The Willihnganz Mess At UofL Just Got Scandalous

Oooh, the scandal is thick at the University of Louisville. And not just because of the Wolfson article we highlighted earlier on Page One.

Get a load of the letter to the editor Sam Connally sent to the University of Louisville Board of Trustees, Faculty Senate, et al.

Here’s the email he sent:

Feb 4, 2014

Uof L Board of Trustees —

Attached you will find an “Open Letter” sent to the editor of the Courier-Journal this afternoon, regarding Shirley Willihnganz’ resignation as EVP and University Provost, in which I clarify pending complaints regarding allegations of misconduct on the Provost’s part related to the funding of the UofL health plan and the integrity of race discrimination complaints.

My opinions, of course, are personal in nature and reflect my best personal and professional belief as to the facts that govern my recent termination from UofL on at at-will basis, without cause, as Vice President for Human Resources and University EEO Officer. All documents referenced in the attached letter to the editor have been released to the public by the University and are in the public domain. Thank you.

With all best wishes,

Sam Connally

And the letter:


The best part of it all?

I do not expect your readers to take my word for these representations at face value, but in any “he said/she said” environment, the astute reader will ignore what both sides are saying and “just follow the money.” The money chase will lead to the truth as it always does. This is why God created courts and judges and juries – so that the truth will ultimately be discovered and known by those who care.

Get the popcorn ready!

14 thoughts on “The Willihnganz Mess At UofL Just Got Scandalous

  1. Don’t need any mustard on Ms. Willinghorse’s [sic] hot dog — cause it’s already loaded with mustard + paprika + Louisiana Hot Sauce and hot red peppers. Get the Bible out and raise your right hand Ms. Willinghorse [sic] cause you’re in a cauldron of deep do-do.

  2. “Shirl Is No Feminist”

    To those who parrot that she is a feminist, I beg to differ. Given her non-concern for faculty, staff, and students during the Felner saga and given what she seems to have done to all UofL emloyees regarding health benefits, she failed to do several important things that true feminists would do: (1) show attentiveness to those you serve; (2) display responsibility to them; and (3) offer responsiveness to all you care for. Apparently, when it counted most, she failed on all three counts. The suffering that went on in CoE and the aftermath of lost lives is doubtless beyond anything one would expect in the academy. There was silence and then rebuff from her. And now the health benefits issue? Please don’t give feminism a bad name by linking her to that noble cause.

  3. What I can’t understand is HOW this individual ever got the Provost job — in the first place. Over $300k a year for a job description that ranked her the #2 person of responsibility in the entire sportsversity — Oh — wait a minute. I got it. It was one of those “Dumb and Dumber” things. She was hired by Jimbo Ramsey. THAT’S IT. OK. Explains everything, including her employment was approved by the Board of Trustees of the sportsversity. GOT IT.

  4. As well, I can’t understand is Shirley ever got the Provost job–she was way under-qualified. Neither she nor Ramsey were/are academic scholars…

  5. Exactly right le! Neither should have been hired. What makes matters worse, there are a bunch of folks (appointed by her), who are equally as incompetent and way overpaid. UL is so very top heavy…just how many Associate and Assistant Provosts does a university need? I’ve heard that the financial bookkeeping in the Provost’s Office is a big mess too. Their well compensated UBM just left (coincidence?) leaving the financials to be cleaned up by other offices (not Audit Services?). Talk about a financial mess; it’s a big one. Big dollar accounts not balances since the middle of last year! True leadership!

  6. What difference does any of it make to Jimbo — as long as he can ‘mindlessly’ shout “Go Cards” as he aimlessly wanders around for his 8 hour day. Must be nice — and he’s paid over a million a year to shout “Go Cards.” Seems like I remember Abe Lincoln saying: “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

  7. I am beginning to think you have to be a clueless, corrupt F%#ktard to be in a position of power anywhere these days. Federal, State and Local governments, Universities, Corporate America…I mean it’s dumbasses for days.

  8. “Hey, Guys, Don’t Forget Another Body”

    All the comments about the various bag-of-manure honchos are well taken. But what about the less than alive body that keep them all afloat as the ship continues to sink down to minnow level? Yes, I speak of the BOARD OF CADAVERS!

  9. T ‘o H – roflmfao.
    Novena – Ahhh, you speak another well spoken truth. Indeed the BOC at Sportsversity deserves our ire and the same can be said of corporate America where their boards are equally culpable for their shenanigans and they are legion. Same at all levels of government when the voters keep pulling the lever for anyone with a D after their name cuz gall darn that’s what we’ve always done. Go Cards.
    The common thread, as with all things in this life, is money. Do whatever you can to impact their money and you will have their attention. At Sportsversity that means alumni must choke off the donations. Good luck with that. As long as they get good seats at Pizza Field and the Kentucky Fried Arena, they could give a chit.

  10. UofL can easily save over $500,000 a year in salary and benefits by eliminating just two positions – Hancock and Goldstein. Look at the organizational chart, there are too many “administrators” who earn outrageous salaries. How can these people be worth that much money when it is their much lower paid staff doing all of the work.

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