JCPS Just Can’t Quit With The Scandals

JCPS’ early childhood education director has been suspended for 10 days without pay for allegedly intimidating an employee. [WDRB]

It’s a trash bin that doubles as your link to the world. Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer on Wednesday will introduce new Big Belly compaction waste units that also will serve as solar-powered 4G hot spots. These will be “the first of their kind deployed in the world,” according to the mayor’s office. [C-J/AKN]

Surprise! It’s what everyone’s been talking about for months. The future of U of L President Jim Ramsey is now in informal talks. [WHAS11]

NOW Adam Edelen cares about the direction of the Commonwealth? Good to know. Kentucky is headed the wrong way, down a dangerous road. [H-L]

A proposal which would require that the remains of miscarried or aborted fetuses be either cremated or interred in Indiana is set for consideration by a Senate committee. [WLKY]

President Barack Obama on Tuesday vowed to pick an indisputably qualified nominee for the Supreme Court and chided Republicans who control the U.S. Senate for threatening to block him from filling the pivotal vacancy. [HuffPo]

Hasn’t this been going on for a decade? Dump garbage illegally and it will cost you. That’s the message Louisville city officials want illegal dumpers to know. City leaders now believe they have a good track record for busting them to stand by. [WAVE3]

U.S. housing starts unexpectedly fell in January likely as bad weather disrupted building projects in some parts of the country, in what could be a temporary setback for the housing market. [Reuters]

Kentucky Medicaid beneficiaries and other welfare recipients will apply for services using a new website called Benefind starting Feb. 29. [WFPL]

Dr. Seth Ammerman listens intently to his new, 21-year-old patient. Ernesto, who does not want his last name disclosed, is homeless. He is earning a high school degree and working part time, but at night, he and his brother share a tent that they set up on the streets of San Jose, Calif. The daily stress of being homeless is wearing Ernesto out, and making him light up too many cigarettes. [NPR]

Louisville’s parking agency is being sued for nearly $43,000 in tax and maintenance payments. [Business First]

J.B. Ogle Animal Shelter Director Sarah Green will ask the Jeffersonville City Council to update its animal treatment ordinance, hoping to improve welfare in the city for pets. [News & Tribune]

3 thoughts on “JCPS Just Can’t Quit With The Scandals

  1. “Prayers for the Semi-Dead”

    Card faculty #1: “Rumors are swirling about JR. For the good of the campus, I hope he ‘retires,’ as they say.”

    Card faculty #2: “Yeah, it would alleviate a lot of headaches spawned in the past decade or so. Let us pray for what would be divine relief.”

  2. Re: “Benefind”
    It seems presumptuous to say that people seeking welfare & medical services are able to access a computer in all 120 counties. There are still many people who have NO KNOWLEDGE of computer use, even if one fell onto their kitchen table. And a portion of these people may not know anyone who can help them, particularly if they are unable to leave their homes. Kentucky is being set up to regress – in healthcare and other resources.

  3. There are also huge numbers of people who don’t have access to the internet and couldn’t get somewhere with access to the internet without considerable effort and expense.

    That’s on top of huge swaths of the Commonwealth that have internet access that’s so slow that YouTube is inaccessible, there’s no such thing as streaming audio, accessing a decently-sized PDF is out of the question. It’s why we’ve kept Page One so simple for nearly a decade (and this site, which has become but an afterthought for me, obviously). I try to stick to plain text, as little flash as possible, no auto-play videos. Where possible, we cut images down to be as small (file size) as we can get away with, often convert PDFs to low-quality jpegs, spend long hours transcribing audio. Otherwise, there are people who’ll never be able to access information – including gobs of legislators.

    But leave it to some backward-ass people in Frankfort to keep this state in the dark ages.

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