The Worst Thing On Earth, Probably

From A Kentucky Newspaper:

Dr. George Nichols, a season-ticket holder who was formerly Kentucky’s chief medical examiner, said: “There was many inappropriate things that (former President James) Ramsey did. But to punish the basketball program proactively was a wise decision.

“It is better to spank yourself before somebody else does, but it won’t hurt as much.”

He said the allegations don’t answer the questions of where McGee got the money to entertain recruits and prospects, and university officials deflected questions from reporters about that. But given the benefits totaled only an averaged about $1,350 a year, McGee could have afforded that from his own salary, which exceeded $100,000 annually by the time he left Louisville.

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1 thought on “The Worst Thing On Earth, Probably

  1. ^^^^If I had a john next to my office, that’s what I would be doing………See Below e-mail from pinto@noreply

    “……Dear Colleagues:

    Later this morning the University of Louisville will publicly release the Notice of Allegations (NOA) received from the NCAA. The NCAA report aligns with the results of our inquiry: improper activities took place in Minardi Hall.

    I am grateful to the NCAA for their efforts in this case. It is important for the truth to be known and for us to deal responsibly with the results. This disturbing behavior is certainly not reflective of our core values as an institution. Respect and dignity for all individuals who set foot on our campus is at the center of who we are.

    Here is what the NCAA specifically states:

    · The NOA alleges that inappropriate behavior, arranged by Andre McGee from December 2010 through July 2014, took place in Billy Minardi Hall or local hotels involving at least 17 then men’s basketball prospects and/or current student athletes.
    · The NOA alleges that Andre McGee violated the principles of ethical conduct during that time period as well as failed to cooperate with the NCAA investigation.
    · The NOA alleges that Brandon Williams, a former men’s basketball program assistant, refused to cooperate with the NCAA investigation.
    · The NOA alleges that Coach Pitino failed to ‘monitor’ Andre McGee, an allegation we will dispute.

    It is important to note what is not being alleged. The NOA does not allege an institutional failure to monitor nor a lack of institutional control. The NOA also does not contain an allegation that Coach Pitino had knowledge of what took place and does not allege that Coach Pitino failed to promote an atmosphere of compliance.

    The allegations underscore why it was appropriate for the university to self-impose punitive and corrective actions earlier this year. The penalties we imposed were among the most severe ever self-imposed by an NCAA member.

    You should also know that in addition to the penalties we imposed on our basketball program, Athletic Director Tom Jurich, working with Coach Pitino, has taken a series of corrective measures in the areas of security and compliance. I have confidence in their ability to provide leadership in creating a culture that precludes this from happening again.

    I am committed to dealing with this openly and honestly. Later today, a news conference will be held to release the full NCAA report publicly and to answer any questions.

    The entire episode is a deep disappointment to all of us who love this university, and it has been a sad and unsettling chapter in UofL’s storied basketball program. Everybody who works here understands that this can never happen again. Athletic Director Jurich, Coach Pitino and I will continue to work cooperatively with the NCAA for the final resolution of this matter.

    Neville Pinto………”

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