Greg Fischer Is Again Withholding Public Records

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer? It’s that he’s consistent. Consistently anti-transparency, despite his very public claims otherwise.

From the myriad Metro Animal Services messes that resulted in a damning Metro Council report and whistleblower ordinance targeting him to the minimum wage push, Greg Fischer is the opposite of transparent. But he’s consistent about it.

You know what happens when we document Fischer efforts to hide public records. You can expect nothing less this time.

On December 17 I filed an Open Records Request with Metro Government to obtain the following:

All contact forms & website feedback forms regarding minimum wage from August 1, 2014 to current

Specifically (if this makes processing easier) from business owners, if possible

Pretty clear and easy to understand.

On December 22, however, Fischer’s Open Records Coordinator, Dee Allen, responded asking for clarification, which delayed any action. I confirmed what I was looking for. That, of course, started the three-day response time all over.

On December 26, Allen sent the following:

We are advised that a search for potentially responsive records is underway. We are respectfully requesting a time extension for a final response and provision of any nonexempt, responsive records in accordance with the provisions of the Kentucky Open Records Act due to the intervening two official, non-working Metro holidays, the volume of material to be searched and the need for review of each item identified for protection of personal privacy concerns and execution of any exemptions in whole or in part as allowed by the Act. Those claims of exemption will be detailed in our final response.

We expect that time-consuming process to be completed by January 23 but will advise you immediately if the process concludes prior to that date.

Unreal, isn’t it? Delaying a response until January 23.

Fischer’s office already has everything we’ve requested compiled and handy for distribution among his inner circle. I’ve seen it. That’s how I knew to ask for it. His IT folks have privately confirmed it. Some of his own office staff tell me they have it.

Those forms don’t contain Social Security Numbers, bank data, personal health information or reports of possible crimes. There’s nothing to redact.


This is just another stalling tactic being used in an attempt to keep the public from finding out what really occurred throughout the minimum wage push.

Fischer doesn’t want you to know what business owners actually had to say. He doesn’t want you to know how many members of the public supported or opposed the wage hike.

What could the man possibly have to hide?

5 thoughts on “Greg Fischer Is Again Withholding Public Records

  1. It is against the law to withhold records in the face of an open records request. If someone consistently withholds records, or consistently asks for unnecessary extenstions, whose job is it to step in???? This is an ongoing pattern with Fischer and his administration – what recourse does the public have? I honestly don’t know but would like to, as I’m sure many of us would.

  2. Dee Allen needs to go! She is the mistress of disguise with ORR. The general public doesn’t know how to challenge her, she knows it and takes advantage. He boss Steve Rowland completely supports her actions. They are jokes just like Fischer.

  3. YabbaDabba: They’ve learned the process of obfuscation from the local sportsversity which has objected to open records request, resulting in court actions — all of which have been lost. The sportsversity’s primary argument has been that they’re not a public university!!!!!!! They’re a private business. I guess the Mayor’s office and Mr. Fish are a private business and its CEO.

  4. In fairness, his office DOES operate like the previous businesses he’s headed. It, like those businesses, was purchased by George. It, like those companies, has been mired in lawsuit and scandal after lawsuit and scandal.

  5. He says he’s transparent but he violates open records law as a matter of routine.
    He says he’s green but the Sierra Club refused to endorse him for re-election.
    His spokesman says he has a great relationship with the unions but not one endorsed his re-election and several had very open and very public pissing matches with him. AFSCME and MSD.
    He says he’s compassionate but he supports torture of animals in his care, retaliates against whistleblowers and does not support minimum wage increase.
    Fischer Team Values #6 –
    Sense of Urgency –
    37 days for a 3 day ORR?
    Hypocritical Fluff…all of it.

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