What, You Thought That Lawsuit Would Succeed?

An appeals court has upheld a federal judge’s ruling that dismissed a lawsuit over the Ohio River Bridges Project. [WDRB]

An 18-year veteran corrections officer was indicted this week on allegations that he clocked in at the city jail, but worked an off-duty detail instead. [C-J/AKN]

Really, enough with the charter schools nonsense. [WHAS11]

In the past, Beaumont Middle School teacher Laura Roche Youngworth said she has mainly been evaluated by a supervisor observing her classroom. [H-L]

WARNING: RIDICULOUS AUTOPLAY VIDEO! Police continue to investigate a drive-by shooting in southern Indiana that sent three people to the hospital. [WLKY]

For much of the summer, President Barack Obama had watched with alarm as a brutal, al-Qaida-linked insurgency seized more and more territory in northern Iraq. But it wasn’t until Thursday, when Obama learned that genocide could be imminent, that the president decided the U.S. military had to act. [HuffPo]

Parents looking for information about school bus pick-up and drop-off times can now call a hotline to get their questions answered. [WAVE3]

U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell got personal on Friday while calling a report inaccurate concerning his wife’s role as a board member in an organization that funds anti-coal efforts. [Ashland Independent]

The Jefferson County Board of Education on Monday unanimously chose two concepts—the Catalpa School and the Louisville Reach Academy—as the winners of the School of Innovation competition. [WFPL]

Robert Beck was designated chairman of the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission by Steve Beshear. [External PDF Link]

Papa John’s International Inc. might be a household name in the United States, but it isn’t one in China — yet. [Business First]

Many officials are reserving comment on the excise funds owed to various Floyd County taxing units until an exact figure is announced. [News & Tribune]

2 thoughts on “What, You Thought That Lawsuit Would Succeed?

  1. “Charter Schools: A Myth That Needs Death”

    If you look at the studies on charter schools, you will find (if one really wants to look at evidence, and not politics) that charter schools are not better, in general, than regular public schools. Indeed, somewhat more studies show that the latter are, on average, better. When will the right-wing hoodwinking stop?

  2. “Why Papa John’s Is Not Popular in China”

    Maybe the Chinese are better tasters of pizza than are Americans. I think there are more Papa John’s parlors in Louisville than there are churches. May God forbid.

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