The Problems At LMAS Weren’t All Brosko’s Fault

Here’s how we know…

Louisville Metro Animal Services held a fee-free adoption event at its Animal House facility on Saturday.

When did LMAS staff inform the press and the public?

After 6:00 P.M. on Friday. Long after the news day was over. Long after people were paying attention.

When I reached out to get more information so I could promote it to the obvious community of animal lovers who are following coverage, I was shut out. Iced. Given an earful and not provided any information. The mayor’s vindictive spokesperson and his communications team — which now includes Margaret Brosko — were even less helpful.

So, what was that about communication improvements, again?

What was that about compassion?

What was that about transparency?

Because it stands to reason (maybe not with that bunch, sadly) that you’d want someone with an audience locally and statewide to have information to help you promote the adoption of animals. That is, if you were really doing the great job you claim you’re doing. And if you aren’t still in the midst of some bizarre coverup scheme.

On a related note, here’s what Fischer promoted Sunday morning:


Some of the responses:


But.. Uh… the Animal Services director was fired (“resigned”) because of a story we published involving an escort service he operated. That took place on February 2, 2011. But only after months of flip-flopping and refusing to do anything to hold Zelinsky accountable.

A look back:

He didn’t do anything until we splattered egg all over his face in public. So if you LMAS and Fischer apologists want to make shit up? At least know your history.

While the front line staffers at LMAS are often terrific, the Animal House facility was understaffed and overworked on Saturday due to poor planning. People frequently waited more than an hour to have basic questions answered. Many left empty handed because of confusion and a lack of effort on the part of management to give staff the tools they needed to do their jobs effectively on that busy day.

And, most concerning, was the complete lack of reference checks conducted. Unless you’re adopting a Pit, you walk in, pay a fee and walk out with an animal. No checks done. In fact, one person we convinced to adopt on Saturday was informed by staff that reference checks are not conducted. That’s despite claims otherwise from Margaret Brosko, Sadiqa Reynolds and a couple other folks buried deep in the nonsense. It’s not the staff’s fault. It’s the fault of unbelievably poor management and leadership.

Maybe it’s time to start digging into the time an adoption coordinator refused to give a dog to a drunk guy… so Margaret Brosko stepped in and let him leave with a dog.

But Possibility City Compassionate Transparency Ice Machine, right?