Animal Services Ad-Hoc Cmte Report Released

Louisville Metro Animal Services has been a disaster for years. There’s no denying that. No amount of redecoration will clean that corrupt dump up.

But the last six months have been extra-intense on the Sadie scandal front:

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All caught up on how everything played out? Cause the Metro Council Ad-Hoc Committee just released its report (of course, Greg Fischer scheduled a 4:15 press conference to interrupt the 4:00 meeting because… of course he did):


Highlights — Conclusions:

5. The Committee through testimony and findings of fact, has determined that there are significant issues in the structure and policies of the LMAS Department, including:

a. Failure to follow donation procedures and account for designated donations.
b. Failure to produce and maintain appropriate records.
c. Lack of clear, defined leadership following the resignation of Director Justin Scally

6. The Committee, through testimony and findings of fact, has determined that there are significant issues in the Executive Branch, regarding policies and structure, including:

a. Failure to provide adequate records upon request, as required by the Kentucky Open Records Act.
b. Failures to properly oversee, investigate, and provide accountability for subordinate departments.
c. Misrepresentation of the findings and actions taken by the Administration, specifically Chief Sadiqa Reynolds, regarding the internal review and timeline of events.
d. Failure to fully observe donations policy and account for designated donations and a need for an improved and clearly defined donations policy Metro-wide.
e. Failure to define a clear leadership structure within the LMAS Department and the resignation of Director Justin Scally.

7. The “Internal Review” performed by Chief Sadiqa Reynolds was inadequate in addressing the issues within the LMAS Department.

a. Based on the foregoing findings of fact, the Committee concludes that by the clear and convincing evidence made available, Chief Reyolds’ investigation was inadequate to conform to established policies. There is a significant and concerning lack of documentation to support that any action was taken to investigate or rectify the allegations regarding the dog Sadie or the employee issues.

8. The allegation that the LMAS Department neglected a pit bull dog named Sadie, by denying immediate care that is required under statute, KRS 525.130.

a. Based on the foregoing findings of fact, the Committee concludes that by the clear and convincing evidence made available, the LMAS Department did knowingly neglect Sadie by failing to provide proper health care for the animal in a timely fashion.

9. The allegation that Ms. Heather Adkins failed to follow LMAS Department policies and provide adequate guardianship of Sadie.

a. Based on the foregoing findings of fact, the Committee concludes that by the clear and convincing evidence made available, that Ms. Adkins acquitted herself in an acceptable manner in an effort to provide proper care for Sadie.
b. The available evidence clearly shows Ms. Adkins repeatedly seeking guidance and assistance from superiors within the LMAS Department, to no avail, and was left with no other alternative than to pursue a separate course of action to seek care for Sadie.

10. The allegation that management of the LMAS Department, specifically Assistant Director Donald Robinson and Senior Manager of Special Initiatives and Communication Margaret Brosko, improperly disciplined an employee – Ms. Heather Adkins- through claims of failure to follow established LMAS policis.

a. Based on the foregoing findings of fact, the Committee concludes that by the clear and convincing evidence made available, the management of the LMAS Department improperly disciplined Ms. Adkins for actions taken in providing care for Sadie.

Yep. Sadiqa Reynolds excoriated. Margaret Brosko guilty. Donald Robinson just as shady. Fischer a liar.

Highlights — Recommendations:

1. That the Mayor’s Office makes a public statement commending the actions of Heather Adkins in regards to how she tried to save “Sadie”.

2. Immediate corrections are made to Heather Adkins Personnel File exonerating her of any wrong doing regarding the situation with “Sadie”.

3. The Mayor’s Office acknowledge that the following statement, taken from a press release on behalf of Mayor Fischer on August 20, 2014 was factually inaccurate:

“Fischer said his team examined allegations surrounding Sadie when they first surfaced earlier this summer and determined that employees did nothing improper.”

Given that only one person conducted the review with merely the individuals in question, it is inconceivable to conclude “employees did nothing improper” as stated within the above mentioned release.

4. The Administration make policy changes to adhere to the Kentucky Open Records Act ensuring Metro Policies are followed and written in accordance with State Law.

5. That the Administration provide ALL documents pertaining to the dog named, “Sadie” to the Animal Services Ad-Hoc Committee.

6. The Administration agrees to make employees Margaret Brosko, Donald Robinson and any other Metro Employee available that is noted within the PIU Investigation or Report of the Metro Auditor to speak to the Animal Services Ad-Hoc Committee once the PIU and Internal Auditor have concluded their investigations into this matter.

7. The Metro Council will create a new Whistleblower Ordinance that shall reflect the State Whistleblower Ordinance and shall give employees the right to either take their complaint to the Metro Ethics Commission or to Circuit Court as prescribed in State Law and establish a means for employees to use the anonymous tip line to provide information on how to move forward with such a concern.

8. That the Metro Council develops policies and procedures in relation to investigatory powers regarding their ability to compel the production of documentation and testimony.

9. Greater oversight of financial accountability and an amended Donation Policy

10. That the Animal Services Ad-Hoc Committee be allowed to extend beyond the end of this year to complete its work regarding testimony from key personnel and the review of the PIU investigation.

Fischer is STILL fighting the Committee and STILL trying to be anything but transparent. Still.

Fischer thought this would be going away but it’s not.

It is imperative that Jim King and the new Council continue this push for accountability.

TL;DR: Greg Fischer is anything but compassionate or transparent and his administration is kinda corrupt.

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  1. FANDAMNTASTIC! Now if LMPD can pull their heads out of their arses and finish their “investigation” we can get Brosko and Robinson on the record. That’s what Mayor Clueless told us, riiiiight? You can talk to them after LMPD finishes, riiiiight? Mayor Moron would not lie to us, would he?

  2. These findings are amazing! This fiasco is disgusting. The absolute lack of CHARACTER demonstrated by the mayor and those who helped in in this mess is revolting. These people should not be in public service. And they would never make it in the private sector…..

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