Greg Fischer Screws LMAS More With New Hire

Have you heard the gossip? (It’s not really gossip.)

Greg Fischer hired Stephanie Moore to serve as assistant director of Louisville Metro Animal Services.

He’s paraded her around LMAS facilities and Sadiqa Reynolds has been singing her praises to everyone who will listen. She’s allegedly serving as an assistant until the time is right to name her director.

Who is Moore?

This appears to be her:

The former Executive Director of the Humane Society of Jefferson County has been arrested. Stephanie Moore, 52, Rutledge, allegedly euthanized animals at the animal shelter without having the required certification, according to Jefferson County Detective Mike Kearney, who investigated the case. “To euthanize animals you are supposed to have a certificate from the state Board of Veterinary and Medical Examiners” said Kearney. The detective alleges that Moore attended a required class on euthanasia but did not apply for her license. The director was terminated in August, 2009. “She was supposed to bring the required certification for a meeting but she never did and I believe that is when they terminated her,” says the detective. Moore is charged with violating methods allowed for euthanasia and the euthanasia of animals, both misdemeanors which carry jail terms of up to 11 months 29 days, on conviction.


Fired AND arrested from her job working at an animal shelter!

But it gets better. Check this out. And this. Getting “resigned” from her last job at a shelter for reasons that remain unclear.

We can’t get a straight answers from LMAS.

It’s just what Louisville needs. Another embarrassment. Just a month ago an embarrassing potential hire tucked tail and ran quickly out of town after her scandals were uncovered. Now there’s this.

6 thoughts on “Greg Fischer Screws LMAS More With New Hire

  1. Maybe a ‘brain test’ is needed rather than a ‘drug test.’ Second thought — is there a man ANYWHERE who can do anything for Mr. Fischer? Why does it always have to be a woman. Not that I have anything against women — but sounds like to me that he’s vetting these ‘candidates’ through his dear ole’ sister — remember her? She wanted to take the local Democratic Party over (until the old pols got her ‘straightened-out’.

  2. Euthanizing dogs without the proper certification documents. Is that not a crime?

    I have no words, but it’s rather obvious Fischer, none of his staff care about the animals in the care of LMAS. Thankfully, there are a few amazing people still there, fighting for the lives of these innocents.

  3. Most every front line staffer I’ve ever dealt with at LMAS has been terrific.

    As LC suggests, they’re still there trying to do the right thing. It’s their bosses that are so often disasters.

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