Greg Fischer Got Caught Again In LMAS Scandal

Wanna see what went down at the Metro Council ad-hoc committee meeting re: Animal Services?

Check out Phillip Bailey’s Twitter feed.

Some highlights:


You read that correctly. Greg Fischer and his administration got caught red-handed. Again. Lying/telling different stories about who conducted the fake investigation.

Fischer’s own CFO confirmed what we originally uncovered: money that was meant for Sadie was used elsewhere. Completely contradicting claims by Fischer that there was nothing to see here. Again, Greg Fischer’s Chief Financial Officer admitted there was misappropriation of funds.

How you gonna go on an all-out media campaign attacking the messenger only to have your CFO admit what was reported by The ‘Ville Voice actually occurred?

If only that were the worst part of this mess.

There’s another ad-hoc meeting on Wednesday. Things can only get worse from here.

Remember, kids, the coverup is always worse than the crime.

P.S. to Rowland, who claimed LMAS has been nothing but one huge success story after another the past three years: these dogs. All nearly killed because Margaret Brosko and others were absolutely incompetent, lazy bums. And that’s not opinion — it’s backed up by countless emails, government documents and even the Metro Council.

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  1. It’s obvious from all the conflicting stories that the Mayor’s “investigation” was nothing more than a question or two about Sadie. They’ve admitted no notes were taken, no one seems to know who attended this “investigation” or what was said other than the Mayor concluded no wrong doing had occurred. I can hardly wait for round 3, the best is yet to come.

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