Owen’s Been Aware Of The Problem For Years

Tom Owen claimed, according to A Kentucky Newspaper, he was unaware of Airbnb-style rentals in his district until last month in this story:

Councilman Owen, who has many of the 440 Airbnb rentals in his district that includes The Highlands, said he was not aware of them until last month when an attorney called his office. He said he has not had any complaints about them.

“I’m not opposed to the concept, but you can imagine in a highly competitive hospitality market the established venues have perhaps contacted metro government,” said Owen, D-8th District.

But… that’s not the case. He either misspoke or the dying Gannett paper has misreported what he said.

A group of Cherokee Triangle residents have been complaining to and communicating with Owen regarding several problematic short-term rentals since at least 2012. In April 2014 he told that Cherokee Triangle group this:

About 18 months ago a delegation of Barringer/Edgeland residents came to my “Talk With Tom” to complain about the weekend rental there. At that point, I recall that there is nothing in our building code that prohibits short-term rentals. While I fully support Derbytime short-term rentals, I would support a change somehow limiting the number of days/weeks that a property could be rented. WHO KNOWS WHETHER THAT CHANGE WOULD SURVIVE A VOTE OF A 26 MEMBER COUNCIL COMPOSED OF MEMBERS WHERE THIS PROBLEM DOES NOT EXIST.

That group of residents started communicating with Owen after coming to us for help. We advised them that Owen’s office would be a big help and he was. He, despite having no help from any other agency, apparently worked some magic because quite a few troublesome weekend rentals stopped being problems.

In late August 2014, the Cherokee Triangle Association (according to the group of residents living there who provided us copies of emails) submitted a request to MetroCall regarding properties operated by a local realtor. She owns multiple houses and condos that she rents out on various sites for nights, weekends, whatever.

Here’s a look at one of them:


Neighbors, as Owen mentioned, were (and still are — two families directly across from one property have sold their homes, one as recently as a week ago) experiencing nightmare parking scenarios, loud parties, problem after problem.

Some of her rentals:


Note: Seim didn’t respond to requests for comment via email or voicemail.

Those neighbors, according to emails provided to us, have tried to resolve problems with the owner but were shot down with response like:

Your facts are in error and you seem to take pleasure in being rude. Good day.

Deidre Seim

They tell us there’s not much else Owen can do to help them and not much else they can do on their own. Neighbors say she’s operating what are effectively hotels but isn’t licensed, doesn’t pay occupancy taxes and has no concern for those living next to her properties. And her behavior makes it difficult for respectful, responsible short-term rental operators to exist in the city.

Whoops, got sidetracked. The point? Owen has been well-aware of this situation for a long time. If that wasn’t misreporting by the paper, that’s jacked and it’s time to be worried about him.

And what the heck is with these shysters who buy up properties solely to use them as short-term night and weekend rentals? They ruin everything for good people who try to follow the law and do the right thing for the city.

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  1. There is also a state lodging tax of 1% that is to be charged for ANY non-permanent resident rentals. That includes rentals to non-resident college students, construction workers, short-term work assignments, travelling nurses and such. The Metro lodging tax is for rentals under 30 days, the state tax is for however long or short the rental is. Wonder if they are charging/paying KY sales tax? That is also to be applied to rentals under 30 days.

  2. what’s the regulation during derby? folks been doing short-term housing rentals for a while….especially during derby

  3. Are those numbers for how many persons can sleep within a unit in compliance with the guidelines for normal occupancy rates?

  4. 1) Call the police everytime there is a problem, loud parties, blocked streets, etc. EVERY TIME – gets the property tagged as a nuisance.
    2) Make sure the IRS is notified about her – since I suspect they aren’t paying all the necessary federal taxes. I also suspect they aren’t paying the necessary local income taxes.

  5. There is no exception for Derby rentals. I think the state does not do anything because it is Derby and only a once a year thing. However, the Air B&B would be a goodly amount in both the lodging and sales tax.

  6. A politician on the Metro Council lied about what he knew and when he knew it? And he’s a Democrat? Shocking. In other breaking news…tonight after the sun sets, it will become dark.

  7. One rule should be – you have to reside in the property who are renting until this agreement. And for locations where this goes on year around, the owner must either live there, or have at least one permanent resident on the property.

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