Just Bulldoze The Damn Racist Statue

The city’s parks department has pledged to change how it collects money at Iroquois Amphitheater after an audit found cash management practices there were “inadequate.” [WDRB]

Richard Braudus stood outside Muhammad Ali’s boyhood home in the Parkland neighborhood holding a portrait of the boxing legend and talking about their friendship as dozens gathered to take photographs and mourn the former heavyweight champion’s death. [C-J/AKN]

WARNING! RIDICULOUS AUTOPLAY VIDEO! It was another successful year for the WHAS Crusade for Children. The annual campaign raised more than $5.4 million this year. [WHAS11]

The University of Kentucky has spent more than $5 million in the last year to fix federal billing issues involving a Hazard cardiology practice it acquired three years ago, but UK officials have declined to provide documents detailing problems that led to the payments. [H-L]

WARNING! RIDICULOUS AUTOPLAY VIDEO! Metro police are investigating after shots were fired near Algonquin Park, sending people running in fear. [WLKY]

Muhammad Ali was a man made of love, kindness and faith. In a 1974 interview with journalist David Frost, Ali said these were three of several qualities that he hoped people would always remember about him, long after the day he died. [HuffPo]

PEE ALERT! Thomas McAdam, notorious for saying some of the most heinous, racist shit you can imagine, is dropping a racist as a client? Please. [WAVE3]

This should make the Beshear Family happy. New payday loan sharking rules won’t stop predatory lenders. [The Intercept]

Maybe it was the way his life transected areas that define America – race and religion; war and sports – or perhaps it was his own love for words. Whatever the reason, Muhammad Ali’s life and career inspired writing that was nearly as captivating as the man himself. [WFPL]

Muhammad Ali crafted the plan for his final tribute years ago, long before he died. On Friday, his family will honor him just like he planned, with a global celebration in his hometown. [Richmond Register]

Louisville vegans, rejoice: The partners behind NOLAfare are opening their first restaurant. [Business First]

Individual health insurance costs are expected to climb across Indiana in 2017 as insurers continue to grapple with rising health care expenses and a market that was only recently overhauled by the federal Affordable Care Act. [News & Tribune]

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4 thoughts on “Just Bulldoze The Damn Racist Statue

  1. Regarding the statue at the University of Louisville.

    This is not the only statue in Louisville that could be deemed offensive. Moving it to cavehill, or a national cemetery would be far more appropriate than “bull dozing” it. In the end, it is still a memorial to war dead, and a reminder of the history of our nation that so many wish to wash away.

    But where does it stop? After all, as a Roman Catholic of Irish decent I am offended daily by the statue of George Prentice at the LFPL. This man was rabidly anti-catholic and anti-immigrant, whose writings and promptings helped lead to assaults on many people of Irish and German decent. He was also arguably a confederate simpathizer.

    So why have a statue that celebrates him as well….

    Just thoughts over a cup of coffee…


  2. You can’t find a single individual trying to wash anything away. Other than some butthurt old white men trying to whitewash this country’s violent, racist, corrupt history.

    “But it’s history!” Yes, it’s history. A literal monument to racism and enslavement. It should be history, not memorialized in the form of a statute that countless people have to walk by every single day of their lives. No one but the most ignorant trash of humanity are in favor of that mess.

    Bulldoze the thing. Move it to a cemetery so it can be vandalized. Tear it down like statues of Saddam. Let people urinate on it. Whatever. The point is to remove it.

    Comparing your chosen religious beliefs (that’s an actual choice you make) to racism is quite a stretch. Pro-tip: Those people who were enslaved in the south? They didn’t choose to be black.

    You also don’t face people like Everett Corley on a daily basis who spew racial horse shit because you’re a white guy. You don’t experience that and never will.

    Removing a symbol of hatred is not ignoring history or whitewashing history. It’s removing a symbol of hatred.

    Wanna remember history? Study history. Encourage others to study history. Make sure politicians know our past. Make sure others understand it.

    If people can’t handle it? They need to get on some benzos and drink. Because FFS, give it up.

  3. Jake, you wanna apply a litmus test to the suitability or full resonance of local & national monuments and places that bear names to honor those in our past? MANY won’t pass muster. But they still REMIND us to look to our history whether good, bad, or both.

    Re: the Louisville Confederate Monument – very near Mayor Stansbury Park; want to research his tenure? – leave it where it is so that I can FIND MY WAY from Downtown to Eastern Parkway.

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