Whistleblower Ordinance To Be Called Sadie’s Law

Will have more on this tomorrow but Metro Council just decided to call Louisville’s new whistleblower ordinance Sadie’s Law.

What this means: Greg Fischer’s coverup, the story and ensuing scandal this website broke, resulted in not only a government committee being formed to investigate his mess… but… a law will be named after the subject that started it all.

There’ll be a roundup with highlights from tonight’s ad-hoc meeting later but it was fascinating. Hemming and hawing from Fischer’s staffers, passing the buck, making excuses, not understanding much of anything.

Highlights: Tina Ward-Pugh, Cyndi Fowler and Kelly Downard repeatedly pointing out how messed up it is that Fischer’s employees are afraid to come forward to talk for fear of retaliation. They fear retaliation even after they’ve left their jobs.

Margaret Brosko was responsible for deleting/maintaining/releasing LMAS emails. So the woman responsible for this disaster was also given the ability to officially cover things up.

Steve Rowland said Sadiqa Reynolds’ behavior (not maintaining copies of records she handed over) was “careless”.

Chris Poynter gave the Courier-Journal a bogus timeline and Kelly Downard schooled the Fischer Administration on it. Repeat: Poynter gave the paper a timeline that he knew was bogus. Because he gave Council documents that proved it was bunk.

All right. More later.

But… Sadie’s Law.

You’re welcome, Greg.

UPDATE! A lazy Courier-Journal reporter is melting down for being a stenographer for Chris Poynter. His name is Sebastian Kitchen. Anyone surprised that someone who wrote stories based on misinformation provided by Poynter is upset? Of course not.

Note: This story has been updated because spellin is hard, mmmkay. And leaving out words is dumb.

3 thoughts on “Whistleblower Ordinance To Be Called Sadie’s Law

  1. Excellent! It is the least we can do for that poor creature who suffered. God rest her precious soul.
    It is pathetic and hopefully criminal that Mr. Phony Compassion and his vicious team has created such a toxic environment of retaliation that NO ONE will talk.
    In November write in ANYBODY BUT FISCHER

  2. Excellent! Nothing but respect for the way you go after corruption.

    Grit and determination……never underestimate it.

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