Everyone’s In A Big Jim Ramsey Froth

University of Louisville interim President Neville Pinto expressed “deep concern” just one hour before a board committee of the U of L Foundation had been scheduled to meet Monday and award a rumored payout to Foundation President James Ramsey. [WDRB]

The plaintiffs who have blocked a Wal-Mart superstore in western Louisville for more than a year agreed to end their litigation two months ago, but the deal deteriorated amid a fight between attorneys over the negotiating process. [C-J/AKN]

Really, it was tons and tons of hype for nothing. A special meeting of the Executive Committee of the University of Louisville Board of Trustees was cancelled just an hour and a half before it was scheduled. [WHAS11]

UK is the worst these days. After weeks of national publicity, the University of Kentucky proceeded this week with a lawsuit against its independent student newspaper, the Kentucky Kernel. [H-L]

WARNING! RIDICULOUS AUTOPLAY VIDEO! This made for a fun Labor Day. Police are investigating after a teen was shot on Beuchel Bank Road. [WLKY]

When Congress gets back from recess, one of the first items on Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton’s (D-DC) agenda will be salary histories. [ThinkProgress]

Can you believe there was this much hype? The executive committee of the University of Louisville Foundation canceled a special meeting that was set to take place on Labor Day. [WAVE3]

President Barack Obama snorkeled on Thursday in the electric-blue water off Midway Atoll, a remote coral reef that serves as a reminder of both modern global climate challenges and the United State’s dominance in the Pacific since its World War Two victory there. [Reuters]

In a single night in Louisville, more than 20 people arrived in emergency rooms for suspected heroin overdoses. One of them died. [WFPL]

Despite yet more evidence of trouble with the Red Cross’ disaster response — this time to floods in Louisiana — Apple, Amazon, T-Mobile, and many others have made the venerable charity the exclusive conduit for helping victims. [ProPublica]

The list of new hotels in downtown Louisville continues to grow. [Business First]

Health officials in Indiana are moving forward with actions needed to implement the needle exchange that was approved Monday, and in the works for nearly a year. [News & Tribune]

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2 thoughts on “Everyone’s In A Big Jim Ramsey Froth

  1. “Foundation Question Is Fundamental”

    Is the UofL Foundation the personal property of Hughes and Ramsey? They seem to want to treat it that way!

  2. Pinto can begin his “Responsible Use of Resources” by making the necessary adjustment in faculty salaries.
    Dear Bob……………..
    I am writing to express deep concern about today’s hastily called meeting of the University of Louisville Foundation Executive Committee. I learned of this meeting late yesterday, and of the agenda this morning. I have not been provided any information on the personnel matters to be discussed, and at the time of writing have not received a copy of the RFP mentioned in the agenda. This hastily called meeting on a holiday weekend feeds the broadly held perception of a lack of transparency, and runs counter to the work we are doing to restore public confidence in the Foundation as well as the University of Louisville.
    I was very troubled by the letter from the James R. Brown Foundation, one of our most generous and loyal supporters. I fully endorse their recommendation for an independent and thorough forensic audit of the UofL Foundation by a national firm. Just this afternoon we received a similar letter from another very important donor group, the C. E. and S. Foundation. This letter states the intention to withhold donations to UofL, the UofL Foundation and other University entities until the forensic audit is complete.
    The escalating gravity of the matter, with its potential for devastating impact on the university’s mission, dictates that the full board of the Foundation deliberate on the appropriate actions that must be taken to address these concerns, not just the Executive Committee. It is also very important to consult with the state auditor’s office as we move forward with this important work. With my obligation to act in the best interests of the University of Louisville, I intend to ask Foundation board members to join me in seeking a third-party forensic audit to restore the public’s faith in the Foundation.
    While no particulars have been provided on the personnel matters to be discussed, I have read in news reports of a possible discussion on Dr. Jim Ramsey’s employment contract with the Foundation. Dr. Ramsey’s Employment Agreement with the Foundation is clear. His employment by the Foundation, his salary and bonuses, and any and all other rights and benefits under his Foundation contract are to terminate upon his resignation as President of the University. Dr. Ramsey resigned as President of the University on July 28, 2016. It is the Foundation’s responsibility to provide Dr. Ramsey with formal notice that his Employment Agreement with the Foundation has ended, effective immediately.
    As the Acting President of the University, I am required to ensure the responsible use of resources entrusted to us, which include the resources of the University of Louisville Foundation. While I respect the good work that Dr. Ramsey accomplished during his tenure as President, he is not entitled to a settlement payment from the Foundation. To provide him with a settlement payment is not in keeping with the terms of his contract or our obligation to use the assets of the Foundation for the exclusive benefit of the University’s mission.
    With the ongoing cuts in state funding, the UofL Foundation has never been more vital to the University of Louisville. Our donors, alumni, students, faculty and staff – along with the taxpayers of Kentucky – have a right to know how every dollar of Foundation funds is being spent. I look forward to working with you and other members of the Foundation Board to ensure that we meet these expectations.

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