Racist Republicans Are Really Butthurt

University of Louisville President James Ramsey received total compensation of $2.8 million from the school’s nonprofit foundation in 2014, while the university’s former provost Shirley Willihnganz received $1.1 million and Ramsey’s chief of staff, Kathleen Smith, received $859,181. [WDRB]

The second-graders in Sarah Bowling’s class at Dunn Elementary were on a mathematical scavenger hunt. Students cradling clipboards moved around the room matching groupings of things and learning the concept that three groups of five things total the same as five groups of three things. [C-J/AKN]

WARNING! RIDICULOUS AUTOPLAY VIDEO! There is no fallout, just a bunch of racists calling for the death of Ricky Jones. [WHAS11]

As more coal companies file for bankruptcy, it’s increasingly likely that taxpayers will be stuck with the very high costs of preventing abandoned mines from becoming environmental disasters. [H-L]

Norfolk Southern is pursuing criminal charges against an Ohio man for disrupting rail service. [WLKY]

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) went all in on Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.), the head of the Democratic National Committee, on Saturday, saying he supports a primary challenger in her re-election bid for her House seat and would remove her from the DNC if elected president. [HuffPo]

The decision came after a Brown School Student Based Decision Making (SBDM) Council meeting on Tuesday night. [WAVE3]

Most shootings with four deaths or injuries are invisible outside their communities. And most of the lives they scar are black. [NY Times]

On a rainy Friday afternoon, about a half-dozen people stay dry inside the storied Phoenix Hill Tavern on Baxter Avenue. [WFPL]

Uhhh… [ThinkProgress]

Three descendants of Brown-Forman Corp. founder George Garvin Brown have been elected the company’s board of directors, and three other descendants will leave the board. [Business First]

By upgrading its lights in city hall, Jeffersonville expects to save $12,000 this year. The energy and cost savings are part of Duke Energy’s Smart Saver Incentive Program, which rewards businesses that replace equipment with higher-efficiency products by lowering the costs of purchasing new equipment. [News & Tribune]

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2 thoughts on “Racist Republicans Are Really Butthurt

  1. “May God Help UofL (except for Jimbo, Shirl, $ Kathleen”
    “Hell Time at UofL”

    Jimbo= $2.8 mill.
    Shirl= $1.1 mill.
    Kathleen (Jimbo’s staff chief)=:$859,181

    Alll this ludicrously huge–and grossly undeserved–payoff while the faculty and staff pick up the crumbs. Given the UofL Board of Cadavers (and the head-in–the-sand faculty senate elite), only divine intervention can pull off a miracle to remedy this atrocity. Let us pray to Jesus in the words of Proverbs 11:28: “He who trusts in his riches will fall.” It is beyond high time for the fall to happen.

  2. But He Really Does Care!!

    Mass Email from “No Reply Ramsey”:


    Campus Community:

    Today the Finance Committee of the Board of Trustees deferred action on the university’s $548.3 million 2016-17 general fund budget requesting that the administration explore a budget with no tuition increases yet leaving all of the other expenditures presented to them in place.

    A 5 percent tuition rate increase for the 2016-17 year was included in our presentation this afternoon. With a state budget cut of $6.26 million, it becomes very difficult to build a budget for the coming year without a tuition increase. Every other state institution in Kentucky has been required to increase their tuition by about the same percentage. However, our tuition increase was coupled with a new rebate program – Credit for Credits – that would offer undergraduate students who complete 30 hours in one academic year a $400 credit on their next year’s tuition. This would incent students to advance toward their degree more quickly and efficiently and would also boost our retention and graduation rates. A win for everyone.

    Three strategic goals set the framework for development of the budget presented today. We must continue our focus on student success; continue to invest in our people – our faculty and staff; and we must increase funding for strategic program initiatives as identified in the University of the 21st Century.

    The commitment to investment in our people was reflected in the budget proposal presented today through:

    • A 2 percent merit-based salary adjustment pool for faculty and staff. Board of Trustee appointed administrators making more than $150,000 per year will not receive a raise

    • A Phase I commitment of $2.4 million to address faculty and staff pay equity issues in response to a recent study that showed many UofL employees are paid at or below the median salary for comparable duties at other universities

    • $100,000 to ensure UofL’s lowest-paid employees are making a living wage

    • Continued central funding for promotions and tenure of faculty and staff

    • Increased funding for strategic program initiatives identified in the University of the 21st Century Initiative

    • A new program, Credit for Credits, that will return $400 per year to eligible students completing at least 30 hours each academic year toward their degree

    • A 5 percent increase in student financial aid

    • An additional $500,000 reallocated from the president’s and provost’s office budgets and designated for student need-based aid

    The budget proposed today was able to offset rising costs, as well as the state’s $6.26 million budget cut to the university, without general fund cuts to unit budgets and with no university wide layoffs. Instead, the university has funded the improvements through effective fiscal management and innovative programs that earn money to support the academic enterprise.

    The Voluntary Separation Incentive Program implemented in 2013 is saving the university $500,000 in the coming year. Renegotiated finance rates on debt service will save $409,000. The university’s favorable health care and prescription drug provider discounts and a culture of employee wellness promoted through the university’s Get Healthy Now! program helped trim another $500,000 from the university’s self-insurance payor. Administrative savings in certain units are generating $500,000.

    The university is also developing more processes to position the university for future success as outlined in the University of the 21st Century. Those efforts include:

    Identification of a new budget model for the university
    The creation of an anticipated $50 million investment fund to be derived from:
    Philanthropic efforts
    New revenue, primarily in strategic enrollment growth
    Strategic reallocation
    Continued realization of efficiencies

    These are creative programs that have benefited the university. But we know the costs associated with higher education will continue to climb. We must continue to look for ways to be more effective, more efficient and more creative while striving to provide the best academic experience for our students. I know that we have the faculty, staff and administration to do that.

    Creating an annual budget to present to our board takes many months of work and input by every unit in our institution. I want to thank each of you for your feedback, suggestions and attendance at the many forums and committee meetings used to fashion this budget. It was a lot of hard work by a lot of dedicated employees.

    We’re confident that we’ll get to an approved budget in the very near future. Thanks for all that you do.


    I feel like throwing up in my mouth when he thanks us for “All that we do”………………………………

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