Sadiqa Reynolds Finally Showed Up To Talk


It finally happened.

Sadiqa Reynolds showed up at a Metro Council ad-hoc committee meeting.

It was INSANE. Everything from lying about her investigation, lying about what she does and doesn’t do to attempting to defame the Metro Animal Services whistleblower!

Watch it for yourself by clicking here. WARNING: You WILL be infuriated. Make sure you’ve taken your blood pressure meds. And, if applicable, make sure you’ve had a couple big swigs of fine Kentucky Bourbon before watching.

We’ll upload highlights a bit later.

Isn’t it crazy? Giving conflicting testimony, interrupting, snapping.

Can you believe that? Cited all of her fancy job titles — like being OIG at CHFS — so she knows how to conduct an investigation. Only to admit she didn’t interview more than 1-2% of the people involved in a scandal. WOW.

Now the entire community knows why Metro Animal Services is in sad shape.

There’s a large cloud of shame hanging over this city.

Greg Fischer needs to act. He needs to lead for maybe the first time in his term as mayor. It needs to happen.


You ready? Here are 30 video clips!

Wondering why there’s a pending criminal investigation?

Why is the committee continuing to fight for access?

Is there any other reason:

Why is the ad-hoc committee so frustrated?

Marilyn Parker hits the nail on the head:

Here’s where things get dicey — Sadiqa Reynolds comes to the front.

Why do we constantly suggest that Sadiqa is responsible for a lot of hot messes in Possibility City?

Here she is lying about the live release rate:

Remember when two of our previous investigations got Wayne and Jackie “resigned”?

Here’s confirmation:

When we broke news about the Fischer Administration trying to “partner” (give LMAS to) with the Kentucky Humane Society?


On Donald Robinson and Margaret Brosko:

The telephone call we leaked?

On how ill-prepared she is to do her job:

On the calibre of people Sadiqa hires to work at LMAS:

Kevin Kramer was having none of that:

On that fake “internal investigation: Sadiqa conducted:

David James pressed further:

You can see for yourself how nasty she was to the ad-hoc committee. You can see that she attempted to attack the whistleblower’s integrity. More of that famous Fischer Administration retaliation.

On the Sadiqa trying to do everything in secret:

Here she is trying to complain about the severity of the situation she’s responsible for:

Kevin Kramer pressed Sadiqa once more on her fancy “investigation”:

Catch that bit at the end? It’s Fowler asking, “Are their legs dangling?”

Here’s Sadiqa telling on herself:

She’s okay with interrupting and insulting elected members of the council but how dare they try to keep her on track.

Kevin Kramer finally steps in to defend Heather Adkins, who merely told the truth about what was going on:

But Sadiqa couldn’t handle being questioned or held accountable, so she started up her obfuscation machine:

Downard gives her a reality check;

Gray. Remember that name. We’ve written about her in the past.

Here Sadiqa revs up the obfuscation a bit more:

It gets worse:

It gets really good here:

And here:

Sadiqa was so unprepared that THIS happened:

Some interesting Sadie tidbits:

Finally, Downard points out that this was all in PIU’s hands long before Fischer requested an investigation and before everything rolled out:

There you have it. An in-depth look at why Metro Government — specifically Metro Animal Services — is so… you pick the word.

10 thoughts on “Sadiqa Reynolds Finally Showed Up To Talk

  1. It was so over the top it was unbelievable.

    When asked if she had emails etc supporting her investigation, she gets a “Heavens No!!!” look on her face – as though the Council person who asked is out of line and out of touch with how investigations are run. She goes on to say that she absolutely did not as though that is the standard practice? It was unbelievable.

    I hope the members of the Committee continue on, and don’t go for the “So all you need from me is an org chart?” obfuscation that she tried so desperately to hide behind.

    REally, it was something sad to behold.

  2. Where is the accountability? This woman offended me with her condescending attitude that Metro Council dare ask her legitimate questions & repeated belligerent responses.

    Her “investigation” consisted of only verbal questioning of the 2 individuals most responsible for the wrongdoing? She blamed Miss Adkins for not contacting the Vet staff, she openly admitted a few minutes later – was not equipped to do any type of amputation.

    Council woman Ward-Pugh needs a reality check as well – suggesting fosters should keep a dog a limited amount of time, then have them euthanized.

    There are still a few amazing people at LMAS – saving lives. Robinson, Brosko, Alisa Orther, Sadiqa are NOT among them.

  3. I am amazed at how she spoke to the Council members. Any other Metro employee would have had their head handed to them. If nothing else she was unbelievably rude, condesending and so full of herself. I was shouting at the video and I am sure by their expressions and body language that the Council members wanted to shout at her, too. Wonder what will happen if she is actually held accountable? I see a lot of other people going down with her, she will not go quietly…

  4. There is no accountability in Possibility City, LC.

    This stupid, conceited, arrogant woman will eventually get what’s due to her.

  5. I was flabbergasted by her responses throughout this entire proceeding. Unbelievable. Especially in video 19 when she blatantly refused and misdirected the very simple question from Kramer.

  6. Jake, are your ears burning? You must feature prominently in discussions among Mayor Icemaker’s minions.

    Sadly, I’ll bet the Fischer people will put more effort into going after you and the other upset animal lovers than fixing the LMAS problems.

  7. Where does the committee go from here? Sadiqa Reynolds statement that “she is not involved with the day to day operations at LMAS” is a complete lie. Nor have I forgotten her declaration to an LMAS volunteer of “You are either with us, or against us” & that mentality continues a HUGE part of the problem. NO transparency. Retaliation & fear among the employees who actually care & do the actual work to save lives – those like Heather Adkins.

  8. Unfortunately, this is a pretty good example of my dealings with upper echelon employees with CHFS. I call it ‘failing upward’.

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