The Greg Fischer Whitewash Circus Continues

You’re about to see Greg Fischer’s folks and Metro Council spar.

Here’s why:

The Louisville Metro Ethics Commission dismissed a complaint against the former spokeswoman for Louisville Metro Animal Services Margaret Brosko, who has since joined the office of Mayor Greg Fischer, on Thursday.

The commission, after returning from an executive session, voted unanimously that there was no probable cause that Brosko committed the alleged ethics violations, which stem from her duties at Animal Services during a period in which a pit bull named Sadie was euthanized after not receiving a needed amputation.

Can you believe the local newspaper ran that story without any actual reporting? Of course you can — since the paper hasn’t bothered to report much else that doesn’t come directly from Chris Poynter.

Anyone who has paid a tiny bit of attention to the ad-hoc committee hearings know the ethics committee’s findings aren’t from this universe. Because it’s clear the Fischer Administration is hiding records and has not turned everything over.

Here’s the other bit the paper released yesterday:

A Louisville Metro Council committee investigating a series of events surrounding the euthanasia of a dog in city custody has hired an outside attorney.


Several council members have expressed concerns about whether there was retaliation against a whistleblower and about how Mayor Greg Fischer’s administration has handled open records issues in the case.

Chris Poynter, a spokesman for Fischer, said Thursday that he was uncertain why the council would hire outside attorneys when the council has attorneys and spend taxpayer money, but wanted to otherwise defer comment until he knows more about why the council hired counsel.


Fischer said he had a team review the allegations surrounding Sadie’s death when they surfaced during the summer and found no wrongdoing by employees, but asked the police department’s Public Integrity Unit to investigate the case in August after the council began its inquiry.


Key members of Fischer’s staff have pointed blame at Adkins. Sadiqa Reynolds, chief of community building, and Poynter have also questioned whether Adkins had Sadie in a cone around her neck meant to keep her from getting at the paw at the time of the last incident.

That’s right. The council hired an unbiased attorney because something serious went down. But Fischer’s people still found no wrongdoing (because they aren’t investigating).

See why we have zero faith in the paper? Too lazy to bother actual reporting. Literally taking talking points from Fischer’s folks without any second-guessing or inquiry.

If you’ve ever visited this site or bothered to pay attention to the ad-hoc mess, you know Sadiqa Reynolds was that “team” that did the review. The review that, you know, wasn’t recorded, wasn’t documented and didn’t involve anyone but Margaret Brosko.

The best part is that Chris Poynter is now out on a spree to attack the whistleblower. Glass houses, Poynter. Glass houses.

Or maybe the best part is that the average person can read all the emails and documents themselves and easily discern that something unethical, immoral, corrupt and potentially criminal occurred.

Ah, Possibility City. Where Greg Fischer now goes so far out of his way to cover up snafus like this that even the Democrats on Metro Council are rightfully out for blood.

UPDATE: For those wondering? This is the Ethics Commission. As you know, it’s got a history of being spineless. Just google it for details. The Commission can’t even compel witnesses to testify.

It’s also fully appointed by Greg Fischer:

  • Thelma Clemons
  • Terry Conway
  • Gus G. “Skip” Daleure, Jr.
  • Susan Rhodes
  • Jonathan Ricketts
  • Vicki Tabler
  • Enid Frances Trucios-Haynes

According to everyone we’ve spoken with, the Commission only reviewed material provided by the Fischer “team.” So… Yeah.

Just some hype.

4 thoughts on “The Greg Fischer Whitewash Circus Continues

  1. This is a completely unnecessary boil on the ass of progress, which is festering beyond any level of reasonableness — simply because there’s a growingly apparent cover-up that’s getting worse by the day.

    Coverups never win. The biggest one of all (NixonGate) was the biggest loser of all. The problems arise (like here) when the pols don’t accept reality — regarding coverups.

  2. Highlander: Agreed.

    Fischer cannot claim ignorance of the entire affair, since his attorney, his CFO, and Reynolds all report to him directly and would debrief him after their appearances in front of Council.

    His stonewalling has made it about his ability to govern effectively, which means not just ribbon-cutting but making making certain that operationally City Government runs efficiently and effectively.

    And from the tiny look we’re getting into city operations as a result of Council’s LMAS committee, he is not doing his job. Does he even understand it?

  3. All photo op and no substance since day one. He has no clue how any departments are run. If you ask a question not in the day’s script, he is clueless.

  4. Cavemouse: Love your opening sentence: Off-shoot of the one used about another son of an important person: George Bush (the son): “All Hat and no Cattle”!!!!!!! It fits our local George’s son.

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