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Let’s Talk About LMAS Again For Just A Moment

October 24th, 2014 by jake · 11 Comments

Two words: CALM DOWN.

This isn’t about sex, sexy photographs or even Jessica Jo Montgomery’s lack of qualifications to run a large animal shelter with a pretty big staff.

The sex-themed photographs are part of it, sure. Because they prove Sadiqa Reynolds and Greg Fischer care so little about their jobs that they couldn’t take any time for due diligence. The photos also suggest Montgomery is ill-prepared to be in such a highly public government position. Though, no, they’re not a decade old. Montgomery was tweeting about them just a year or so ago, as we’ve already reported. Many of them were taken just a couple years ago when she was in Washington, which is beyond obvious to anyone with a few functioning brain cells. (Pro-tip to WDRB: You shouldn’t tell people you’re just reporting what the Mayor’s Office tells you — you should do some actual reporting of your own. Also maybe avoid claiming my work as your own. That’s just lazy.)

Reality here is that no decent background check was done on Montgomery. Sadiqa Reynolds couldn’t be bothered to do a simple Google search. She didn’t know the girl was an aspiring model of… dominatrix gear, sexy sports equipment and military garb. That’s why she didn’t tell Fischer — she literally had no idea. She saw “military” on her application and that was all she needed. That trumped the experience and qualifications of countless others.

Folks can scream that we’re slut-shaming the girl all they want. Fischer’s staffers can attack me (Jake) personally in an attempt to disqualify the messenger. Neither of those things will change the reality and sad severity of this situation.

Sure, Montgomery may be decent at her new job. This isn’t entirely about that, either. Because any number of people already working for LMAS would be decent in her position. Some argue that most of the front line staffers there would be better. Have to say I’m in complete agreement. Having dealt with most of them, there’s clearly a strong pool of talented people who care about Metro Animal Services. It’s just the leadership shit show that consistently ruins everything.

This is — for the millionth time — about a lack of responsibility, a lack of leadership and a lack of any sort of honesty from the Fischer Administration. Everyone sees it and knows it. From the Brown Family to the meemaw on the street. Otherwise mainstream media wouldn’t be taking every thing we publish and running with it.

And what about Moore, Montgomery’s new number two? Why the hell did Sadiqa Reynolds and Greg Fischer allow someone with two animal service firings and an animal service arrest to be hired as a Metro Officer? What on earth?!

Really. This isn’t about sex. It’s not about gender. It’s not about these newly-hired out-of-towners. It’s about those with responsibility for these hirings doing absolutely no due diligence.

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Transportation Cabinet’s Weekly Video Update

October 24th, 2014 by admin · No Comments

This week the KYTC introduces Shelley Singleton, the most recent recipient of the Governor’s Ambassador Award

Maybe she could be the new Transportation Lady.

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Corrupt Politicians Occasionally Held Accountable

October 24th, 2014 by admin · 3 Comments

Ignore for a moment the reality that WDRB seems to have a serious problem with giving proper credit. Even their competitor stations properly source where they’re stealing stories. Let’s focus on Greg Fischer claiming those photographs were taken a decade ago. Yet another lie from Greg Fischer. [WDRB]

A Jefferson County teacher has been named Kentucky’s “Teacher of the Year.” [More WDRB]

Seems like only yesterday Michael Macfarlane’s campaign manager was telling us that John Yarmuth was toast. Interesting how that worked out. [C-J/AKN]

Glad to have a teevee station give credit where it’s due. Despite them trying to make the story about us, of course (calling/texting/trying to get us to do interviews). [WHAS11]

Alison Daddy’s Name Grimes is accusing Mitch McConnell of trying to take the right to vote away from black people. While at the same time treating the first black president as the devil. [H-L]

WARNING! RIDICULOUS AUTOPLAY VIDEO! Greg Fischer lied about the current Animal Services mess not having an impact on staff changes. Donald Robinson was forced to resign and there’s a damn criminal investigation going on. Absurd. [WLKY]

America has been doing income taxes wrong for more than 50 years. [HuffPo]

Two candidates vying for an open seat on Louisville’s Metro Council vowed to run a positive campaign in a district focused on traffic and taxes. [WAVE3]

Sure, Grimes’ refusal to say that she voted for the president, and her hollow explanation about upholding the Principles of Privacy at the Ballot Box, isn’t as important in the scheme of things as Mitch McConnell’s inability to articulate anything resembling a coherent Obamacare position. But it was pathetic. And also damaging to her reelection prospects in a way that few mentioned at the time: It’s a kick in the teeth to black voters, some of whom will be wondering, Why exactly should we support her candidacy, aside from the fact that she’s not Mitch McConnell? [Salon]

A pattern of urban neglect—vacant houses, a lack of access to to services—has the potential to spoil Louisville’s Smoketown neighborhood, according to a report released Tuesday. [WFPL]

That’s right — W. Keith Hall got indicted by a federal grand jury this week! [Page One]

The latest project from Hillbilly Tea owner Karter Louis will open Sunday, Oct. 26, in the Highlands. [Business First]

Floyd County is considering a move that could save up to $100,000 annually from the general fund. [News & Tribune]

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Greg Fischer, In His Own Buzzwords Of Wisdom

October 23rd, 2014 by jake · 5 Comments

From WFPL comes this gem of a quote:

“The worst thing you can do is make a hire that you regret later,” Fischer said.

Then all of this happened:

  • Greg Fischer Screws LMAS More With New Hire [September 4]
  • Fischer’s New LMAS People Are Out-Of-Towners [October 22]
  • New LMAS Lady Is Some Kinda Porno Queen [October 22]
  • No One Wants Greg Fischer’s Job This Morning [October 23]


Couldn’t make it up if we tried.

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No One Wants Greg Fischer’s Job This Morning

October 23rd, 2014 by jake · 14 Comments

Following yesterday’s news that Greg Fischer had appointed three new out-of-state folks to run Louisville Metro Animal Services, we kept you in-the-loop. We even reminded you that he hired this lady who was repeatedly fired and arrested at her last shelter job.

But last night we revealed that the woman Greg Fischer and his top dog, Sadiqa Reynolds, picked to serve as director of LMAS — Jessica Jo Montgomery — has a softcore porn/sexualized photo/whatever very recent past:


Another embarrassing mess for the mayor and his embattled, never-improving Animal Services agency for sure.

Fischer’s team spent half the night burning phones up and emailing like crazy. He’s already facing public scrutiny and can’t seem to delete social media reactions quickly enough:


It’s truly a sad mess for this city.

But some reminders:

Jackie Gulbe was fired for less.

Wayne Zelinsky was fired for less.

Countless other individuals in leadership roles within the Fischer Administration have been fired for less.

But Greg Fischer will likely sit on his hands with this one because he’s directly responsible. His right hand, Sadiqa Reynolds, picked this bunch of people. All the others were Jerry Abramson holdovers.

Despite this woman having no experience at all running an animal shelter like this (taking care of 40 military dogs is not an animal shelter that kills thousands upon thousands of cats and dogs each year) and her now embroiled in a sexy photo mess, he’ll probably keep her on and introduce another double standard. In fact, he and his team will try to turn this around by attacking the messenger.

Possibility City.

UPDATE Nope, those photos aren’t old. Extremely recent. Posted within the past two years. Tons of other sites, as well.

She’s gone to quite a few lengths to promote herself:



She knew she was taking this job and didn’t attempt to exhibit any level of professional modesty. The people selecting her for this job did absolutely no vetting. Sadiqa just pulled a random name out of a hat and moved along.

Lest anyone think Sadiqa wasn’t 100% responsible for this hire? Here she is in her own words:

Sadiqa Reynolds is absolutely responsible and she says she led the search.

This wasn’t the new director having fun with friends and posting random photos on Instagram. This was part of her professional life. She was posing semi-nude in a sexualized manner in an attempt to get jobs. So it’s hardly her private life and people wringing their hands need to calm the heck down.

She’s now a government official. This is hardly bashing her. She promoted this work professionally. Herself. This was not some random incident.

Ignoring all of this for a moment… examine her experience and you’ll quickly find that she has no experience running a shelter, a government agency or euthanizing thousands of animals per year. None. But several other past applicants have had the experience and continue to prove their credibility elsewhere.

And the other woman, the assistant director, with her firings and arrest related to her work at other shelters?

Ignore the pretty pictures. That’s all kind of a nightmare in the making.

Another update:

Why mention ethics?

From the Standards of Ethical Conduct training manual new hires receive, under Principles of Behavior:

Employees shall conduct themselves, on and off the job, in a manner that would not cause discredit to Louisville Metro Government.

That’s why.


While Greg Fischer & Crew attempt to spin this while attacking the messenger, get a load of what they’re doing:


They’re so troubled by this that they’ve blocked the ability for Metro Government employees to access what they’re attempting to claim are simple modeling photographs.


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Probably Time To Start Ignoring Josh Young?

October 23rd, 2014 by admin · No Comments

Maybe this kid will get his ducks in a row if media stop giving him attention? Less than a week after being cited for shoplifting, police have arrested 18-year-old Josh Young on another charge. [WDRB]

Really? Just breaking even? The festival honoring the 100th anniversary of the Belle of Louisville was a success by nearly every measure and has a good chance of breaking even, waterfront officials said Monday. [C-J/AKN]

An investigation is underway after a threat was made against Miller Hall on the University of Louisville campus. [WHAS11]

Keeneland is scrapping plans for its on-site expanding gambling venture and instead will team with The Red Mile to open an instant racing parlor near downtown Lexington. [H-L]

WARNING! RIDICULOUS AUTOPLAY VIDEO! Another day, another fun shooting death. [WLKY]

All of these maps about drug use make Kentucky look pretty terrible. [HuffPo]

A new lottery game is expected to generate more millionaires than any other game in history. [WAVE3]

While law-abiding citizens want to support law enforcement in the dangerous role they play in protecting us, no one, including the police, are above criticism. More than five weeks have passed since a man, who lived in Lexington but grew up in Richmond, died after an officer-involved shooting just off the Eastern Bypass near a busy shopping district and the Eastern Kentucky University Campus. [Richmond Register]

Jefferson County Board of Education candidates discussed topics ranging from low-performing schools to charter schools in a forum Tuesday. [WFPL]

What CAN’T Greg Fischer screw up? Hired a lady as an Animal Services official who was both fired and arrested at her last animal shelter job. [The 'Ville Voice]

A Louisville-based startup has a new product on a couple of stores’ shelves now, but it’s working on bringing a new dehydration treatment to the masses. [Business First]

All the budgets passed unanimously for the New Albany-Floyd County Consolidated School Corp., but more money is still headed its way, officials said at Monday’s meeting of the board of trustees. [News & Tribune]

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New LMAS Lady Is Some Kinda Porno Queen

October 22nd, 2014 by jake · 17 Comments

Really, Greg? You don’t check out anyone you hire?

First you hire a woman who has been fired and arrested?

And then you hire a this porno lady to run your Animal Services agency?!







Those are just the tame ones.

If Wayne Zelinsky (here, here & here) can’t operate an escort service, this porno lady can’t run LMAS.


What a disgrace.

UPDATE: For you handful of folks complaining about sexism: Get a damn grip. If this were Chris Poynter, he’d be fired in an instant. And homophobia? Really? I’m gayer than the day is long.

Back to the point: This agency needs competent, experienced, scandal-free leadership. And it’s now got this mess and the lady who was fired and arrested at one of her previous shelters.

This woman was photographed semi-nude in sexualized settings and knowingly allows these photos to be spread. Her ethics training alone would make it clear that this is highly inappropriate for a member of leadership in Metro Government. This wouldn’t matter if she were some private sector CEO but she’s an actual government official working for Greg Fischer. Greg Fischer — the man who has already set the standard for this type of behavior.

Again, if Chris Poynter were photographed showing off his package for money, he’d be fired in an instant. Period.

It’s been one messy hire after another. One scandal after another. Never-ending.

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Fischer’s New LMAS People Are Out-Of-Towners

October 22nd, 2014 by jake · 13 Comments

Greg Fischer finally announced his new Metro Animal Services team. They’re all from out-of-town.

Director: Jessica Montgomery – spent time with Army Veterinary Command


This is her experience.

Animal Care: Stephanie Moore — we told you about her nearly two months ago. She was both FIRED and ARRESTED as a result of working at an animal shelter.


Enforcement: Daisy Blakeman


Any predictions on how big of a disaster LMAS remains? History is the best predictor of what’s to come and history is not on Greg Fischer’s side, sadly. But retaliation, fabricated “live release” numbers and complete bullshit are on his side. So… Possibility City!

No, there’s no sense in withholding judgment. Every other hire he’s made has been a disaster for LMAS.

UPDATE — Here’s a copy of Fischer’s release.

Warning: you may throw up a little in your mouth.

Mayor Greg Fischer today named a new three-person leadership team for Louisville Metro Animal Services (LMAS), including a director who has spent much of her career in veterinary medicine for the United States Army Veterinary Command, caring for wounded military working dogs.

Jessica Jo Montgomery has 15 years of animal welfare and leadership experience and begins her new role as LMAS director this week, Fischer said at a news conference announcing her hiring.

Montgomery spent ten years with the US Army Veterinary Command, including service in Iraq where she managed a team of veterinary soldiers dispersed in base camps throughout the country. She cared for over 40 wounded military working dogs including combat stress dogs and thousands of personal pets for military families.

She was a champion of responsible pet ownership and animal welfare during her service in Guam, the United Kingdom and the states.

Montgomery advocated for opportunities for veterinary soldiers to take the Veterinary Technician National Examination.

She is a decorated veteran with numerous achievement medals and ribbons including 2 Army Commendation Medals, 3 Army Achievement Medals and 3 Good Conduct Medals.

Montgomery continues to serve as a non-commissioned officer in veterinary support with the Army Reserves Civil Affairs Division.

“Jessica is the right leader to further strengthen our national animal welfare partnerships, increase our live release rate and encourage responsible pet ownership in our community,” Fischer said. “She brings a depth of experience and compassion for animals.”

The Mayor today also introduced two other members of the LMAS team. Stephanie Moore is serving as Assistant Director of Operations and Daisey Blakeman is Executive Administrator, overseeing animal control and enforcement, respectfully.

“This new team will build upon the remarkable progress that has occurred the last four years at LMAS, where a dedicated team of employees has increased the live release rate from 38 percent to 74 percent in four years,” Fischer said.

Montgomery began her career in 2000 with the St. Francis de Assisi Veterinary Clinic in San Antonio. From 2003-2013, she served a variety of roles in the Army, including Hospital Administrator and Lead Veterinary Technician on a military base in Balad, Iraq.

She earned a bachelor’s degree in veterinary technology from St. Petersburg College in Florida and is pursuing a master’s degree from Texas A&M in business administration.

“The hard-working team at LMAS has made so many improvements and I look forward to taking those achievements to an even higher level,” Montgomery said.

Assistant Director Moore has more than 10 years of experience in animal care and most recently served as Executive Director of the Medina County, Ohio chapter of the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. She was also a program coordinator for Humane Society of the United States and Executive Director of Jefferson (Ohio) Humane Society, an open admission shelter serving approximately 8,000 animals per year. As a team member with the ASPCA, Moore was involved in the 2nd largest dog fighting case in United States history involving approximately 400 pit bulls and the largest cockfighting case with over 4,000 birds affected.

Executive Administrator Blakeman most recently served as a supervisor at Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control. Blakeman brings a great deal of dispatch management, emergency response management and animal ordinance enforcement experience to LMAS. As Disaster Response Team Leader, she had oversight of the Palm Beach County pet friendly shelter which houses 600 animals and 300 people during hurricanes or other disasters.

Fischer noted that in 2010, just before he became Mayor, Animal Services was a department in crisis, with a vacuum in leadership and a live animal release rate of 38 percent. In less than four years, the agency has been transformed with a live release rate of 74 percent while creating strategic partnerships with local and national animal agencies, including the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) and Best Friends Animal Society.

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John Yarmuth Got In On The Ebola Fun On TV

October 22nd, 2014 by admin · No Comments

Not even John Yarmuth could avoid getting in on the teevee Ebola fun:

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Is Soccer Really Going To Be A Thing Now?

October 22nd, 2014 by admin · 1 Comment

Louisville City FC is now offering a special incentive to be a part of the club from the beginning. [WDRB]

In just over the two-year minimum it takes to age straight bourbon, the number of Kentucky distilleries has tripled, according to a economic impact survey released Tuesday. [C-J/AKN]

Another day, another fun murder in Possibility City. [WHAS11]

Louisville police say a man claimed to be Jesus Christ and attacked a woman he called the devil. [H-L]

WARNING! RIDICULOUS AUTOPLAY VIDEO! Louisville International Airport has unveiled its latest construction project, which airport officials hope will bring added jobs and more money into the local economy. [WLKY]

As the saying goes, it’s all in the name. Obamacare is no exception. [HuffPo]

Basically, you should never let your kids go anywhere or do anything. A high school soccer coach with Hardin County Schools has been suspended for the rest of the 2014 season because of “unacceptable behavior,” according to a statement from the district. [WAVE3]

If you’re a 12th-grader right now in the Los Angeles schools, that means you probably started kindergarten back in 2001. It also means that, as of this week, you’ve seen four superintendents come and go. [NPR]

More problems surface for Nathan Smith and the Democratic good old boy network. Sixteen current and former residents of mobile home parks owned by SSK Communities in Kentucky have filed a class-action lawsuit accusing SSK of a self-enrichment scheme of evicting residents, seizing their trailers and renting them to new tenants. [WFPL]

From every angle, campaigns for Democratic and Republican candidates are targeting voters concerned about energy and climate change. [NY Times]

Military veterans often face challenges when leaving the military and transitioning back into civilian life. Finding jobs and accessing housing and health care are areas that frequently are difficult for veterans. [Business First]

Candidates for Clark County recorder — Republican Zach Payne and Democrat Lincoln Crum — are seeking the recorder’s office for the first time. The recorder is responsible for handling public records and documents in the county, particularly records relating to real estate. [News & Tribune]

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