Let’s Talk About LMAS Again For Just A Moment

Two words: CALM DOWN.

This isn’t about sex, sexy photographs or even Jessica Jo Montgomery’s lack of qualifications to run a large animal shelter with a pretty big staff.

The sex-themed photographs are part of it, sure. Because they prove Sadiqa Reynolds and Greg Fischer care so little about their jobs that they couldn’t take any time for due diligence. The photos also suggest Montgomery is ill-prepared to be in such a highly public government position. Though, no, they’re not a decade old. Montgomery was tweeting about them just a year or so ago, as we’ve already reported. Many of them were taken just a couple years ago when she was in Washington, which is beyond obvious to anyone with a few functioning brain cells. (Pro-tip to WDRB: You shouldn’t tell people you’re just reporting what the Mayor’s Office tells you — you should do some actual reporting of your own. Also maybe avoid claiming my work as your own. That’s just lazy.)

Reality here is that no decent background check was done on Montgomery. Sadiqa Reynolds couldn’t be bothered to do a simple Google search. She didn’t know the girl was an aspiring model of… dominatrix gear, sexy sports equipment and military garb. That’s why she didn’t tell Fischer — she literally had no idea. She saw “military” on her application and that was all she needed. That trumped the experience and qualifications of countless others.

Folks can scream that we’re slut-shaming the girl all they want. Fischer’s staffers can attack me (Jake) personally in an attempt to disqualify the messenger. Neither of those things will change the reality and sad severity of this situation.

Sure, Montgomery may be decent at her new job. This isn’t entirely about that, either. Because any number of people already working for LMAS would be decent in her position. Some argue that most of the front line staffers there would be better. Have to say I’m in complete agreement. Having dealt with most of them, there’s clearly a strong pool of talented people who care about Metro Animal Services. It’s just the leadership shit show that consistently ruins everything.

This is — for the millionth time — about a lack of responsibility, a lack of leadership and a lack of any sort of honesty from the Fischer Administration. Everyone sees it and knows it. From the Brown Family to the meemaw on the street. Otherwise mainstream media wouldn’t be taking every thing we publish and running with it.

And what about Moore, Montgomery’s new number two? Why the hell did Sadiqa Reynolds and Greg Fischer allow someone with two animal service firings and an animal service arrest to be hired as a Metro Officer? What on earth?!

Really. This isn’t about sex. It’s not about gender. It’s not about these newly-hired out-of-towners. It’s about those with responsibility for these hirings doing absolutely no due diligence.

24 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About LMAS Again For Just A Moment

  1. “This is — for the millionth time — about a lack of responsibility, a lack of leadership and a lack of any sort of honesty from the Fischer Administration. Everyone sees it and knows it.”

    Yes, that is exactly what this is all about – the outrage over the treatment of Sadie, the ad hoc committee, hiring someone without a solid background, on and on.

    Why not admit to Sadie, fix the internal protocols that allowed that to happen, fix LMAS, and move on? Why all the stonewalling? It makes no sense on a political level and certainly makes talk of compassion and transparency look hollow, to put it mildly.

  2. Its really sad that you have to underline all this.

    I don’t give a rats ass what sort of modeling pictures Ms. Montgomery has done, more power to her. What I DO care about is the fact that our Mayor continues to embrace failure. Why wasn’t even the most simplistic vetting done on these candidates? Two SECONDS on google is all it took to find this stuff. All the chronic mismanagement at LMAS and no one bothered to look into any of the candidates?? I hope for the sake of the animals in her charge Ms. Montgomery does a spectacular job. But our Mayor will continue to be an inept boob.

  3. Did it ever occur to anyone that maybe, just maybe old Sadiqa DID vet her, knew all about the behavior and public dissemination by Ms. Montgomery of her ‘package’ and didn’t find any problem with the information she vetted? Having seen the limited quality of her work, coupled with her prior election loss as a District Court Judge (where judgment is critical) — it seems to me that it is quite possible that Sadiqa has such pitiful judgment that what she learned from her vetting and ‘nationwide’ search didn’t bother her at all. There’s even a more astonishing possibility — maybe Ms. Montgomery’s credentials actually were the most impressive that Sadiqa’s nationwide search revealed!!!!!!

  4. You’d think that the situation is so FUBAR that the Mayor would give it the attention it deserves, and why is there always a need to go Outside the circle of resources that are at hand. There are peop;e who have been passed over that could definitely handled the job, and are probably already up to speed and qualified!
    As long as this issue has been controversial, it’s almost like a spit in the face by the city the way they continue to handle it!

  5. The photos DO NOT suggest that she is ill equipped to be in a highly public position. Simply because she dared to try for a career in modeling, she should never be able to hold a government job? Are you kidding? It doesn’t matter if the pictures were taken last week, there is nothing wrong with the pictures. NOTHING. It was sexist of you and you should apologize.

  6. This is about “irresponsibility”?? Sorry, that wasn’t clear to me while you were calling Montgomery a porn queen. Apologize. Now.

  7. Goddamnit. Fucking read, people. Read every word above. Words that address the horse shit you’re still trying to push.

    You people are dumber than I gave you credit for. All this faux feminism bullshit.

    Shove your allegations of sexism and slut-shaming up your ass and move along. And fuck anybody suggesting I should apologize for daring to question a government officer.

    What’s sexist is the nonsense you continue to push. Screaming that it’s sexist to discuss this. Or slut-shaming. Or unacceptable to question an official. Please.

    “SEXISM!!!!1!” “You’re being sexist for questioning someone just because you’re not a woman!” Fuck that noise.

  8. It was only a few years ago this used to be a great source of information. Then it just turned into a trashy gossip site. They were not pornographic or nude photos. Her animal work history is very impressive and that is all that matters. Her previous employers obviously did not care about these pictures either.

  9. So why have you accessed both this site and Page One more than 7,000 times since January?

    That’s more than 20 times per day.

    Do you constantly refresh “trashy gossip”?

    That would appear to be the case.

    Again, people, read before commenting. This is the dumbest shit yet. If you’d bothered to read – AT ALL – you’d quickly realize this has little to do with her flashing her tits for the camera.

  10. So you are will to paint this woman as a “porn queen” in order to make the point that you think the vetting process isn’t going the way you wish? Plus, that link you posted to the modeling (not porn, but you know that) website (where I can only assume where you got the pictures, because I did a Google image search and found nothing) requires a log-on. So you created an account on a modeling website to use pictures and imply they were pornographic by blurring them. But wait, this is still about “irresponsibility”. Right…

  11. I do hope that you read the comments again as I am interested to know how you believe Montgomery’s wok history is very impressive? And how that translates into successfully running a high-kill shelter such as LMAS?
    This is what I care about and I am curious about your opinion.

  12. Uh, she flashed her goods for cameras and tried to make money at it. Yep, porno queen sounds about right, if you want to get into semantics and nitpick with your faux feminism and bogus claims of sexism. (Here’s some sexism: fuck a bunch of entitled white bitches screaming about sexism… particularly self-entitled teabagger women who haven’t struggled for anything, ever. Gluttonous hypocrites.)

    There were quite a few links, not one, singular link. Again, read, goddamnit. READ.

    The stupid shit we deal with. Seriously. Especially from you ignorant teabaggers. People wonder why we rarely publish comments? This is why.

    And since you’re attacking the messenger and attempting to demonize me….

    Do you prefer Christine or something else? Should I refer to American Hospital Directory? Would your employer enjoy the crap you’re doing on work time and on company equipment? Would Shoemaker appreciate the heinous shit you’ve had to say that hasn’t yet been approved for publication by me? What about Randy Farrington? Would he appreciate you costing him sales? Something tells me they wouldn’t like it.

    Wait — maybe we could talk about your racist, anti-Latino rhetoric? That sounds like fun.

    Take your concern trolling and nonsense attacks — merely because you don’t like what you’re reading — elsewhere.

  13. Good report, Jake. More power to this young lady’s modeling career, but she’s being hired to run a very troubled agency with a history of, shall we say, underperforming directors who have embarrassed the city with various actions related to sex. You can’t tell me that, given the history, they would have hired her had they known about the pics. And you’re correct, this is not about sexy pictures or modeling careers, it’s about a Keystone Cops Mayor’s Office that has failed the people on Animal Services since Day 1 in office. I would have written about it.

  14. Christine, I did the search the other night, didn’t have to log in anywhere and found this site through Google within 30 seconds. There are MORE pictures but for that you do have to login. The four or five were a “sampler” of more that are posted in her portfolio. I also found another site, Model Management, where she can be found in a photo called “Exotic Animal.” Maybe that’s why they thought she’s qualified to run the shelter.

  15. Ms. Bowman – I did a basic internet search on Ms. Montgomery the day she was announced (before any of this broke) and found pictures all over, no log-in required. I even found a blog she wrote in as late as 2012 with her pictures. Saying they are 10 years old is a lie. I do not object to her modelling, more power to her – I object to the Mayor’s office not having a clue about them. A simple search could have put them in front of this, easily. Then to compound it by saying they were “not aware” and trying to pass them off as some youthful “glamour shot” is not only untruthful, it is lying about their employee. THAT is more disrespectful to her than saying “yeah, she was a model, too” Those yoyos just made her job that much harder.

  16. In my opinion, if this woman had any self pride (after this set of disclosures of her conduct), she’d resign this appointment and continue in her modeling, self-photo posing and tattoo career. It’s obvious from her prediliction to ‘show[wo]manship’ that her interest lay elsewhere than with the responsibilities involving LMAS.

  17. Where’s Connie Marshall when you need her? Girlfriend needs to throw her tinfoil hat back in ring and run for Mayor again. Jerry Jr. be makin’ her look Goooo-ooo-ooo-ooood!

  18. Laura: I’m an individual who looks for solutions to a problem. The problem here is this person’s unqualified and was either improperly vetted or properly vetted by a person who was truly a buffoon. The ‘solution’ is for her to resign and resume her ‘career.’ Perfectly reasonable solution — except for Laura. Remindful of what Barney Frank once said in a campaign against a Laura-like person: “It’s impossible to have an intelligent conversation with a person who has the IQ the table they are sitting behind.”

  19. Had this been handled professionally and competently by Mayor Moron and his Circle of Jerks aka Senior Staff this would not have become the ginormous excrement storm it has become. Jake is not to be blamed for telling the truth. He should get a medal. LMESS will begin to turnaround when we have competent leadership in Metro Government. That will begin when we have a different Mayor. The Fishy Administration has conclusively proven they are a lost cause. You can’t fix stupid.

  20. Medal? No. Appreciate the sentiment but no. No one deserves a medal for reporting. No one. Not people like me, not people like those revealing the Snowden documents, not the political reporters in Frankfort. No one.

    But blaming and attacking the messenger? That shit is tired as hell.

    As Dan Klepal pointed out, LMAS is an agency wrought with sexual scandals, loaded down with a lack of leadership from this mayor and his predecessor, plagued with a void of caring. But I bring up sexy photos that make up about 1% of the story and people lose their damn minds.

    This pearl-clutching bullshit is just par for the course.

  21. No one seems to care that the Mayor’s staff lied about the pictures once they were brought out. All too busy screaming about how it is not important and does not matter. THEY LIED about a little thing that was easily explained. Why is that not important to these idiots?

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