LMPD Raided Cahoots, Which Surprises No One

Wanna see LMPD raid Cahoots on a drug hunt?

Took place September 9/10, 2014:

What kinda fun things went on there, folks?

We’re not publishing the rest of the footage available because there’s no sense in identifying innocent bystanders or police officers. We feel like the above footage is newsworthy and would be justified in publishing everything, though, since LMPD entered an establishment accommodating the public.

This story will be updated once/if we receive a statement from LMDP.

UPDATE: LMPD says the department was assisting Alcohol Beverage Control with a complaint they’d received.

7 thoughts on “LMPD Raided Cahoots, Which Surprises No One

  1. They made us cease sales and stop the normal Tuesday super smash’d event and never gave reason as to why. They only arrested one person but used that as a way to search everyone.

  2. illegal search and seizure. must have probable cause. anything may be thrown out with an attorney. waist of my money. waist of time. loss of business revenue. i hear lawsuits. even if i wone only $20, i’d let them know i’m not tolerating their BS. i would have went to jail just cuz of my lack of tolerance for those who don’t know their place in society.

  3. So, Brian, are you filing a formal complaint? Since the business sells alcohol, they agree to ABC entering and searching for anything related to the sale of alcohol illegally (and drug sales at the location) by virtue of the license.

  4. This is the kind of stuff the military does, see an alleged Taliban go into a meeting place, go in and detain everyone and search all of them. Our police agencies all over the states our becoming heavily influenced by the military returnees as we have been at war for 15 years. Citizens rights should be respected foremost in this day and age or our way of life will drastically change for the worst.

  5. Are you fucking kidding me?? The only thing that was “illegal” in someone’s pocket according to the LMPD officer when he asked that was a copy of the United States Constitution…

  6. On further viewing..this is more detail on the fascist storm trooper..

    Obviously trained in counter measures to shine your bad ass flashlight the second you see someone videoing you to blind, which was employed by two of the storm troopers..Next..always start with the white guy first and then let another white guy just walk by you when descending on your real target…the darkies!!!

    All the while being nothing but a thug…

    This video is sick

  7. this is so stupid and crazy as hell. they know exactly what they were doing thats why they were pissed about being on camera.

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