Watch Metro Council Take Fischer Folks To Task

Miss yesterday’s Metro Council ad-hoc committee on Metro Animal Services?

We mentioned some highlights yesterday.

But now it’s time to see video highlights. We’ve broken down the important bits into ten parts. If you want to see the entire event in its entirety? Click here for that.

Let’s get to the pertinents:

Part 1 — Greg Fischer’s attorney, Kellie Watson, appears nervous and dances around everything:

Part 2 — Kevin Kramer takes the Fischer Administration to task on responsibility and transparency:

Part 3 — David James pushes for ensuring the city auditor, infamous for maybe not doing a stellar job during the Shanklin mess, to record all interviews:

Part 4 — The opener says this is part three but it’s really part four. Watch the squirming around Sadiqa Reynolds, the LMAS investigation and all of the lying/obfuscation/conflicts flying out of the Fischer world — oh, and nothing was ever written down:

Part 5 — Will Sadiqa Reynolds ever show up to answer questions? What does she have to hide?

Part 6 — Kelly Downard takes CFO Steve Rowland to task, getting him to admit he was never consulted during a review. Downard also gets him to admit funds earmarked for Sadie were misappropriated:

Part 7 — The CFO denies his job responsibility but Downard schools him with the law. Then he points out just how bad things are, highlights the terrible condition Sadie was in until she was put to death:

Part 8 — Councilman Kramer chaps ass on the investigation front, Rowland makes ridiculous remarks about cash, Kramer positions a reality nail and Downard hammers it home:

Part 9 — Downard invokes the nightmare that was Gilles Meloche, Cindi Fowler says the big picture is disturbing — Sadie was used as a PR tool, kicks Rowland square in the you-know-where:

Part 10 — Finally, Councilwoman Tina Ward-Pugh just… unloads. There’s no other way to describe it:

Brava, Councilwoman!!!

Still wondering why this is a big deal for Greg Fischer?

The writing is on the wall and there’s more in this dog death poo storm to come. Just wait.

Kudos to the members of the ad-hoc committee for holding government accountable.

10 thoughts on “Watch Metro Council Take Fischer Folks To Task

  1. Fischer responds to an administrative inquiry by sending an attorney (Watson) who was not involved in the original issue. Am I missing something???

    Why aren’t the people involved – Sadiqa Reynolds, Margaret Brosko, Donald Robinson and Greg Fischer — where are they???? Can they do this to Metro Council legally?????

  2. I’m wondering how they justify side-stepping speaking with the council due to an active investigation by the PIU, but they can still appoint an unnecessary and very questionable (and totally unqualified by the Mayors own guidelines for the position) assistant superintendent to muddy the waters and do even more damage? The council should have brought that up and said either these people we need to talk to step up or this woman goes back to whatever rock they dragged her out from under. And speaking of Miss Moore, how does a former accounting/finance specialist suddenly become a very well compensated administrator of a large metropolitan animal shelter? I’m certain no one would imply there might be smoke and mirrors or blurred lines on the hiring policies used by this administration. Perhaps they think she’ll be more efficient at covering up the misuse of funds in the future. So much for that transparency thing…

  3. Cappie: You hit so many nails on the head it’s absurd.

    I’ll speculate: it’s about keeping people in charge at LMAS who either don’t know any better or who have nasty pasts that require they be beholden in order to maintain employment. That way the mayor’s office can get away with barely funding LMAS, with never ponying up grant funds, never taking anything at the agency seriously.

    If someone competent were put in charge… can you imagine? They’d foam at the mouth about a lack of funding, a lack of cooperation from the mayor’s office, missing funds, ridiculous facilities, yadda yadda.

  4. Having viewed this series of vignettes from the Metro Council’s committee’s examination — it’s clear to me that there is an initial ‘cover-up’ that has been followed by a ‘cover-up’ of the initial ‘cover=up’ — because IF it’s true that no written records are being made of by the Mayor’s Public Integrity Unit — then the PIU is a P.O.S.

    Secondly, and more obvious is the impression that IF Mr. Fischer had credible opposition in the fall election (or even had experienced credible opposition in the Democratic primary) he would be or would have been subject to the ‘age-old’ adage: “His ass is the Grass and his opponent would have been or be, now, the Lawnmower.”

  5. Once the PIU investigation is complete, you can request it through an ORR. Just bear in mind that the unit submits the entire file to the department legal advisor (see the comments a few weeks ago regarding non- county attorney attorneys), who disseminates the records being requested.

    PIU, like all the other police units, can not operate fully independently of the chief’s office. They may do a thorough investigation, but they must still submit the results to the county attorney, commonwealth’s attorney, or attorney general. They can’t make those entities act on anything they don’t want to act on.

    As for the point about Moore’s appointment, and her apparent lack of credentials: the administration, especially the preceding one, and now Fischer’s too, find a way to make sure the same 50 or so people are department heads or assistants. It doesn’t matter what the job is, nor does it matter what the placeholder’s credentials are. That is why you will always see the Summers and Shobe families represented, and Doug Hamilton always has some sort of position, and now Sadiqua Reynolds’ seemingly random job-hopping.
    You’d think there was a department heads’ union contract in place that demands – beyond all reason – that all department head jobs must be posted on the department head breakroom bulletin board and those jobs only go to someone outside the department head group if none of the members of the department head union want the job.

    I’m waiting for Jane Driskell or Melissa Mershon to show up in the Medical Examiner’s office…as the chief medical examiner

  6. Jake: I must have misunderstood the vignette. However, your answer provides an even more pungent question. IF there were no records of Sadiqa’s investigation, IS the PIU investigating HER, too — because if it isn’t, it should be.

  7. I appreciate Ms Ward Pugh making the point (for those in our fair city that don’t understand all the hoopla about A dog) that this is not just about Sadie, but about the agency and its “loose policy” regarding its responsibility to the tax payers, and its lack of integrity and ethics. It’s not just about Sadie, it’s about the way our Community treats our animals. I don’t know what will come of all this, but I truly appreciate Metro Council for finally looking into it.

  8. I would venture to guess that, if pressed, Ms. Ward-Pugh might say that Sadie’s story is a microcosm of a large part of Metro Government, not just MAS.

    It’s no wonder she’s leaving. She matured as representative of this city, and often possessed the only backbone in her caucus. It makes you tired.

  9. Having just finished watching today’s Council Meeting on Animal Services, it is with a sad heart that I will shortly be resigning from membership in the Democratic Party.

    Sadiqa Reynolds performance – and there is no other word to describe it – was the epitome of hubris, of someone in a position of authority who believes they answer to no one but themselves. I am sure, as I type this, she would respond, “To whom else should I be responsible?”, thus attempting to turn the question back on the questioner.

    She’s good at that, playing offensive ball (“Are we playing ball? I thought this was serious”). Of filling up time and space with answers that have nothing to do with the question. (“I’m glad you brought that up…” “So, Councilman, are you saying you were wrong? You made a mistake?” “But my mistake was far smaller, Coucilman”)

    Such antics would likely pass for wit, or legal ability, in a courtroom. In an inquiry in Metro Chambers about a department she is responsible for, they simply came off as shallow at best, calculated to hide at worst (“You mean you have information? I need you to give it to me! What! You wont?” As though somehow such artifice would pull the wool over everyone’s eyes, and allow her to reach her apparent goal: to appear smugly superior to the very people she should have been respectfully rendering answers to. Instead, well, you saw it, too.

    Is that the tone and timbre of Greg Fischer’s senior staff? Is that their purpose – simply to best someone in a debate, rather than engaging in meaningful inquiry? Sadly, that appears to be the case – Sadiqa was obviously proud of her performance and completely and utterly missed the purpose of the inquiry.

    Is that what we in the Democratic Party have come to?

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