PEE ALERT: PIU Says No Wrongdoing At LMAS

What, there’s someone out there who thought Greg Fischer’s Public Integrity Unit would find wrongdoing at Louisville Metro Animal Services?

Here’s a joint statement from Cindi Fowler and Kelly Downard:

We welcome the opportunity to review the findings of the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office as well as the Public Integrity Unit. The Metro Animal Services Ad Hoc Committee began its work last September in hopes of resolving a number of questions that arose out of reports following the death of an animal under the control of Metro Animal Services. The Metro Council worked hard last year to compile our report and we look forward to reading the work of two other bodies to get answers to some of the questions that we weren’t allowed to investigate.

Because this body has not had the opportunity to read this document prior to its release to the press by the Mayor’s Office, we will not be able to make any comments regarding its content. As co-chairs for the Animal Services Committee we look forward to beginning to close out our work on this matter by calling those persons who were kept from speaking to the committee last fall and following up on any items uncovered within the PIU report.

We already know that Metro Council found wrongdoing. So much wrongdoing that it chastised the mayor and his henchwoman, Sadiqa Reynolds. It went so far as to create a whistleblower protection ordinance in honor of our investigative reporting.

So the PIU finding nothing?


Pass the popcorn and put on your goggles.


There you go. Read all about what the Metro Council discovered and reported.

Then read all about the entire council voting in unison to stick it to Greg Fischer and his team.

Remember it all as you hear about Fischer’s own people saying they found no wrongdoing. And know in your heart, your mind, your gut that he’s flat-out lying.

It’s some serious bullshit.

4 thoughts on “PEE ALERT: PIU Says No Wrongdoing At LMAS

  1. Did you see the article they put on the city website? OMG! More propaganda about how they have turned the agency around since Fischer took office and they have a 70+% turnaround rate. I do know the volunteer involved did get fired and the Chief wrote a letter saying they returned the money to all of the donors “they could find”. He also said they did not find where LMAS caused any suffering or injury to the dog. He says an LMAS worker took the dog into her care even though they could have euthanized her as soon as her owner turned her in. This has been one big lie from beginning to end. I just wish some animal advocacy group could get a hold of this and run with it. Maybe they could check into how LMAS just barely operates within the KRS for state funding and take a look at how their budget is broken down to see where the money goes. Also it’s interesting that since Eric Blow retired NONE of the administrators hired by Fischer and his staff have met ANY of the listed requirements for the job. I can only hope that at some point this comes back to bite the Mayor and his queen bee. I am sad for the animals.

  2. Public Whitewash Unit did just what Mayor Liar told them to do. BIG SHOCK!

    Nothing has changed at LMAS so just give it time. There will be more new scandals.

  3. I have lost every shred of respect I had for Steve Conrad. He has become one of Fischer’s stooges and taken LMPD down with him. I can hardly believe some of the bull that has happened under his command. Fischer has perfected the art of hiring department heads that tell him what he wants to hear, not what he needs to know.

  4. Cavemouse — Your last sentence says it all. A leader surrounds him/herself with people who aren’t afraid to take issue with the leader (privately) — and a leader wants those kind of people around him/her. When you witness a host of “yes-men/women” surrounding a supposed leader — you’re in the process of witnessing mediocrity.

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