Louisville Free Public Library Director Search: Another Cringe-Worthy Fischer Mess

Former Library Director Craig Buthod is retired from metro government but the Library Advisory Commission is paying him $66,000 a year whether he does any work or not.

See for yourself:


Crazy stuff.

But what’s crazier?

Julie Scoskie, a former Jefferson County Public Schools administrator with no librarian credentials and just 18 months of library experience, is being considered to replace Buthod. She’s currently on library payroll with a salary greater than many department directors, which is some real Possibility City magic.

If she’s hired as director, Scoskie will have to go back to school to take classes in library science in order to meet requirements set in the Kentucky Revised Statutes. While countless other extremely well-qualified but less-connected individuals are passed over, of course.

We’ve tried to get details about the search process for a new director but have been met with secrecy at every turn. It seems Sadiqa Reynolds, as usual, has been largely absent. Even though she has a lot to say about it (i.e., telling people that Scoskie will get the job). A headhunter was hired to conduct a national search even though three finalists are from Kentucky and two of them are current library employees. Because that makes sense.

The position announcement brochure mysteriously disappeared from the government website and no one will give us answers about it.

Here’s the document:


That announcement specified that the position requires a masters degree in library science or the equivalent and that qualified candidates would have seven (7) years of library management experience. Then it was yanked when it became clear they (Greg and Sadiqa) wanted an unqualified friend to have the job.

The Fischer Administration claims to love transparency. So we thought it’d be a good idea to help them be transparent by shining a light on another questionable move.

8 thoughts on “Louisville Free Public Library Director Search: Another Cringe-Worthy Fischer Mess

  1. It would be hard to make this s_ _ _ up. The ‘new’ liberry [sic] director isn’t qualified under the Ky. Statutes to be the liberry [dic] director, but a headhunter was hired to find Butthold’s [sic] replacement and . . . . ? ‘what’.

    Mr. Fish is dropping below the previous worst mayor in history around here. Why is everyone that he hires a woman (whether they’re qualified or not)? I’ve asked this question before. I’ve also asked, is HE really hiring people or is it his ‘big’ sister?

  2. So the former director who came into the game making over $100k a year and stayed for over 16 years…during which time he was given bonuses….is sticking around….so on top of the million or millions he had made during his tenure at the Louisville Free Public Library….he’s still got his belly up to the trough and he will continue to draw income from this so called nonprofit called a public library. Things that make ya go hmmmm!?!?!

  3. Buthod is sketchy as hell. He won “librarian of the year” for unsuccessfully trying to fix major problems that he created. He then got bonuses funded by donations intended for summer reading and books and services added to his salary – already higher than the mayor’s. He was rewarded for putting collections and servers in an area with a history of flooding, rather than being held responsible. He wasted untold amounts of time and money on the secretive “library campaign,” without which the library world was going to end… which it didn’t.

  4. Doesn’t the Library Board hold more responsibility for this than the Mayor or Sadiqa Reynolds?

  5. Who appoints the library board?

    And how many people currently on that board and affiliated with the friends of the library board are neck-deep in Greg Fischer’s butt?

  6. This article is spot on. These comments are spot on. Craig did win librarian of the year, and received a salary raise more than most of his employees make full time. The sad part; the hard work that won him “librarian of the year” was done by their facilities department, and computer department. They hauled butt and fixed the errors of LFPL and Buthod, and they got none of of the praise, and certainly none of the raise – oddly enough…these are people who could USE a raise because they work hard.

    Also, Scoskie did get the rules changed for her to be a candidate, and that isn’t right. She holds no MLIS, and there are candidates who do; like Lisa Sizemore, the assistant director, who would make a much better director.

  7. We should know the pattern by now. Just look at the appointments for LMAS Directors since Fishy came to power. They published the ‘job requirements’ then promptly tossed them in the trash on their first witch hunt, pun intended. The following personnel changes have been equally as shameful. Why would we expect them to actually read the requirements, much less follow them, when choosing new leadership for the Library system? They undoubtedly have no idea what the KRS says, probably don’t know what it means either, yet it provides and sets guidelines regarding state funding for both LMAS and the libraries. Why won’t our state representatives (since their tough 2015 session is now over) step in and sort this mess out? They could FORCE Fishy & friends to at least adhere to the KRS or risk loss of funding. The libraries are such a wonderful resource for everyone, what a shame they are so mismanaged. Whoever said the good ole boy system isn’t in place anymore has NOT looked at our local government. We’re sure drowning in it. And there is no ‘Possibility’ of that changing anytime soon.

  8. This is boiler plate Fischy. Surround yourself with unqualified doofuses so you feel comfortable with your own kind. Doofuses of a feather flock together. It is going to take years to clean up the mess Mayor Moron has created. Elections have consequences.

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