Fischer’s Govt. Can’t Even Maintain Its Buildings

Problems plaguing two Louisville government buildings are so severe that officials are ordering everyone to leave. [WDRB]

The Kentucky Supreme Court has accepted the state bar association’s recommendation to dismiss a disciplinary complaint against Jefferson County Attorney Mike O’Connell. [C-J/AKN]

Underground tunnel blasting for the East End Crossing was canceled for this week. There will be no further blasting for approximately four to six weeks. [WHAS11]

A federal judge has ordered the Kentucky State Penitentiary to allow a group of death row inmates to hold an annual powwow with traditional foods after the prison chaplain tried to stop the ceremony. [H-L]

WARNING! RIDICULOUS AUTOPLAY VIDEO! John Jolley Jr., 28, was killed in an officer-involved shooting in the Russell neighborhood just after midnight in the 900 block of Esquire Alley. [WLKY]

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg thinks that the Supreme Court’s conservative attitude on abortion access can be traced to one of her colleagues. [HuffPo]

A day can’t go by without a JCPS school bus accident. The woman involved in an accident with a JCPS bus was under the influence, police say. [WAVE3]

This is kind of a big deal. The nation’s largest employer of rehabilitation therapists and leader in the care and recovery for aging Americans, RehabCare (a division of Kindred Healthcare), is partnering with Bellarmine University to establish a new residency program to train therapists with the specialized skills and training necessary to deliver wellness services to an older and more vulnerable population. [Press Release]

In June, Louisville Metro Police indicated that a long-awaited racial profiling study may be made available by the end of summer. That did not happen. [WFPL]

Following the latest security breach at the White House over the weekend, President Obama told reporters Monday that he is taking extra safety precautions by now sleeping with a Louisville Slugger under his bed. [The Onion]

Powder found in an envelope at Frazier Rehabilitation Center turned out not to be harmful, but the FBI is investigating anyway. [Business First]

A student was arrested after a school resource officer and officials found a gun in their car at Jeffersonville High School on Friday. [News & Tribune]

4 thoughts on “Fischer’s Govt. Can’t Even Maintain Its Buildings

  1. The lack of maintainence is a inheritance from the Abramson years. Spending money on shiny things instead of maintaining what you have. One building had mold in it the Health Department person had never seen before and the water coming from the pipes was discolored and undrinkable. Instead of fixing the roof, replace the ceiling tiles, even after a major gush that went thru 2 floors. No change after Fischer came into office, just more excuses.

  2. Here’s an idea that will be completely ignored:

    Take the maintenance workers, the custodians, the supervisors and the manager that are presently servicing those two buildings, and move them to animal services – that would be a good start in terms of maintaining decent facilities for LMAS workers and the animals.

    Next, take the operating funds associated with (ie tagged in this fiscal year) those two buildings and shift them over to LMAS. Don’t just apply them willy nilly: get a community committee together and triage the needs that could be addressed by using it. And get a strategy together for maybe a three-year plan.

    Finally, any capital dollars that were designated for use in those two buildings, put a hold on those until animal services needs are determined and then apply them where they will help.

    This probably cannot be done immediately, but could be done mid-fiscal year – the end of December. That would give Sadiqa enough time to get it together and determine how best to use what can only be seen as a gift from heaven at this point.

    And for goodness sake, put it all on line so that we can all see the good it’s doing. The money spent on those two buildings will be absorbed somewhere. Why not use it as a community-lbuilding tool that helps animals?

  3. The lack of maintenance of publicly-owned buildings by the last several local administrations is a travesty. There’s plenty of blame to go around – not only to Mayor Happy Pants and Mayor Mumbles — but the old Board of Aldermen as well as the Metro City Council. There’s just no excuse for this abuse of the public’s property.

  4. They are all about appearances. Out of one side of their mouths they are all about safety and they care about Metro employees…yeah, out of the other side of their mouths LMG employees at Barret are forced to breathe toxic black mold all day long. Too expensive to fix it and too lazy to move them. Typical mealy mouth, won’t make a decision, won’t return a phone call, won’t reply to an email….just ignore it an hope it goes away. Assign a project manager, take 6 months to draft a charter and schedule a bunch of meetings where nothing gets done but everyone looks busy.
    Let’s send a message…in November, write in Anybody But Fischer

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