Another One Bites It: Another LMAS Director Has Been “Resigned”

Louisville Metro Animal Services director Jessica Jo Montgomery has been fired. Err… “resigned.”


What was that, again, about me being wrong? Remember when I was accused of slut-shaming her for pointing out that her only real professional experience was working as a sexy model? After years and years of sexual harassment lawsuits and scandals at that agency? Yeah. A real train wreck.

This one drove her city vehicle after drinking and the mayor’s office had to quietly take that away. And remember the euthanasia issue?

Most recently, she’s alleged to have stolen/taken home without paying for it/whatever you want to call it a dog house meant for auction to raise funds for LMAS.

When I filed an open records request to get details and started asking questions, everyone’s you-know-what froze up. Then whattya know? She’s “resigned” within a matter of days. The excuse story is that Montgomery is moving to Florida but you know that’s not what really went down.

The hot gossip is Doug Hamilton, Chief of Public Services, went to her, said it would be in her best interest to resign or face being fired. She apparently chose to resign. Several people had been complaining to Greg Fischer for quite some time, which comes as a surprise to no one reading this. Some of those complaints came from two (former) LMAS staffers, who left the agency in protest… even though their names are still on the LMAS website. This latest incident must have been the last straw.

Stephanie Moore, formerly assistant director, is not replacing her as director, as some have suggested in the rumor mill.

How many is this now? How many LMAS directors have been ousted because of our coverage? Seven? Eight?

You’d think that your city’s electeds would wake up to reality at some point.

I’ll update if Chris Poynter from the mayor’s office provides a comment.

UPDATE – Seems they’ve finally put out a release:

Jessica Montgomery resigns to pursue endeavor in Florida

Mayor Greg Fischer today announced the appointment of law enforcement veteran Ozzy Gibson as the new director of Louisville Metro Animal Services.

He replaces Jessica Montgomery, who had led the agency since 2014. Montgomery resigned this week to pursue another opportunity in Florida.


“We wish her the best in her next endeavor,” Mayor Fischer said.

Gibson said: “I’m excited to return to Louisville Metro Government in this role. Metro Animal Services plays a big role in the health and wellbeing of our city, and I’m very much looking forward to working with this dedicated staff to make sure we’re giving the best service to both citizens and animals.”

Gibson assumes the leadership of Animal Services on Friday.

Pursuing other opportunities in Florida. Ha. Thank goodness most people have sense enough to realize what really went down.

ANOTHER UPDATE – Poynter dug up the old February memo regarding euthanasia. Handy for the Fischer crew to ignore all of her other issues. Drinking & driving in her city vehicle, alleged theft, all the other complaints. Possibility City loves a good semi-whitewash. Ignore most of the problem, shop a story around for favorable treatment, quickly move on to something else.

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