Best Animal Services Ad-Hoc Council Meeting Yet

If you want to watch all of the most recent Metro Council ad-hoc committee on Greg Fischer’s Louisville Metro Animal Services scandal, click here.

Just want the highlights so your brain doesn’t rot? You’re in the right place.

Here’s Fischer’s incompetent attorney, Kellie Watson, not knowing much of anything:

One can’t help but wonder how she made it through law school and then got hired to serve the largest city of the Commonwealth.

The the committee peppered her with questions about ethics and she… just… watch:

Then things get dicey because Watson gets tripped up and admits that Greg Fischer’s communications staff (Margaret Brosko works in communications now) helped her prepare the timeline we know to be bogus:

Fun watching her have to play pat-a-cake there.

Now watch Ken Fleming, Tina Ward-Pugh and Kevin Kramer wear her out:

Facts seem to be tough for the Fischer Administration to grasp. Transparency, too. But facts… let’s watch Kelly Downard focus on facts:

Yeah. That’s the woman Greg Fischer hired to serve his administration.

Almost forgot — here’s Watson finally admitting that Margaret Brosko was involved in creating the misinformation campaign:

And here she is claiming that it was she (Watson) and Chris Poynter fabricating everything:

Steve Rowland, who is not an actual CPA, showed back up to answer some questions.

Here he is explaining that LMAS had basically all the power and oversight when it came to providing records or hiding them:

It got worse. Here Rowland details just how much power individual employees within Greg Fischer’s “transparent” administration have when it comes to withholding information from the public:

Fascinating, isn’t it? That Fischer’s staff got themselves caught withholding records.

Seems like yesterday when Fischer was proclaiming the unbelievable level of transparency he was pushing. And now we all find out that his administration violated the law by hiding information.

Here’s Rowland calling Sadiqa Reynolds’ ridiculous behavior careless:

Now watch Fischer’s manager refuse to make staffers available to answer questions:

Fun stuff, huh?

Here’s Tina Ward-Pugh chapping final rear end:

After Rowland’s departure, the ad-hoc committee heard from the law firm that will be taking the place of the county attorney, which has a conflict of interest.

During that portion of the meeting, Tina Ward-Pugh dropped something interesting:

Catch that? Dropping hints about people playing politics.

Now for the best part of the evening — discussion of a whistleblower ordinance.

Unreal, isn’t it? Nonpartisan agreement that people are terrified to come forward — even FORMER employees — because they fear retribution from the Fischer Administration.

But here’s the kicker. A real knee in the nuts to Greg Fischer:

Yep, the whistleblower ordinance will be called Sadie’s Law. So Greg will never be able to forget the nightmare he’s caused.

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