Stop The Presses! More For You To Get Mad At

Okay, folks, if you’re going to personally attack me and accuse me of being misogynist, sexist, whatever based on reading 1/5 of a story, the least you could do is not admit to just regurgitating what you’ve been told.

“OMG! Let’s get outraged!” “Bring out the pitchforks!” “Fuck this horrible man who published public photos of a woman! He’s terrible!”

Here are the stories:

Those photos weren’t private, as you can see. They were all over the internet and promoted by her.

To beat it all, the photos weren’t even that much of the story. Since no one read beyond the very public photos that most certainly were part of her professional life, take a moment to soak it in.

If you still can’t stop regurgitating what Twitter stalkers like Joe Sonka… again, worked hand-in-hand with a Kay Hagan staffer (whose attorney was Joe’s website co-creator) to fabricate crap and defame me in 2011. I sued and won a settlement. He can scream and cry about how terrible I am all he wants but he and his pals were living and breathing that. All I’ll remember about him is that he’s spent years lobbing veiled homophobic insults like “swishy” my way and constantly suggesting that, because I live an open life, am less than equal to any brave, tough heterosexual. And that he, whenever he gets the chance, chooses to publicly claim I have mental health issues when he doesn’t like what I publish about fake Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes. He’s tried doing the same thing to the Herald-Leader’s Sam Youngman since the day he stepped foot back into Kentucky — attacking his personal life, laughing at his struggle with alcohol and drug abuse, accusing him of having sexual relationships with people to obtain information. Really great, kind journalistic things to do.

Or maybe you want to spew whatever it is Melissa Chipman is throwing? The woman who spent a week on Twitter chastising me for being bothered that gay men can’t donate blood. About how it’s totally fine in this day and age and isn’t remotely discriminatory, that I’m a small, silly person for thinking the gay blood ban is at all hurtful at this stage in society. Please.

If that’s all you want to do? Just blindly throw the hypocritical bullshit pushed by people like them? Have at it. But come on. This isn’t some dumb media beef.

Seriously, screw this attack the messenger mentality a handful of Louisville media liberals always get wound up into when something like this occurs. Practice what you fucking preach. And if I’m insignificant/don’t matter/whatever, why on earth are you freaking out about this scandal at all? Why are you giving me the clicks and continuing to read? Why line my pockets? Why increase my public profile? Why on earth make people want to follow me more than they already do?

It’s fine to think I’m sexist, a horrible, terrible person. You’re entitled to your opinion. But here’s the deal:

Those photos were discovered by Karen Dickson, hardly a male and hardly a self-hating female, with the assistance of a bunch of other women. That’s all publicly available. I chose to publish them as part of a series of stories because they were coming out on television with or without me.

Publishing these stories no more makes me sexist than hugging a woman makes me heterosexual.

You can very easily read all of those stories and quickly ascertain that the photos aren’t the whole story itself. They’re just a small part of it. Really, just fucking read it instead of jumping down my throat like I’m the devil. Read the years and years of similar stories flowing out of LMAS here on this very website. Then jump down my throat.

Metro Animal Services, as former Courier-Journal reporter Dan Klepal pointed out yesterday, has been embroiled in countless scandals like this:

Dan Klepal // Oct 24, 2014 at 2:37 pm

Good report, Jake. More power to this young lady’s modeling career, but she’s being hired to run a very troubled agency with a history of, shall we say, underperforming directors who have embarrassed the city with various actions related to sex. You can’t tell me that, given the history, they would have hired her had they known about the pics. And you’re correct, this is not about sexy pictures or modeling careers, it’s about a Keystone Cops Mayor’s Office that has failed the people on Animal Services since Day 1 in office. I would have written about it.

That’s from a man I respectfully disagreed with for years. Without ever personally attacking or pushing nonsense. Leaving a well-reasoned comment about why the story is relevant.

Greg Fischer, upon realizing the mainstream media like WDRB would pick this up, falsely claimed all of this was a decade ago. You can see for yourself those photos are not only recent but taken by well-known photographers. Even promoted by Montgomery herself last year.

Those photos and a modeling career don’t make Jessica Jo Montgomery a bad person and no one here ever said they did. What I did say is that these photos show poor judgment and make her ill-prepared for a major public role in Louisville, paraphrased. Particularly in light of taking a $100,000 job running a large government agency embroiled in a years-long mess that spans two mayors and countless scandals. Many of them involving sexual harassment, running an escort service, having secondary employment similar to this.

Sadiqa Reynolds and Greg Fischer — knowing what a horrible state LMAS is in — didn’t bother to vet their hires. Fischer himself said he had no clue that Jessica Jo Montgomery was a professional model and neither did Sadiqa. Again, not her private life — she did this professionally. Yet they had no clue what their very prominent new hire had been up to.

They clearly didn’t vet anyone or they wouldn’t have hired a #2 who was fired from two previous animal shelter jobs and arrested at one of them.

I won’t be apologizing for this. If you think that makes me sexist instead of it just being a sexist act (which I dispute, as someone who has quite publicly been a proponent of women, people of color, the poor, animals and all the other lovey dovey liberal crap I love), that’s fine by me. But remember that you, in fact, don’t know me. You only know the bullshit you’ve heard or assumed. You don’t know my intent and you haven’t bothered to figure it out.

Finally, it’s fine to pick apart what I say because you’re mad. It’s fine to assume you know me or the kind of person I am because you’ve read a paragraph or seen a photograph. Totally fine.

But when it comes to making threats of physical violence, telling me I should kill myself (really? we’ve been down that road, which the former LEO reporter knew and referenced when she brought it up), hoping I get hit by a TARC bus, praying for my dogs to turn on me? When it comes to all of that? What the fuck is wrong with people? That’s how you express disagreement as professionals, journalists, upstanding citizens? Really?

Louisville needs to get a goddamn grip.

Finally: I won’t apologize for using words like “fuck”. Because it’s a word that adults living in this world can most certainly handle. Get a fainting couch.

9 thoughts on “Stop The Presses! More For You To Get Mad At

  1. I watch your posts quite a bit, you probably know this. I see no reason for you to apologize for anything. The only thing, out of ALL of the posts reporting this new hire mess, I didn’t agree with was the calling the pics porn. Did I say something about that? No. It wasn’t the point of the story, so I moved on reading. To me, what is most frightening about this whole mess, is the lack of mainstream media reporting on the #2 hire (unless this was done and I missed it). The woman was fired and arrested from positions in shelters. How on God’s green earth, did they see her as a good fit? What the fuck? Honestly. If Montgomery had a background that showed she was a good fit to direct a shelter, the pictures would not be an issue. However, it’s obvious she doesn’t. It’s not the modeling. It is the lack of the mayor’s people, once again, doing less than bare minimum. Then lying about what they failed to find on Google. To me, it’s that simple. It’s not really about Montgomery. It’s about the mayor and his legion of fuck-ups.

  2. It’s interesting reading the personal attacks against Jake. The fact that they are personal attacks, literally attacking the messenger, is indicative of the desperation behind the attacks.

    These are nothing more than petty, useless debate tactics from people unskilled in debate. These are “last ditch” efforts. Even the people employing these tactics recognize the futility of using them.

    These people are trying EVERYTHING to distort and distract from the FACTS Jake has published.

    It’s THAT obvious. Practically comical to recognize the desperation.

    Truth is, ultimately, an unstoppable force.

    Jake is publishing the truth. And that’s why this story won’t stop.

    Keep up the good work, Jake.

  3. I was on a roll. Catch that? that sentence above should say “It’s the mayors people, once again, doing less than bare minimum.” I must learn to proofread.

  4. Jake: You owe an apology to no one. You have reported facts that are accurate and true. The readers can glean whatever they want from the true facts. If they choose to believe that Ms. Montgomery is unqualified due to her pictures – then that’s fine. If the choose to believe that she’s unqualified because of her lack of experience and the obvious reality that there HAS TO BE SOMEONE in this entire country who could do a better job than she can- then that’s fine. If the choose to believe that the Mayor’s [mis]administration should have more effectively vetted this — then that’s fine.

    But, whatever the reader’s decision is based upon — is of little consequence — the fact is that the people from the Mayor’s [mis]administration that selected her are THEMSELVES unqualified to be making that selection.

    The fact, further, is that the Mayor should STAND UP and admit this was a tragic mistake, remove anyone of his staff who were involved in the failure to properly vet this person and should apologize to the public HIMSELF for this FUBAR and clear the air COMPLETELY.

  5. One more ‘Mayor should’ — He should terminate Ms. Montgomery, Monday morning at 9:00 am. and start the process ALL OVER AGAIN AND HE, HIMSELF, SHOULD DO THE VETTING.

  6. Puppy Monster the Great (PMTG) will be running a write-in campaign against Mayor Fischer this election.

    Puppy Monster the Great doesn’t lie, does steal food off counters at home (but c’mon, who wouldn’t when it’s steak and no one is sharing), and will be a GREAT advocate for the animals in the shelters.

    PMTG is not bribeable. If he does not like you, he will spit your treats right back at you. And he has no use for money. He is a good judge of character.

    Vote PMTG by write-in on November 4th and get a decent mayor for Louisville!

  7. Man, you have a bunch of people that hate you. They’ve sharpened their knives and are using any two-bit media outlet to opine about how you’re the Devil.

    They’re strangely short on specifics, though. No real explanation on why you’re evil. It’s just something that’s ‘known’. Oh, and you’re gay – which seems to still be a thing with some people. Go figure.

    It’s almost like they’re organized.

  8. Attacks are the nature of the beast when one does what we do Jake. It is pathetic but true nonetheless.

    No one would ever accuse you or I of being friends but I always give credit where credit is due.

    No one has done an even remotely close detailed analysis as you have with LMAS over the years. You deserve full credit for making sure this issue has not been swept under the rug. Keep up the good work and ignore the haters they really are meaningless.

    Hell even I source you on all LMAS stories I talk about on my radio show. Why? Because you have been the true champion of accountability with LMAS.

    Keep it up and ignore the haters.

  9. 4 days have now gone by since I originally wrote that the Mayor should terminate Ms. Montgomery and the #2 individual who appears to have been fired and arrested in matters involving another animal shelter, terminate the people in his [mis]administration who were responsible for the failure to properly vet this situation, and take personal responsibility for these failings and finally assume full responsibility for the vetting and hiring of the new staff positions.

    Nothing, nada, nil, zero has happened — except the expiration of 4 days.


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