2 Anti-Transparency Folks Sitting In Jail Tonight

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Some things are too good to set aside until Monday morning.

Like this:

Two high-ranking Louisville Metro Government officials were arrested Friday night.

Elizabeth Hoffman, Majority Caucus Director, and Steve Rowland, Chief Financial Officer, were both arrested for public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

Of course, Fischer offered up the typical excuse he uses when one of his people ends up getting arrested on alcohol-related charges. How many does this make, now?

Rowland has been at the center of keeping information from reaching the public eye. He was the star shit denier during the Metro Council’s lengthy whistleblower investigation.

And Hoffman, at the behest of Jim King, has consistently run interference for Fischer’s myriad nightmares. She spent weeks and weeks threatening and attempting to silence Democratic members of the Ad Hoc committee.

Wondering why things have been so screwed up?

There you go. Fischer’s guy and King’s lady. Both sitting in jail.


There’s more from WAVE:

According to Louisville Metro police, Rowland and Hoffman were approached by management at El Nopal on Zorn Avenue and asked to leave due to heavy intoxication and provocative intimate behavior.

Witnesses then reported seeing the two go inside of a white SUV. Officers approached the vehicle in the parking lot and determined Rowland or Hoffman were both too intoxicated to drive.

How sweet.

Bets on how long it takes Greg Fischer to give Rowland a raise and a commendation upon his return to work?


Metro Council’s Democratic Caucus released the following statement this morning:

“Members of the Democratic Caucus are aware of this situation. The public expects proper conduct at all times from Metro Government employees and what happened is unfortunate. The Caucus will review this situation to determine if any action is necessary according to Caucus Rules.”

That’s fun.


What most media outlets aren’t reporting is… well, everything in Steve Rowland’s citation.

Take a look:


Here’s the best part:


Officers were dispatched to listed location on two subjects who were asked to leave location due to heavy intoxication and provocative intimate behavior. Caller stated they saw subjects get into a white SUV and believed they were having sexual relations. Officers made contact with listed subjects. Above subject was in vehicle in a state of disrobe in public view. Above subject smelled strongly of Alcoholic beverage, glassy eyes, and unsteady. Subject and friend were manifestly under the influence and no condition to drive and no where to go to ensure their safety. Subjects were already told to leave the premise by management of the El Nopal. Subject was a danger to himself, and caused public alarm. Co-Defendant: Elizabeth Hoffman.

You can probably figure out what that means on your own.

And the “white SUV”? Could that be a government-owned vehicle?

Possibility City is manifestly under the influence of a hot mess and dearth of leadership.


Yep, it was a city vehicle.

Turns out it was a patron who called the cops – not the restaurant. Fascinating.

31 thoughts on “2 Anti-Transparency Folks Sitting In Jail Tonight

  1. My, my, my. Look at those fine examples of fine examples. Kids will look up to them, now, won’t they?

    Fine examples……

  2. Elizabeth Hoffman is an extremely dedicated and hard-working public servant with tremendous integrity. Whatever happened tonight, she has recently had a terrible loss of her younger brother from a sudden heart attack and she deserves compassion and sympathy.

  3. We were always told the reason Hoffman (total incompetant) was untouchable was because King had a “relationship” with her.

  4. Tachau: Oh, fuck that. Stop trying to use her deceased loved one as an excuse for getting frisky with Steve Rowland and being forced to leave a restaurant. That’s just an excuse. A sick excuse. Particularly since cops thought they were about to try to drive.

    Elizabeth spent the past six months attempting to curb-stomp the whistleblower investigation and inevitable ordinance at every turn. And Steve Rowland is part of the problem Metro Government got into that mess and remains in it.

    Fuck that excuse and fuck that behavior from you, Tachau. Defending these fucking hacks after you know first-hand what they do and what they’ve done.

    They’re two people who pop off at first opportunity, always attacking others, always looking to take advantage of someone when they’re down. Sorry to see that’s who you associate yourself with professionally.

    bill: I don’t think that’s true.

  5. Rowland actually looks more put together in his booking photo than he did in front of the Ad Hoc Committee….

  6. Mr. Fish is a little minnow existing on the edge of being devoured by the gnawing barracuda – a/k/a CORRUPTION and TOMFOOLERY.

    My suggestion: Get a ‘broom’ and sweep the joint clean and START ALL OVER AGAIN with common sense and experienced professionals who have no connection with the prior ‘dingbattic’ group from Mayors Merry Jerry and Arm[weak]. It would be refreshing, new, transparent and novel. IT’LL NEVER HAPPEN BECAUSE THE ‘FISH’ IS blind to reality and shielded by too many “pointers” [sic]

  7. If these two were school teachers, police officers, media personality types , etc….the outcry would be even worse! and more noticeable, but they are obviously protected by their constituency they service….I agree with the Highlander, GET THE BROOM, just get a BIG one!

  8. More power to him. More power to anyone having some fun.

    But maybe next time he ought to do it with tinted windows. And maybe avoid being at the center of a government cover-up.

  9. Between Green, Shanklin, Rowland and Hoffman, it seems the Democrats have led the embarrassment charge for the city. Were they clocked in at Metro during their afternoon delight turned happy hour gone awry? Quite honestly, this city would be aghast if they knew of half of the waste, incompetence and just sheer stupidity of their so called servants at City Hall. Fischer has the ability to show some spine and clean house of this type of stupidity or he can allow the city to be shamed. My thought: Sorry Rowland & Hoffman. Your neither Pitino or Petrino. You don’t get a pass.

  10. Since the later news has now broken, this jackass and his punchboard ought to be fired this afternoon HIM by the Mayor of this and HER by the City Council of this City and the Mayor needs to stand up HIMSELF and apologize for this misconduct of his appointee and THEN request the resignation of EVERY TOP OFFICIAL IN HIS ADMINISTRATION AND START ALL OVER AGAIN WITH MY SUGGESTION — previously noted — and with Chris’ suggestion — a BIG BROOM.

  11. Fire him? HAHAHA.

    He didn’t fire the Parks Director when he got caught in a million DUIs and driving drunk in a city-owned vehicle by various TV crews or whatever it was. (But he did fire the guy who blew the whistle on it all.)

    He hasn’t fired anyone in his messy world in a while. Hasn’t even reprimanded Margaret Brosko, Donald Robinson or Sadiqa Reynolds.

    Brosko got a promotion. Robinson moved on to a new job with a monstrous salary. Reynolds is still pretending she could find her way out of a Kroger parking lot without asking for directions.

    You folks need to quit it with your reasonable expectations. Rowland’s unpaid leave will be over soon and he’ll receive an award and pay raise.

  12. Video & photos will also come in handy in Divorce Court. Oh – and these people should NOT be eligible to draw Unemployment benefits.

  13. If I was a betting man. I would bet Rowland gets a 30 day unpaid suspension and his take home vehicle taken away. And has to do an Alcohol program. Same thing Heitz received.

    Remind me again what I received ?. A termination from Metro government for dropping a few F-bombs at a golf course on my day off. Treated like I committed murder and made to pay back almost $10 grand. Yep Greg Fischer is my hero (Sarcasm)

  14. You mean that’s what they dug up on you after you blew the whistle.

    Kinda like them digging up junk on Heather Adkins after she blew the whistle on shenanigans at LMAS.

    But a bonus for you was all of Greg’s daddy’s buddies on the unemployment board. When they demanded you pay back benefits to further drive home the retaliation.

  15. Yep a big trumped up charge that i threatened Marty Storch’s nephew at a golf course on my day off.

    Happened after i reported Mike Heitz’s drinking and driving. The so called threat was proven later by Storch’s nephew and witnesses to have never happened.

    I was terminated (for conduct unbecoming of a city employee) and Heitz kept his job.

    Rightfully won my unemployment claim only to have it taken away by Fischer’s buddies on the unemployment board. ( Ray Crider)

    Great memories (More sarcasm)

    I see things haven’t changed with Fischer’s officials.

  16. This will be the last term of office that Mr. Fish will be elected to (and he would have lost THIS TIME if a credible opponent had appeared). And if Jimbo King thinks this is an opportunity for him, he, too, has been utilizing some cheap Acapulco Gold — because instead of being “All Hat and no Cattle” like Mr. Fish; Jimbo King is “No Hat and all Cow Pie” – and I’m not sure which is worse.

  17. Better yet, why is there a position like Hoffman’s in city goverment paying $72K a year? Does the city really need a Majority Caucus Director?

    Just a suggestion for the new budget….scrap the Majority Caucus Director position from Louisville Metro Government and use the money to drill a few new glory holes at some downtown peep show booths and hire some street hookers for $50 a pop to give the Louisville Metro CFO a five finger briefing.

    We only have ourselves to blame by not demanding more from our officials.

  18. Mark H: You are absolutely correct. Louisville has been electing ‘zeros’ for decades. Starting with Harvey Sloane and continuing to the present. Where is the Ivan Allen who made Atlanta a true world class city. Where is the Richard Lugar who did the same for Indianapolis or the multiple of Mayors of Nashville.

    All we do is elect people who are massagers of our inate desire to ‘feel good’. No one has EVER challenged Louisville for greatness. No one has EVER demanded that the urban cities of Kentucky UNITE in the General Assembly. No one has ever challenged Louisville to be something more than a Knoxville or a Tuscaloosa or some other minor insignificant ‘college town.’

    So we get the results from lackluster leadership —- ZERO and WORSE APPOINTEES who decide to get their jollies off in city vehicles with punchboards OR heads of the MSD drunk driving at 10:00 am in the morning in Shelbyville OR locating 3 new officials for LMAS (one of whom boasts porno-type photos on her website and another of whom has been terminated from previous employment etc, etc. all the while these ‘folks’ masquerade as upstanding public officials.

    Someone once said == a city or a state deserve what they elect as officials.

    I happen to think Louisville deserves better than what it’s elected over the last 4 decades.

  19. Retired from Metro in 2013 and worked in Finance. David Tachau wanting to give Huffman a “free pass” for her behavior due to the death of her brother is rubbish! I lost my son in 2004 (while employed @ Metro) and I managed to suit up and show up EVERY DAY (alcohol & drug free) and do my job, and I managed not to bring disgrace upon my employer (taxpayers) when I was off the clock.

  20. Well, this now tells the story of why a 27 year old was put in place in facitiles over people with a hell of alot more knowlege then she has life. But cathy duncan says she( j.t) has ten years under her belt.

  21. Bill Baily: Yeah it was a ‘cop’ set up. The cops drank the booze, the cops felt up each other in the restaurant, the cops smarted off to the restaurant management, the cops drove the public’s vehicle to the restaurant so the bro could punch his punchboard whose husband worked for the bro, then the cops caught the bro undressed and punching the punchboard — SURE WAS AN FOP SET UP IF I EVER HEARD OF ONE!!!! (Bro Bill: are you lucid?)

  22. LULZ… It’s a bit shocking. She is such a nice person, and I even had a crush on her for a while when we where younger. Alas… they both need to be terminated for this crash on morality drive. In all my years at Metro, this is par for the course, but if they get to keep their jobs, then it’s just another affirmation that the higher ups get preferential treatment.

  23. Margaret Brosko, Donald Robinson and Sadiqa Reynold have caused far more damage and embarrassment. They’ve all kept their jobs. Two have gotten promotions and monstrous raises.

    Parks Director kept his job and is now making more money.

    All the other folks who have been knee-deep in a mess or two have kept their jobs.

    If he cans them, he’ll prove a point I made years ago – that he only takes sex scandals seriously. He wouldn’t have fired Wayne Zelinsky if he hadn’t been running an escort service.

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