No One Wants Greg Fischer’s Job This Morning

Following yesterday’s news that Greg Fischer had appointed three new out-of-state folks to run Louisville Metro Animal Services, we kept you in-the-loop. We even reminded you that he hired this lady who was repeatedly fired and arrested at her last shelter job.

But last night we revealed that the woman Greg Fischer and his top dog, Sadiqa Reynolds, picked to serve as director of LMAS — Jessica Jo Montgomery — has a softcore porn/sexualized photo/whatever very recent past:


Another embarrassing mess for the mayor and his embattled, never-improving Animal Services agency for sure.

Fischer’s team spent half the night burning phones up and emailing like crazy. He’s already facing public scrutiny and can’t seem to delete social media reactions quickly enough:


It’s truly a sad mess for this city.

But some reminders:

Jackie Gulbe was fired for less.

Wayne Zelinsky was fired for less.

Countless other individuals in leadership roles within the Fischer Administration have been fired for less.

But Greg Fischer will likely sit on his hands with this one because he’s directly responsible. His right hand, Sadiqa Reynolds, picked this bunch of people. All the others were Jerry Abramson holdovers.

Despite this woman having no experience at all running an animal shelter like this (taking care of 40 military dogs is not an animal shelter that kills thousands upon thousands of cats and dogs each year) and her now embroiled in a sexy photo mess, he’ll probably keep her on and introduce another double standard. In fact, he and his team will try to turn this around by attacking the messenger.

Possibility City.

UPDATE Nope, those photos aren’t old. Extremely recent. Posted within the past two years. Tons of other sites, as well.

She’s gone to quite a few lengths to promote herself:



She knew she was taking this job and didn’t attempt to exhibit any level of professional modesty. The people selecting her for this job did absolutely no vetting. Sadiqa just pulled a random name out of a hat and moved along.

Lest anyone think Sadiqa wasn’t 100% responsible for this hire? Here she is in her own words:

Sadiqa Reynolds is absolutely responsible and she says she led the search.

This wasn’t the new director having fun with friends and posting random photos on Instagram. This was part of her professional life. She was posing semi-nude in a sexualized manner in an attempt to get jobs. So it’s hardly her private life and people wringing their hands need to calm the heck down.

She’s now a government official. This is hardly bashing her. She promoted this work professionally. Herself. This was not some random incident.

Ignoring all of this for a moment… examine her experience and you’ll quickly find that she has no experience running a shelter, a government agency or euthanizing thousands of animals per year. None. But several other past applicants have had the experience and continue to prove their credibility elsewhere.

And the other woman, the assistant director, with her firings and arrest related to her work at other shelters?

Ignore the pretty pictures. That’s all kind of a nightmare in the making.

Another update:

Why mention ethics?

From the Standards of Ethical Conduct training manual new hires receive, under Principles of Behavior:

Employees shall conduct themselves, on and off the job, in a manner that would not cause discredit to Louisville Metro Government.

That’s why.


While Greg Fischer & Crew attempt to spin this while attacking the messenger, get a load of what they’re doing:


They’re so troubled by this that they’ve blocked the ability for Metro Government employees to access what they’re attempting to claim are simple modeling photographs.


14 thoughts on “No One Wants Greg Fischer’s Job This Morning

  1. At last we know what Mayor Fischer was really looking for in an L-mess Director and why it took him so long to find the perfect candidate.

    Dr. Disgusto (Giles Meloche) was a sexual predator, his No. 2 Zelinski started a call-girl service when he became Acting Director in Meloche’s stead, and now we have the Porn Queen, Jessica Montgomery.

    In lieu of a citation for violating Metro’s Animal Ordinance, maybe she’ll give you a spanking instead.

    Let your Freak Flag fly, Mayor Fishy!

  2. Yes, he was sued for that, and it cost Metro a nice chunk of change. Too bad they’re incapable of learning from their past mistakes.

    In greater fairness, he was also accused of sexual harassment when he was a shelter director in Florida; that deal was settled out of court and he was allowed to resign as shelter director. In extreme fairness, there was a second L-mess employee who was sexually harassed by him, but who declined to prosecute in part because she never wanted to clap eyes on him again. And, in uber fairness, I know a woman who he had a sexual relationship with and who was made to suffer emotional and financial abuse as well as public humiliation–just because he enjoyed hurting her.

    P.S., What’s the annual fee to license a Sex Kitten?


    IRONY ALERT – Sadiqa is a Muslim female baby name meaning Truthful. Sincere.

    Do an ORR for the Reference Check Verification Form on all 3 of these new hires. Per Metro HR policy it is a mandatory form that is included on the Pre-Employment Offer Documentation Checklist.

  4. Guess the Metro employees will have to wait until they get home for a good laugh. I’m sure they need it.

  5. That may no be a block just for that. Metro blocks websites that have certain words, like breast. In this case “lingerie and swimsuit” is the reason. The whole of UC-Davis research website is blocked for some unknown reason. It is a pain to do research, but if you do it at home and bring it in on a USB drive, no problem! They have no way to block downloads on individual computers.

  6. OK – a manual block. Nice to know they are so thin-skinned. I still have seen no rhyme or reason to a lot of their auto-blocks. When IT is questioned, they just send a form to have your supervisor and department head sign off on you seeing it and may get it done in 3-4 weeks. Very efficient…

  7. I find it ironic that none of these OUTSIDE new hires for leadership positions that the Mayor gives a $100,000 + annual salary to have been plus-sized and/or homely looking. All of them look like they stepped out of Cosmopolitan magazine. It’s like a bad re-make of Charlie’s Angels with Greg at the helm. There are plenty of very qualified, highly educated (and, in most cases, more educated than the outside candidate), people within Metro Government who are older, male, plus size, etc. who never get an opportunity to advance within Metro Government. The only way to get a leadership position in Metro Goverment is to be female, 100 lbs., and have glamour shots or an escort background. Louisville needs to wake up!!

  8. Those pictures aren’t NSFW. There is nothing illegal or even risque about those pictures, and who really cares if they were risque. What does this have to do with her resume in dealing with animal services? Do you have a comment on her tattoo as well? Should that disqualify her from her job? Slut-shaming a woman because she took modeling shots using her own money is really sleazy, Jacob. Porn Queen? Hardly. Apologize to Montgomery.

  9. Really, Christine Bowman? Did you even fucking read before going on a concern troll rant on every single post? Of course you didn’t.

    Showing half her ass and her tits is most definitely NOT SAFE FOR WORK. In fact, the images are blocked by Louisville Metro Government for being NSFW.

    You yokels need to read. Period. Fucking read. Good goddamn.

    It has little to do with her showing her ass to the world and, as has repeatedly been said, everything to do with leadership.

  10. Those pics are most definitely NSFW.
    Viewing them with company property and on company time with my employer is grounds for termination.

  11. Just before 7AM yesterday, I received notice from Frankfort that the images would be blocked if they weren’t blurred. So, most definitely NSFW in terms of huge employers in Kentucky.

    But you can — if you can read, which some people apparently can’t — click on them to view the originals. You even visit the source links that have conveniently been provided.

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