Why O’Connell Should Recuse Himself Right Away

County Attorney Mike O’Connell should immediately recuse himself from investigating Louisville Metro Animal Services.


When Karen Dickson was working to obtain public records from LMAS, O’Connell’s office refused to force LMAS to pony up… by pushing bogus concerns from Sadiqa Reynolds, of all people, that releasing those public records (from Margaret Brosko, the documents we’ve already published) would put LMAS employees (Brosko) at risk of retaliation. By Karen. A longtime animal advocate and former LMAS employee.

It’s absolutely as crazy as you think.

Here’s the letter O’Connell’s office sent her:


Fortunately, Karen is no fool. So she fired back:


Note: Karen never asked for any identifying information other than the name of the employee(s). The OAG ruled that LMAS didn’t have to provide address, social security numbers or telephone numbers… all information she’d never requested.

In order to make sure there’s no appearance of impropriety, O’Connell needs to refer the complaint letter he received from anonymous folks (Rebecca Eaves at Arrow Fund… cough…) to the Office of the Attorney General so a special prosecutor may be appointed. Someone from outside Jefferson County. Someone who is not tied to Greg Fischer and will do a solid job. Then O’Connell won’t have blood on his hands.

Meanwhile, Greg Fischer continues to lie through his spokesperson.

This city deserves better and the entire community should be outraged.

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  1. I could be completely off base here, but I am predicting that Sadiqa Reynolds and Brosko will be take the fall for ALL of this. I see Fischy sitting back and claiming he didn’t know anything and that he believed what they said. I see him acting as if he is appalled that such things could happen.

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