonder why Louisville can’t have nice things. [C-J/AKN]

Yet another great story for your Monday morning coffee. Remember that guy who beat his wife to death with a rock last year? He hanged himself. [WLKY]

Officials hope to bring entrepreneurs to downtown Jeffersonville by showing off some of the area’s available properties. [Business First]

So far this year, there have been ten days when air quality is forecasted to be bad in the Louisville area, and as the summer wears on there will be many more. [WFPL]

You know how you tell yourself everything in Southern Indiana smells like poop so you don’t have to go over there? It apparently does and Clarksville has finally decided to do something about it. [News & Tribune]

What this story about Yum! Brands maybe stealing music from The Black Keys for a Pizza Hut commercial doesn’t tell you? They often use a local ad guy who is supposed to handle that sort of thing. Here’s betting he doesn’t get much work from them in the future. [More WHAS11]

Holiday World Advertising Is So Perfectly Timed

Could this Kentucky Kingdom-Holiday World thing have had better timing?

It all coincided with the warm season… and a monster uptick in Holiday World advertising on every television station in the region. Seems like every five seconds there’s a Holiday World spot.

Months of free press for something positive (the opening of Kentucky Kingdom… but without, you know, rides). Then they pull out and play the victim (which they only partially are, thanks to the incompetence and corruption in Frankfort).

Timed so perfectly one would think it was almost purposefully planned this way.