Consider Helping Me Make A Difference

Outside of the mainstream, who has gone to bat over the last decade for people unable to find justice?

Who started the original University of Louisville scandal reporting and helped send Robert Felner to prison? Hint: That person put so much pressure on media outlets to cover education-related corruption that statewide newspapers started moving their star political reporters to ed spots – like Ryan Alessi at the Herald-Leader.

Got Steve Henry convicted?

Broke dozens of Louisville Metro Animal Services scandals resulting in numerous firings and lawsuits?

Reported on animal abuse and torture so thoroughly that REPUBLICANS were forced to take action in Louisville to create whistleblower protection laws?

Was the original Kentucky Retirement Systems scandal(s) screamer ten years ago?

Spent nearly five years reporting on one of the most massive education-related scandals in Kentucky (Joshua Powell – Montgomery County Schools), resulting in myriad lawsuits, millions in payouts, more than fifty firings and state and federal government investigations and sanctions?

Ousted Commissioner of Education Terry Holliday?

Covered so many Jefferson County Public Schools nightmares that everyone has lost count?

Held Jack Conway accountable during the 2010 U.S. Senate race despite non-stop Democratic Party backlash?

Broke countless stories about Rand Paul that garnered national and international coverage?

Broke story after story about Republican and Democratic candidates and elected officials with no consideration of their partisanship or whether they were friends/acquaintances?

Shook the Legislative Research Commission and Democratic and Republican leadership to their knees by publishing scandalous deposition testimony? (Legislators went to court to try to silence the reporting and failed. Miserably.)

And produced hundreds of other major stories?

Spoiler alert: it was me.

Did it all while asking for nothing in return. For a decade. 8-10 stories per day. Every day. More than 23,000 of them on Page One and The ‘Ville Voice. Love me or hate me, it was me. I’ve never started what I couldn’t finish and I’ve always gotten justice for people in need. I’ve pissed off and upset everyone from Matt Bevin to to my own mother (rest in peace) for shining sunlight on what needed to be exposed.

My body of work speaks for itself. That’s not just an opinion – you’re free to dig in to see for yourself.

While I no can longer physically produce hundreds of stories per month, I’m still working on long-term projects and digging in deep. My research is sometimes shared with other media outlets and has contributed to several major stories so far in 2017. When I discover something that I cannot ethically reveal myself, it gets tossed to countless reporters around the state.

Whether I’m focusing on Matt Bevin, uncovering shenanigans within a government agency or reporting on school district activity in order to stop corruption and abuses of power, I give it my all and provide the voiceless with an opportunity to be heard by the powerful. I get results. I’d like to continue those efforts here. Long-term, deep research efforts. It’s important in the an age of mainstream media abandoning efforts like this. It’s crucial when there are maybe two reporters at television stations in Kentucky with anything resembling historical knowledge of the Commonwealth or a working relationship with the key players in Frankfort.

Please consider supporting me in those efforts:

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Your support doesn’t go to me. But it does go to help cover hosting costs, the thousands upon thousands per year in open record requests and government document pulls and to help sources in poorer Kentucky counties communicate safely and securely with people like me.

Thank you!