Fischer’s New LMAS People Are Out-Of-Towners

Greg Fischer finally announced his new Metro Animal Services team. They’re all from out-of-town.

Director: Jessica Montgomery – spent time with Army Veterinary Command


This is her experience.

Animal Care: Stephanie Moore — we told you about her nearly two months ago. She was both FIRED and ARRESTED as a result of working at an animal shelter.


Enforcement: Daisy Blakeman


Any predictions on how big of a disaster LMAS remains? History is the best predictor of what’s to come and history is not on Greg Fischer’s side, sadly. But retaliation, fabricated “live release” numbers and complete bullshit are on his side. So… Possibility City!

No, there’s no sense in withholding judgment. Every other hire he’s made has been a disaster for LMAS.

UPDATE — Here’s a copy of Fischer’s release.

Warning: you may throw up a little in your mouth.

Mayor Greg Fischer today named a new three-person leadership team for Louisville Metro Animal Services (LMAS), including a director who has spent much of her career in veterinary medicine for the United States Army Veterinary Command, caring for wounded military working dogs.

Jessica Jo Montgomery has 15 years of animal welfare and leadership experience and begins her new role as LMAS director this week, Fischer said at a news conference announcing her hiring.

Montgomery spent ten years with the US Army Veterinary Command, including service in Iraq where she managed a team of veterinary soldiers dispersed in base camps throughout the country. She cared for over 40 wounded military working dogs including combat stress dogs and thousands of personal pets for military families.

She was a champion of responsible pet ownership and animal welfare during her service in Guam, the United Kingdom and the states.

Montgomery advocated for opportunities for veterinary soldiers to take the Veterinary Technician National Examination.

She is a decorated veteran with numerous achievement medals and ribbons including 2 Army Commendation Medals, 3 Army Achievement Medals and 3 Good Conduct Medals.

Montgomery continues to serve as a non-commissioned officer in veterinary support with the Army Reserves Civil Affairs Division.

“Jessica is the right leader to further strengthen our national animal welfare partnerships, increase our live release rate and encourage responsible pet ownership in our community,” Fischer said. “She brings a depth of experience and compassion for animals.”

The Mayor today also introduced two other members of the LMAS team. Stephanie Moore is serving as Assistant Director of Operations and Daisey Blakeman is Executive Administrator, overseeing animal control and enforcement, respectfully.

“This new team will build upon the remarkable progress that has occurred the last four years at LMAS, where a dedicated team of employees has increased the live release rate from 38 percent to 74 percent in four years,” Fischer said.

Montgomery began her career in 2000 with the St. Francis de Assisi Veterinary Clinic in San Antonio. From 2003-2013, she served a variety of roles in the Army, including Hospital Administrator and Lead Veterinary Technician on a military base in Balad, Iraq.

She earned a bachelor’s degree in veterinary technology from St. Petersburg College in Florida and is pursuing a master’s degree from Texas A&M in business administration.

“The hard-working team at LMAS has made so many improvements and I look forward to taking those achievements to an even higher level,” Montgomery said.

Assistant Director Moore has more than 10 years of experience in animal care and most recently served as Executive Director of the Medina County, Ohio chapter of the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. She was also a program coordinator for Humane Society of the United States and Executive Director of Jefferson (Ohio) Humane Society, an open admission shelter serving approximately 8,000 animals per year. As a team member with the ASPCA, Moore was involved in the 2nd largest dog fighting case in United States history involving approximately 400 pit bulls and the largest cockfighting case with over 4,000 birds affected.

Executive Administrator Blakeman most recently served as a supervisor at Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control. Blakeman brings a great deal of dispatch management, emergency response management and animal ordinance enforcement experience to LMAS. As Disaster Response Team Leader, she had oversight of the Palm Beach County pet friendly shelter which houses 600 animals and 300 people during hurricanes or other disasters.

Fischer noted that in 2010, just before he became Mayor, Animal Services was a department in crisis, with a vacuum in leadership and a live animal release rate of 38 percent. In less than four years, the agency has been transformed with a live release rate of 74 percent while creating strategic partnerships with local and national animal agencies, including the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) and Best Friends Animal Society.

13 thoughts on “Fischer’s New LMAS People Are Out-Of-Towners

  1. Can’t this guy find a man to do anything? I love women and believe that they can AND SHOULD be public servants. However, I cannot understand why he refuses to even consider hiring men. Just a thought –= maybe he isn’t doing the hiring!!! Maybe its his sister who tried (and failed) to take over the local Democratic Party.

  2. I’m merely questioning the disproportionate existence of the female gender is just as inappropriate (in my opinion) as is the disproportionate existence of the male gender. When something is THAT disproportionate it raises a natural question. The reasons for this fact of disproportionate selection is (in my opinion) worthy of exploration and questioning.

  3. Comments 1 and 3 may the dumbest things I’ve heard today. Right up there with Fischy’s comments about LMAS.

  4. I know I shouldn’t worry my pretty little head about this, you know? But it doesn’t say anything about her credentials in working in this capacity ever before. So she’s been a vet tech in a war. And ordered lots of supplies and such. I don’t think that gives any credence to having the credentials to lead a high-volume, high-kill shit-hole of a shelter. Unless of course you just want the same thing done less expensively. So once again, we have a director with no experience. I am not surprised, but I can’t help but be disappointed.

    And ‘ole Highlander, you are the most chauvinistic person I’ve come across in some time. At least most people that think the way you do have enough intelligence to not say something so disgusting, so publicly. You and everyone that thinks like you perpetuate inequity between genders and why women make 78% of what men do.

  5. The good news is that between her military and vet hospital administrator experience, Jessica Jo might just have the chops to whip the ol’ L-mess into shape. I also like her for wanting to bulldoze that festering, disease-ridden facility and build something suitable (you go, girl!).

    Hopefully, one of her first acts will be to get rid of the butcher who currently passes as the staff veterinarian at L-mess and replace her with someone competent.

    Perhaps having a Military-Minded Miss for a boss is what’s inspired one particular male ACO to show up to work strapped (is that a Glock in your holster, or are you just glad to see me?).

    Worst. Nightmare. Ever.
    L-mess ACO with a gun. Hide your pets and children, Louisville!

    Maybe Jessica Jo will put ‘firearms training’ on her To-Do list.

  6. Sorry but I find Commentors # 4 and 5 to be among the more narrow thinking Commentors I’ve seen in some time, too. Fact of the matter is that I would be just as objectionable to an entire male staffing of a department of government as I am to an entire female staffing. All I’ve said is that SUCH DISPROPORTION is untoward in modern day American government — and should be questioned WHEN IT OCCURS, REGARDLESS OF WHICH GENDER IS BEING EXCLUDED — SAME GOES FOR RACE, ETHINICITY ALL OTHER FORMS OF INDIVIDUAL BIAS. My repulsion by disproportionate hiring IN ANY FORM is justifiable = and in THIS INSTANCE is proven.

  7. Really, I think you’re crazy to bring up gender. You’re not only out-of-line but out-of-touch.

    The Fischer Misadministration has very few women in leadership positions.

    But speaking of his women… check out the latest

  8. You think they would hire a a real veterinarian to be the director. Some tv news outlets where saying she was a real vet. I knew that was not true as she is a non commission officer. I did not see any thing that stated she was a Warrent Officer.

  9. In 2010, the words “live release rate” were not used. The is a phrase invented by the ASPCA. There is no way to compare the percentages from 2010 to current because the categories are a moving target, foster animals are oddly accounted for, dead animals are counted as released alive……get the picture?

  10. Just another fine example of why elections have consequences. Mayor Notaclue and his inner circle of similarly clueless buffoons are clearly in way over their little pin heads.

    They cannot even conduct a simple, thorough hiring process without mucking it all up. Pathetic but sadly par for the course.

    The worst part is that both the animals and the good employees and volunteers at LMESS (yes there are some) will continue to suffer while this circus of ineptitude continues unabated with no end in sight.

    We, the tax paying citizens of this city are funding all of this nonsense. Every single bit of it. IT MUST STOP! We are long past time for the gloves to come off. Inundate the Mayors office and your Metro Council member with emails, texts, FB posts, tweets, etc. Voice your displeasure. Do it loud, do it often and do it respectfully…but for God’s sake do it.

  11. There aren’t just “some” – I’d argue that 99% of all LMAS employees are stellar. It’s management that is and has been an epic disaster.

    Every time I’ve rescued a dog or helped someone, staff have been quiet, quick and great. Every single person I have interacted with in a non-management position. Even Animal Control Officers.

    I’m not sure how those people get by every day with such piss poor leadership.

  12. I have no inside information but my guess is that Councilman Downard and Councilwoman Fowler are apoplectic right about now.

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